Squirrel visits Santa

Squirrel visits Santa.


Hello my name is Timmy, Im a red squirrel. I live with my family at Squirrels corner in a small part of the woods.




 Timmy the squirrel is very excited, today he is going to visit Santa at Oak Tree school with his mummy. Timmy is a little nervous, he has never been to see Santa before.


It’s cold outside so mummy gives Timmy his hat and scarf to put on to keep him warm. When Timmy is ready they set off for the Oak Tree.


When they reach the Oak Tree there are lots of people standing in a line waiting to see Santa. Timmy lines up and  waits to see Santa.


He see lots of other animals walking around with brightly coloured parcels, these are gifts that the animals have been given by Santa.


It’s not long before it’s Timmy’s turn, he walks into the room and there sitting in a big chair is a man who has a big red suit on, a red hat, black boots and he has a long white beard.


Timmy was a little worried but when Santa smiled at him he felt better. He walked over to Santa and sat on his knee, Santa asked Timmy what he would like for Christmas. Timmy  told Santa he would like a bike.


Santa once again smiled at Timmy and told him he would have to be a good boy, Santa gave Timmy a small brightly coloured parcel and said goodbye.


Timmy walked back home with mummy and put his parcel under the Christmas tree ready for Christmas day.


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writing sammy33
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