It was six in the morning and still dark, it was gloomy outside. I stretched my legs. Then I gathered my self and got out of bed. I stood by my window, and took a deep breath.  I hold on to the edge of the window and I gracefully picked my self up, for a moment I stood perfectly balanced on the tip of my toes. The cold air that was coming through the open window front of me was absolutely freezing, but relaxing.  I thought about many things standing by the window, before I walked briskly across my closet, which was very small. I putted on my warmest jacket. Yesterday I remembered the time I spent reading anything I could on the topic of Angels.

In this small town it’s a rare thing to find someone reading about angels the way I do.  I don’t know what plan I have for my Sunday morning. I looked around my room. Then an amazing thing crossed my mind.  Very quietly I went downstairs. Mother was in a strange mood.  I thought she would be pleased I was a wake; she seemed to be anything but. “Good morning sunshine.” It was with exaggerated ostentation smile she said it. I just stood there, on the kitchen floor trying to figure what I’ve done wrong or what could possibly be the cause for her sudden outbreak. “Good,” I said, still smiling. It was the morning usually all of us will be in the kitchen enjoying mother’s breakfast. .

Upstairs, Max had refused to leave his comfy bed and was snoring as loud as ever. He is like that on Sundays’ ---thanks to all the stupid things he be doing over the night. If it wasn’t for his high profiled for being public disgrace, he could have been the nicest kid around. Even at the age of seventeen my brother is immature and more irresponsible than I am. I thought for awhile-----what got him self into. I knew mother won’t be acting this way, if Max hasn’t done something stupid again.

Mother is maybe upset about Max’s new relationship. He had been fooling around with his new girl (Sandy) until mother notice, and she told them she didn’t want any more fooling around, thank you very much. That pretty much upset him, and they have been fighting ever since.

I didn’t like the quietness that was surfing across the room. Good thing father comes downstairs. Mother called on him and she took him out to the living room. I sat in the kitchen chair and I can hear their voices, but I didn’t focus on what they were saying.

When they returned I notice how pale father has suddenly become. “Are you alight?” I asked him. He faked a smile and looked away.

“I’m ok,” he said, but he lied. I just took a deep breath eating the pancake front of me. I hated when we’re quiet, especially when there is more to talk about. Because tomorrow I’ll be starting my first year in high school, but no one seemed to care about how I’m feeling.

I don’t think I’ll be alright and probably I’m not going to be able to get along. Socializing is not my kind thing, and I’m usually quiet outside the house. No wonder I don’t have any friends.

Maybe today wasn’t anything like the other days. And of course it wasn’t like any other mornings either.

It was quiet no one was talking and there were no voices except for the howling wind outside. I gazed out the window and saw how everything was covered in this huge mass of snow.

Before noon everyone in the house was asleep except for me. The north wind had blow in again, this time brining more snow with it. I sat by my window staring outside, the trees looks like they didn’t even look disturbed by the snowstorm blowing.

I sat still by the window before my body starts shivering, and so I got up.

While sitting on my bed I was deep into the book I was reading. Regardless how stupid it seemed to my parents and even to my self, reading about Angels was more fun than not doing anything at all. By midnight no one was awake so I just crushed on my bed and slept the whole night.


It was tangling morning, with the snow and the howling wind. No matter how thick are the glass windows, the voice from the outside world seemed to escape inside the house. It was Monday morning, as to which; a day to remember. I’m not sure even if school will be open today, regardless even if it was the new school year; winter has come earlier this September. In fact I would be happy if school was closed, but this kind storm is not the kind storm that’ll be a reason to close school for.   

There are worst storms in the county Lash than any place in any state. It’s known for being gloomy and always covered with snow on the winter. We have two kind seasons. One is winter and the other is spring (which is like as cold as an ice cave). Spring it self is like below fifty degrees, it’s only dry air but there are no snow for its two months period.  In the so called “Spring Time” endless rain will make its way back into a small town called Wildwood. It is a place of wonder as well as being a place of desperate.

I don’t know how to optimize Wildwood to look as a good place for humans. I’m expecting more of desperation. I don’t know how to describe Wildwood beside how cold it is and how green it is. It is plain boring and a desperate town.

I woke so early that I have the time in the world to get ready. I was shivering and the heater was on, but still the house was cold. I opened the Weather Channel and the guy was talking about how many inches of snow we were expecting to have. I waited for twenty minutes staring at the TV to find out school wasn’t closed. Then I heard a car roaring outside. I went downstairs and I took a peak out the window. They were clearing out the main road and I was pissed off by that. I went back to my room and picked out my warmest cloth. I took a shower and did try to fix my hair, but it was stringy that droops down on my back. I sighed and got out of the bathroom.

When I went back downstairs I was wearing this plain dark-blue jacket that my mother bought me. It was on sale that’s why she bought it. Not to be out of any out of proportion. I don’t think the cloths I have on my shoulders will be outstanding. I also picked out my backpack that was placed inside my closet. Since my parents don’t want to buy me a new one, I have to reuse the old one back from middle school. I put carried that on my back. Mother was in the kitchen and she pressed her lips to my forehead when she saw me. She was happy; at last her daughter was going to high school.

“I’m so happy for you!” her voice sounded a little squeaky and high. She gave me another huge. I shut my mouth good and forced my face to act like I was excited about the whole thing.

After breakfast dad drove me to school. I was both nervous and fascinated by how my heart was thumping. I didn’t know how to make it stop. The road was quiet foggy and on top of that the snow was making it hard to see. When he drops me off and said goodbye before he left, I was alone to face the world by my self. I might know some kids back from middle school, but still there will be more people that I have no idea about.

I kept my steps with the same speed as others. I kept my face down looking in every direction carefully. It was very intense but I made it inside the building. Then the nightmare began. I was now on the hallway that was crowded with many teenagers most of them were bigger from my five-feet-four. I just stood on the doorway and stared at the people front of me before somebody pushed me behind. Then I realized I was on their way. I just backed off and looked around to see if anyone saw or notice just what happened. Then I reassured my self no one was looking and started walking down the hall. It was very noisy and making it out of here seemed impossible.

I walked out of that. The long school hallway passed behind my eyelids, and I took a right turn. There were not many kids standing by the locker, but they were kids to make my eyes had a wild, fearful look in them. I just walked out of it all, this time by running. I run upon the stairs and I took a deep breath.

When I notice how the second floor was quiet, I sighed with relief. I took a couple of blue papers from my bag, one was the school map and the other was my schedule. They’ve send that to me about three weeks ago to make sure I knew where I was going.

I took a good look at both papers for about thousand times since I got them. My first class was geometry located on the second floor; at room 256. I just walked westward and saw my class at the end of the hallway. It was a big class. There were a couple of people before me walking inside the class room. The teacher was sitting across the room by her desk. Fronting every desk was a huge white board words written on it, identifying the teacher name as Ms. Lauren. The teacher grinned at me when she saw me—a very friendly grin—I returned a fake grin and walked toward an empty desk at the back. 

It was hard for me to relax. When the bell shrieked people then starts to come in and most of the decks in the class room were taken. Mrs. Lauren gave out the school rule list. It was very fairly basic; it was all about respecting the school property and such topics like that.  For the rest of the class I went through so many thoughts; that obviously included how I’ll survive school.

When the bell rang I got out of the class as quick as I could. I was still holding out the school map and my schedule. My next class being Biology made my already sucked up day even worst. I walked up to the third floor.

The teacher was annoying me and I crumbled down on my chair. He introduced him self as Mr. James. For the rest of the class he taught us on the subject “Respect” such a galling topic. It was like middle school all over again.

I don’t think any of the teacher or the school system is here to transform someone else’s’ child into a “perfect child”.   Everyone is here for injunction.

Like a piece of paper tapped on the teachers’ faces saying, “You learn: Or get out!”

His talk (lets call it explanation) on the topic “Respect” sounded like a story that had been exaggerated and silly for entertainment.

It is as if he was reveling out of his conversation. I hoped next class will not be on the subject “silly” because this class so far sounded like a big joke.

I was good at being unnoticeable, but I was having a hard time concentrating on Mr. James conversation. I was looking around the class room, just checking on what everyone else was doing. Mother told me about her first year in high school. She was one of those “Madonna winnable” in the late 80’s, she was into the Madonna look—the premed mall hair (teased and sprayed), the little lace legging and the glove. Everyone was almost with same style. Nothing too complicated, but things have much changed since then. Now it is all about the matching cloth and the expensive shoes.

When the bell rang, I got out of class. Technology fallowed Biology, like a horrible nightmare. Technology is supposed to be the easiest class, but without knowing what awaits me I hated it already. When I entered the class room there was one guy sitting across the room. His gaze was fallowing my every move. I walked to the back of the class and I sat down on the desk nearing the southern window.

When I looked back our eyes meet for a couple of seconds, but I turned around; I hated staring at people. I can still feel his gaze fixed on my face. I kept my head bent over my desk so my hair will fall front of my face. I looked at him slightly without making myself noticeable. He was still looking at me. I turned around and I start breathing faster and faster. In a matter of seconds he got up coming forth to the open chair next to me. He got to be kidding!”

I thought I’ve hard him speak, but I was listening my heart beating. Maybe he notices my reaction. He took a deep breath. “I’m Brian.” His voice was steady. I spun my head aside to stare at Brian, he carefully smiled—a friendly smile. “Lelly.” I muttered. Introducing myself, I felt like I was telling him every detail about my life. I tried to back off the conversation, but he resists and went on talking.

“I’m guessing you’re new to high school.” From his voice, there wasn’t any doubt added to his statement. It was like he knew what he was saying. I pushed myself backward and sat straight.

“Yeah,” I said still without looking at him. “Don’t worry about anything. High School will get better,” Brian said, ginning fiendishly. I looked at him smiling. I wasn’t going to be rude to someone was seemed like a helpful person. He nodded slowly toward me. There was a silence for a moment.

His tongue run across his lips before him finally spoke. “Are you thinking about joining any club?”

I looked away. I never thought about joining any club. I ignored his question and looked back at him again. “If you want to join the magnet club, I’ll be able to talk to the guy…he is looking for one more person.”  That was just over–helpful and I thought of him being kooky.

“I’ll think about it.” I said, with a shaky and silent voice.

When the bell rang Brian followed me behind before I got out of the class. He suddenly grubbed me by the arm.

“Are you going to lunch?” he asked.  I looked at him speechless. We looked at each other for five long seconds and I nodded away.

“Yeah,” I muttered. He didn’t look away from my eyes before he spoke again. My arm was hurting by now. His hands were huge and golden. When I looked at him closer I notice his eyes weren’t any normal. They were like two pale-shiny gray eyes.  I took a good look at them over and over again.

“You wanna sit with us?” he asked.  “Us?” I asked him back. He looked out the door and I fallowed his gaze. There was a guy and a girl standing out on the hall. The girl looked like Brian. Her skin was perfectly golden and shiny. Her eyes were pale gray. On the other hand the guy next to her was nothing out of the ordinary. He looked like my brother, Max, except he was smaller and a bit slimmer. He has dark hair and light brown eyes. From his look he seemed so friendly.

I wasn’t going to say no, but when I looked back at Brian, I sighed feeling guiltier in every passing second. I couldn’t just say no when he was expecting me to accept his invitation. I never liked disappointing people.

“Sure,” I told him. He smiled happily. Brian and I walked out on the hallway. The guy introduced him self as Alex and the girl name was Diana. I couldn’t tell why but I had a bad feeling about her. She was also looking at me with an over-friendly expression.

“Aren’t you that little monster?” she could have been asking, but it seemed like she meant it. I looked back at Brian’s direction.

“Silence,” Brian was angry, and I was frightened by his voice and facial expression. He gave her angry look and she walked away.

            “We need to talk to her.” Alex said exchanging t weird looks with Brian. “We must certainly should.” agreed. Brian.

I thought for a moment what I’ve done to such a strange girl. She was awkwardly being unfair. And I felt like I was missing something.

I tired to forget about it, when we start walking. As we entered the cafeteria I spotted my brother Max, Sandy, and some handsome guy sitting together with others bunch of people. Nothing captured my attention beside that gorgeous guy sitting next to Max.  I stared at that guy—whose name I don’t know, yet. His skin was unusual golden just like Brian’s, and he barely look like he was listening to their conversation, his head was bent down looking silently on the empty table front of him.  Brian turned on the other direction, noticing what I was staring at.

He didn’t say anything about that. I looked blushed and turned away embarrassed. We passed our way through the student waving and high-fiving. There one open table at the end of the corner. We sat down there and all of us looked around.

“So Lelly how is school so far?” Alex asked. He seemed deeply interested with what I was about to say. “Ok,” I lied. His eyes peered at me, full of questioning.

“I remembered my first day.” Brian yanked back, thinking about his own damn school year. I looked back again at Max table. The guy was silently sitting, but unlike the last time he was smiling. Max was making out with sandy, but she seemed strange…not like herself.

            I wish I was more like my brother, who is outgoing and popular. He in the football team and he is the most talked about guy in the school. His grades are not so good, but we are expecting him to get a scholarship. He is a good player in the team. He looks older for his age though. He likes to work out a lot and likes to party too. When I looked at him and myself, our socializing level is million light-years away from each other.

            I felt my stomach grinding. Brian glanced at Alex who was talking on the phone.

 “Who is that?” asked Brain. “It’s Demit, Shush!” Alex warned him. 


When he finally turned his phone off, Alex looked up with dark, puzzled frown. He didn’t say anything. He let the silence between the two of them do the explanation.

“What did she say?” Brian asked. Alex shook his head and then nodded toward his cell phone.

“The Lordens are moving in,” his voice sends a shocking wave.

“This is impossible!” Brian huffed. “Right now I don’t know much about the Lordens, but what I have heard about them is extraordinary. I have one question though, I don’t mean to scare you, but aren’t they too dangerous to your own kinds?”

Brian looked a bit confused and taken aback, but Alex looked at him with questioning expression.

Brain took a deep breath and then smiled. “Well, yes. I think I need to tell the others and let them check for themselves.”

There was something going on and I was clueless sitting next to them. “This is just crazy. Why in the hell they wanted to come back?” Brian complained.

Alex shook his head as if to erase bad thoughts from his mind. “I don’t know,” he sighed.

“Maybe Demit should tell the Orthoix about this. They are the head masters over all of us, they will protect us from any danger that the Lordens might cause.” Brian scratched his head and shrugged. 

“Chill out! Man,” Alex gave an easy look and distances his hand away from the phone that was placed on the table.

            The bell then starts to trail off. We all got up and I can almost read this shock of fear on Brian’s face. Everyone in the cafeteria was leaving.

“I’ll see you guys around.” I said walking, but Brian’s hand caught me by the arm. “Wait…wait, where are you going?” he asked. I looked at him sarcastically.

            “Oh! Sorry,” he let go of my arm. The red color faded from Brian’s face. “Lelly,” he said taken back, “what I mean by that was, what class you have next?”

I looked away and nodded toward Max and his friends who were leaving out the cafeteria. “Let me check my schedule.” I said looking back at the paper in my hand. I have two more classed English and Health. 

            “Mr. Nelson, English.” I said. He gave me a curious look. “I’ll walk you to your class.” He said calmly.

Alex left earlier. He didn’t want to be late since his class was on the third floor. Brian and I walked out of the cafeteria together and slowly. I didn’t want to be late but I can make up so many excuses for why being late on my first day.

            It was tiring; walking on the stairs but no one was on the hallway or on the stairs, so it was less stressful. When we got to front of my class Brian smiled. He looked a bit embarrassed about something, but he did try to look casual. I looked away when his eyes was looking deep into mine. I was so fascinated by his eyes; they were so beautiful and shiny like some kind silver light. I thought the words to say for a moment, but when the last bell rang I muttered, “I got to go,” but he captured my arm. We looked at each other. I walk backward until the wall behind me didn’t allow me to move any farther.

“I’ll see you around then!” he mumbled. I reached for the knob and turned my face toward him. He seemed to by anything but distracting to me.

He was thinking about something, but then his thoughts were interrupted by the security guy who was yelling at the distance telling everyone on the hallway to get to class.

“Shit!” Brian said, shooting the word hard out through his teeth. “I have to go!” I said holding the door knob with my right hand.

“Sure, I’ll see you later,” he said distancing him self far from me.  “Bye!” I yanked walking in the class room. When I opened the door everyone in the class room turned their direction toward me. I was nervous, but then some other person was behind me as I walked in. I didn’t look back until I went up to the open chair. The person behind me was still fallowing me and sat down to the chair next to me. I looked at him for a couple of seconds before he looked back at me, and I shied away looking straight at the board. This was they guy I saw in the cafeteria, who was sitting by the table with my brother Max. He was the gorgeous----the beautiful one.

            I fought against my self not to look at his direction. It was kind chilly in the class room, when I looked at the window, it was opened half way. I shivered and zipped my jacket. I look a peak at his hands. He looks nothing normal. Everyone in the class room was wearing jacket and they were all covered up… but him. He was wearing this thin shirt. He looked nothing concerned about how cold it was. Instead his body was sweating and there was energy of heat coming out of him. You have to be a little closer to notice how his hands and on top of his forehead he was sweating.

            He has some kind issue, beside he doesn’t look real. He is just too beautiful to be real or nothing like any average person. While looking at him slightly, he turned  to my direction. He flashed his beautiful gray eyes that I have ever seen. They were the kind eyes like Brian’s and Diana’s, but there was something set to them like the rest of him. They were shiny like the beautiful moon that shines alone above the darkness. I couldn’t look away but stare like some kind frozen zombie. His look enclosed surrounding me.

He closed his mouth and his throaty voice blared out. “I’m John.” He introduced himself. I just nodded right at him.  “Do you want to be my partner?” he asked.  I looked away and started at my classmates who were all sitting with a partner.

“Huh?”  He nodded. I looked at him. “What partner?” I asked him. He chuckled a little but that wasn’t the kind reaction from him I was looking for. It made me kind uncomfortable. “Were you listening to the teacher?” he asked running his hand through his dark hair that falls down to his ears.

“Sorry! No.” I admitted sheepishly.  He chuckled again and then he flashed his beautiful teeth. “We’re supposed to read capture one of The Red Tent.” He explained. I sighed in relief. I’ve read the book hundreds of times before. It wasn’t something that will be hard to read, but it will be so hard to concentrate while reading it with the most perfect looking guy next to me.

            The teacher handed out the book to everyone. We each got our copy of the book. I turned to page seven and stared at the first sentence. I’ve read the book so many times I knew the first page by the heart. “Do you want me to read or…you might wanna read?” he asked. I don’t want to be babbling while reading and beside I wanted to hear his beautiful voice.

            He flipped through the pages to the first chapter and opened his mouth to speak of the words so clearly. I listened to him silently. His voice echoed in my head over and over again. Even thought I just meet him today I seemed to be smitten with his charming voice. When he stopped reading at page twenty he looked at my direction. He looked surprised at my facial expression, maybe he never has seen a girl blush before.

“Aren’t you max little sister?” he asked and his voice sounded like he was growing at me. It wasn’t a question I was expecting from him. Maybe it was just my imagination. I don’t know what he saw in me that made him ask that I was Max little sister, but my expression was blanked. He seemed to be looking for the answer on my face.

“Yeah!” I confessed, I couldn’t say no. I wasn’t in any control from babbling out the truth. He grinned and then again he flashed his beautiful teeth. I looked away making it obvious the read cheeks on my face.

            “It was a lucky guess.” He said, sounding good at humor. I couldn’t laugh along. It made me more suspicious about him. There was a motivation behind his question but I was quiet clueless but suspicious at the same time.  

 The teacher handed out a worksheet. We both looked at it over. He chuckled and he spoke again, “it’s the first day and we have to work.”  It sounded like he was complaining, but with no emphasize added to it. 

            “This is a first class so far. I have to do any work.” I said. He laughed and I couldn’t tell if he was laughing at my squawking voice or my statement sounded like I was joking. “Sorry I didn’t catch your name,” he said.

I start breathing harder. I looked down on the table and I whispered my name. “L-elly,” I said. It was that hard for me to say my name. He was also confused, “what?”  He was half-crocked and asked. .

            I tried not to freak out and looked at him and said my name with all the energy I had in me. . “Lelly.”

“Oh!” he continued. “Nice to meet Lelly!” he grinned.

            Before I freaked out even more the bell rang. In my next last class nothing special happened, except there was this girl who was annoying me. She was talking about herself and I hated people who just talk too much. I pretended like I was listening to her. I think she said her name was Sara. She didn’t ask anything about me: that was good but at the same time listening to her talking about her life was torturing. Going to prison could have been much better.

At the end of the day I walked down the hallway and called my father to pick me up. It was still snowing outside; harder than ever. Since father was nowhere in the town I called mother who said to ask my brother to give me a ride. 

I didn’t’t have any other choice but to ask him. I walked toward the parking lot and saw Max and John talking. Sandy was in the car holding----believed to be a coffee in her hand. I stopped walking and hide behind a car parked a littler father from where max and john were standing by.

I could just go up there are act like a frozen zombie front of John. I know Max will laugh out loud if he sees me acting all weird. That would be embarrassing.

It was freezing outside and john was still wearing a shirt. They talked for at least two minute before john walked away. I run up to max who was about to get into his car. When he saw me he frowned.

“What do you want?”  He asked dryly. Maybe it wasn’t clear enough I was standing out on the snow. He seemed annoyed by my presence. I wish I had a car so I don’t have to ask others to go to places.

“Mother said to give me a ride.” I told him. He made a funny face and he hit the car door hard.

“I’m not going home,” he mumbled. Sandy looked at me and smiled. She stretched her left hand and touched his shoulder. “What?” he asked turning his head.

“Maybe we’ll go to Woodie another time.” She grinned at him. “Are sure?” he asked, but he seemed disappointed by that. She shook her head.

“Ok get in the car!” he yelled at me. I opened the car door and got inside.

            Sand way touching her stomach and by the side mirror I can see her face clearly. She looks like she hasn’t slept in years. Her face was pale and the circles under her eyes were showing. Her eye looks lazy.  I couldn’t ask what was wrong.

It wasn’t any warm in the car either. When he finally started the engine the heater started working.

            I don’t know why they wanted to go up to woodie. Something is not right. I looked at my brother; who looks like he was upset about something. In the middle of the road Sandy told my brother to stop the car.

“Why?” he asked her. “I think I’m going to be sick?” she was breathing hard placing her palms on her stomach. Max parked his car aside on the road. She run into the open wood and bent over and it seemed like she was puking. Max fallowed her behind and he held her hair behind her. When they comeback I just pretend like nothing had happened.

            They closed the car door and she sat down for a minute. He handed her a napkin and she wiped her mouth with it.  “Oh, god!” she started mumbling.

            Max didn’t say anything after that. He just drove home. I looked out the window and felt that there was something they were hiding from us. Maybe mother figured out, that must be why she was acting strange on Sunday.

             When the car stooped front of the house, I run inside. Father was in the living room reading the local newspaper and the TV was turned on to CNN channel. I walked briskly across the living room while trying to escape from talking to father; horribly his quick gaze cached on to me and I turned walking back in the living room.

            “You don’t even ask how I’ve been doing anymore?” he asked, partly joking, and party serious. I giggled and sat on the couch next to him.

“How you been doing?” I asked him. He putted away the newspaper on the table front of us, and looked at the TV screen. “Nothing much.” Said dad grimily.

I knew there was something going on with him. “Is there anything wrong?” I asked. He shook his head denying any wrongness, but the expression on his face never lies. I sunk in the couch and watched TV silently for awhile before father picked on other topic. “How was your first day?” he asked.

“Ok,” I lied. He looked at me cautioned by my answer. He is always studying my face trying to figure out when I’m not telling the truth.

“Are you sure?” asked dad. “High school is never easy for anyone.” He continued.

 “You won’t understand a thing!” I gasped. He didn’t say anything more. One thing I like about my father is that he doesn’t like to be involved in someone else’s business. He is kind like “let it out or keep it to your self.” person. I usually feel free being in the same room with him. Mother on the other hand is always asking me to tell her every detail about everything when I opened my mouth to share a conversation with her. She care so much and I demand things quiet, maybe that’s why I like being with dad more than any other person.

We watched TV More, but I got up when another lame TV advertise starts.

Mother was nowhere to be found in the house. I walked into the kitchen, poured myself a glass of water, and slipped it slowly. I never thought about what to do for the rest of my evening. Instead I went into this deep thought about John, Seeing his perfect face in my head over and over again. It sounded like a little crush to me, but I figured I was just blushing.


When I went up to my room I notice there was a paper in the middle of my bed. I picked it up and I unfold it. The hand writing on the paper doesn’t look any familiar but it seemed like it was written with a pro-writer hand. It was very neat.

            You’re the fallen one. I’ll come for you!

I looked over it twice. I was puzzled by that particular message or something like a note, I suppose. Who could have left it in here? Max may have left it on my bed this morning just trying to freak me out or something. I kept the paper in my bag and sat down on the edge of my bed. I looked at the ceiling repeating the words in my head. You’re the fallen one .what the hell does that mean?

I suppose, it could be one of Max pranks. I left every possibility how the paper got in my room to my imagination.

I lay on my back and just fixed my gaze right on the ceiling. I was trying to get away from every thing. I do a pretty good job letting things go. My brain, of course, wasn’t working right, but it seemed to be in a better mood than it has been all day.

Without hesitation I went into this deep sleep.


The next morning I woke up earlier than yesterday. I watched outside and saw the yawning snow. A common sense told me to get up and get ready for school. It was the second morning since school has started. I was feeling a bit dizzy but I lifted my self out mf my bed sheets. I got dressed up in warm cloth and went on down stairs.

In the kitchen I got my self a bowl of cereal. I wasn’t going to eat all, but I don’t use my head sometimes. I could have gotten less but more seemed a perfect. Max was in the living room talking on the phone, but I couldn’t seem to focus on what he was saying.

To be honest, I was genuinely feeling saddened by own over--thinking mind. I couldn’t tell if it I was because I have so many things to get used to, for instance, school and all the new people round me. Some of them which could look out of the ordinary. It’s not like everyday ordinary girl (like me) finds her self with some out-of-earth kind people in school.

I don’t want to go to school!  It sounded an utterly dumb reason. I waited for twenty minutes before dad was ready to give me a ride. He drove me to school. It was kind embarrassing, being alone with dad. He wasn’t saying anything but the silence was doing all the talking.

“How was your first day?” he asked me the same question he had asked once before. I couldn’t give him the answer. I stumbled to say a thing. I was looking for words to reply to him, so my answer will be assuring for whatever reason, and he won’t be asking me again.

“It was good, the people are kind nice.” I muttered.  “You meet new friends?” he asked. It’s one of those acquainted questions many parents will be asking. Alex, John, and especially Brian were kind slightly friendly to me, but I’m not sure to call them friends.

“No,” I muttered. I saw a disappointment on his face.

“Give it some time.” He sounded like he was wishing me a good luck into finding new friends, but his wish was wasted. I’m not the kind person to be a friend with. I’m not outgoing and beside I’m not that fun. Someone has to be in the same level as I am, to realize how much of a fun person I am. In my own head.

Dad opened his mouth to say something, but he turned his attention to the car that was parking front us. I looked out the window. I saw the school building spreading before me. I squeezed my eyes shut for few seconds and open it right back. Dad stopped his car by the parking lot and said goodbye before he left.

My heartbeat was clam. It was as if I was thriving out from deep water. I walked toward the school building taking every step carefully, trying not to trip over something. I made it inside safe and sound.  Today I tried not to get on anyone else’s way. I kept my distance far and walked faster without being notice. Once I got to the second floor I started to exhale. For once in along time I was proud of my determination to stay out of being the center of mass of fear.


In my geometry class I sat down on the same exact chair. We started working on some easy equations. It was all Algebra we did for the rest of the class.

 In Biology class Mr. James, yet again, taught on another lame subject, “Attitude.” I didn’t even listen to him. I just slept for the entire class period.

I felt better when I got to Technology. Brian was already in the class sitting in that same exact chair. When he saw me he smiled and pointed out to the chair next to him. I sat beside him.

“Second day huh?”  He asked sounding awkward, but I couldn’t figure out how to dismiss the perception look on his expression. “It is better than yesterday,” I admitted.

“Better?” he asked. It was as if the notion of being better didn’t sound good to him. I looked at his grizzled eyes. His face becomes darker. His nimble eyes looked away.

“I mean it’s not that cold outside.” I lied. I thought if I told him school was better than yester day, it could have been some common sense for him to get mad at me. I sight in relief when his expression becomes clear.

He laughed and asked. “You think about the weather?”  I looked at him smiling trying to hide the crazy thoughts that I was consulting in my head.

“it’s gloomy, but I don’t’ talk much about it; maybe sometimes to myself!” I confessed. He looked at me from the corner of his eyes. It was not good enough to see the lively color of his eyes. For instant I thought I saw his eyes sparking than it should be, but I kept that to myself.

“Have you ever been to Sahara Desert?” he asked. This was kind out of topic. “No,” I said. I was stunned by his question. It should have been clear to him that I’ve never been outside Wildwood (a gloomy little town surrounded by the thick forest).

“Like I have suspected!” he yanked, turning back to me. “You see I’ve been there for a couple of times,” he went on. “It is very hot out there, and I’m not used to the snow here.” Thoughts rambled in my head, but I assured myself I wasn’t just daydreaming.

“So you’re new here?” I asked trying to sound stunned. For the guy like him it’s easy for anyone to believe everything he said. He shook his head chuckling. “No no, I’ve been living here for along time.”  I tended to ask him another question.

“How is out there…on the sun?”  He didn’t look amazed by my question, but instead his face wore the distinctive look like my Aunt Sally face did, when I asked her how the sun was like in California. She used to come to Wildwood when it was her summer break. She was a high school teacher.

“I love the sun. I love it warm!” he grunted. I was feeling jealous. I wanted to live out on the sun. I wanted to feel warm and never have to war these huge jackets on. “Why did you go there?” I asked.

“Some Family business,” his face frowned and he looked away from my direction. I suspect that he didn’t like that question.  Brian shook his head in wonder. “You know if you want to see the sun I can take you out to Woodie!” he offered.

I smiled and looked at his face that was now looking back at my direction. He raised his voice. “Will you be interested?” he asked.  I thought about it twice. I don’t know if I should accept his offer or not. The more I waited him for my answer, he grew intense.

“Sure,” I said finally without thinking over twice on my answer. He mumbled about something but I wasn’t concentrating on his talk. “What day?” he asked.

I looked at him. “I don’t know.” I said. He thought about it for a minute. The teacher was handing out papers. It was our first homework. I read the paper. It seemed like onerous for him to find consenting date I’ll be able to agree with him.

“Next weekend,” he suggested. I thought about what I’ll be doing the next weekend and agreed to go to Woodie with him. “Good,” he said. His voice sounded happy but other part of him didn’t wish me to agree with what he was offering me.

When class was over, like yesterday we found Alex and Diana standing out on the hall. They walked us to the cafeteria. Diana didn’t say anything to me. Instead she kept her face still and walked behind us. We sat by the table in south corner of cafeteria.

I looked at max in the distance. Sandy wasn’t there with him. John was there sitting and laughing with others. I looked how perfect he looked smiling. I didn’t notice I was staring at him, when Brian touched my arm and woke me from a beautiful daydream.

 I mumbled and looked away disappointed. Brian eyes caught John at the distance. He now understands why I’m always looking at that direction. He shook his head and started staring at me again.

Diana was sitting front of us looking all pissed. I couldn’t tell if she was going to cool off or was getting angrier. For god sake she doesn’t even know me. 

Brian and I decided to get a lunch. We were standing by the lunch line; John cut in and got himself an apple. He looked at me smiling. His eyes flashed and that was oh, so dazzling. That must mean he remembered me and I thought of it being a good sign.

I grubbed a try and filled it with a food the girl front of me was filling hers with. Brian laughed when he saw how a copycat I was.  After we paid for lunch we went back and sat down.

“Are you going to eat that?” he asked looking at the disgusting supposedly a so called soup.

I shook my head and chuckled and blushed when I saw he was grinning at me. “No way!” I muttered. “There must be something growing in there!” joked Brian. Alex, Brian, and I laughed. Diana still looked pissed. I hated the fact she was angered because she hated me, so I tired to make a peace with her.

“Why don’t you get lunch?” I asked her curious. She looked at me stunned by my guts to speak to her. She flashed red and looked at Brian sending a warning message without saying a ward. He looked at me and putted his stretched hand front of me, like he was about to defend me from any attack.

Her eyes darkened.

“You’re becoming another insane failure messenger. You should really try explaining why you are still stuck in the process to save the psycho Biogel?” she asked looking at my direction. He burst of laughter at her words.

“First of all thanks. I’ll make a not of what you just said.”  I looked at Brian and I saw he was trying hard to act casual. “You’re not making the best decisions anymore.”  She accused. “”yeah, like every time I decided to rescue your ungrateful heart.” He said.

Her face looked sad, and her shoulder sagged.  “I think you deserve more compliment for your kindness but you don’t deserve to risk your good heart just to save unfaithful disturbed Biogel.” She said.

Somehow that didn’t change his mind. Instead it drove him nuts.

“She has lot of special powers. She deserves to be the leader. She deserves to be saved.  She is much, much more special than you think.” Brian said hitting the table hard with his huge hand.

“You just keep telling that to yourself. “  She said coldly. “But don’t expect me to get on board and help you save something that should not be saved.”

“I don’t need your help.” Brian muttered. She shook her head rolling her eyes. “You will and when that day comes you’ll find me standing next to the fallen ones.” She said.

“Don’t let it take over you.”  He said shouting the words through his teeth. She laughed looking at his sudden temper, expecting him to explode front of her.

“Do not say something like that again!” Julia said, scuffing her finger nails on the table. “You see what she is doing to you. She is leading you to the wrong path!” She pointed her finger straight at me.

“That’s enough you two.” Said Alex.

I looked at her lacking any kind reaction. She hated me and for more unfamiliar reasons they were fighting over me. 

I got up from my chair and was about to go one and get the hell out of the cafeteria, but Brian interrupted me. “Don’t go!” he said. I managed to stay strong and kept the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I have no idea what they were talking about. And what the hell is a Biogel?

I sat down, but Diana roses up from her chair and exited out cafeteria door. I wonder through so many thoughts in my head. It was unfair in every way. I never had any stranger such as her self who hated me this much.

Whatever the reason might be for her hate, thinking about it is exacerbating it even more.

I could not endure with her behavior.  It wasn’t like I was put up with a malleable situation.

Once she was gone, no one was talking. I should have kept my conversation away from her, I thought. But no matter what, I assured myself. When she is around I will get out of her way. 

“Sorry about her.” Brian finally spoke, his voice low, his tone icy.  “It’s cool,” I said. His face looks furious, and it ignited with read flames.

He then shook his head and somehow the confusion on his face strayed keeping the color on his face normal. By then time has passed by. The bell trailed off and it was something I caved for.

 I didn’t wait for him to walk me to class. I just walked faster got out of the cafeteria. But when I approached to the second floor Brian was standing by my English class. I was stunned by his presence. How in the hell he got there before I did?

He looked at me and smiled. It was like he was sent to keep an eye on me. He should have left me alone after what had happened in the cafeteria.

“I thought you got lost or something.” He said. Despite his obvious enthusiasm for destruction was to lie to me, but I understood his interest was to talk to me. “I’m here,” I said with a fake grin. He grinned widely.

We looked at each other for awhile. It was like we wanted to say something but couldn’t get the words out. He runs his hand through his dark air and his eyes darkened with every passing second. He stood almost six feet tall. He doesn’t look like himself and he was strangely intense.

“I got to go.” He finally said. I wanted to exhale real badly. He left before I was able to say goodbye. The hallway was now quiet. I went in the class room yet again to face many curious eyes looking at my direction. Mr. Nelson called on me.

“Why are you late?” he asked and his face frowned. I didn’t answer his question at first. I looked around the classroom to see if John was there. He was there sitting by the same exact chair.

“I…lost the classroom.” I lied. He shook his head and told me to go sit. When John saw me he grinned and I blushed. I sat next to him and saw how his both gray eyes were blazing. It was magnificent.

“You ok?” he asked. I cleared my throat and looked at his direction. He smiled as he gazed out the window. I fallowed his gaze and saw the snow has stooped.

“Good day…” he continued. “I mean better day.” He laughed. He looked at me and his expression was restrained. The more I looked at his perfect face it was becoming a grief.

John sighed. The teacher passed out worksheet and ordered us to work with a partner. When I looked over the question they were kind childish. It was about the book The Red Tent. Before anyone else was working with the first question I was done.

When I got up to give back the paper to the teacher, john’s huge hand caught me by the arm. I looked down at him. His hand was warm and golden. I just stood starring at him. It was unfair he was so dazzling.

“What?” I asked him, keeping my voice low. “Are you really done?” he asked. I sensed a curiosity on his expression. But his eyes were lively and bizarre.

“Yeah,” I said to him senselessly. I was a girl of integrity. I was blushing and I wasn’t able to hide it.

“For real?” he questioned teasing. “I swear to god!” I said out loud. People looked at our direction.  Because of him I forgot everything that was surrounding us.

He pushed me down to sit on my chair. I was astonished. “Do not swear with the name of god.” He said annoyed. I couldn’t look at him the same way. His face grew darker and I bounce off of my distraction and got back in reality. He was angry and his eyes grew darker. Because I swore with god name; that pissed him off.

“Sorry,” I mumbled looking awkwardly. I waited for a couple of minutes before he decided to talk to me again. I don’t know why in the hell he got annoyed for.

“Have you ever read the bible?” he questioned me. I wasn’t expecting him to ask me that. “Yes,” I muttered and looked at the paper front of me.

“And does it ever occurs to you, swearing with god name is a sin?” he question my sanity.  I got irritated by that. He is not the one to tell me if I should or should not. I’m the only one or not the first one to swear with the name of god.

I thought he should have been a little nicer. I told me myself to quiet talking to him. I thought in my head why in the hell will he even care?

“Lelly,” I reddened as he spoke my name. I ignored him like his voice was some kind faint whooshing echoing in my head.  He was going to say something, but my ignorance kept him quiet. I saw his face soften, and gave a sad smile before class was over.

            Today could be the worst day of my life. I’m so angry with everyone. In health class we watched a video on nutrition. Even thought I hated that topic, I was glad it was a movie day. The room was dark so I was able to sleep in without being interrupted.

            Unlike yesterday Sara kept her mouth shut. Sometimes it’s good to see someone shutting their mouth .For better or worse I was looking ford to get home. When finally the last bell rang, I got out of the class and headed out to the parking lot. I couldn’t spot Max’s car. I was standing out on the snow looking for Max to give me a ride. I took my phone out and dialed mother’s number. She didn’t pick up but I pictured what her answer would be like. Father yet again wasn’t in town.

 I stumbled around the parking lot. This is just great! After having a bad day and all, I now would be stuck outside on the parking lot. I sat down on the snow calling everyone, including Max. No one picked up.

Then I heard a car tire screeching. A dark shiny car was coming straight toward me. I got up from where I was sitting. Then it stooped front of me. I couldn’t tell who was in the car. The windows glasses were dark. My eyesight was deranged. The car widow then rolled down and saw John with his shade eye glasses on. I saw on the other side the door indeed was opened. John licked his lips. The thought of him was tempting. Indeed, I froze on where I was standing.  I was looking my wits. “Get in.” he ordered. His tone of voice hard as a stone. His skin color enhanced to everything surrounding, he looks like a glowing sun.

Maybe in this gloomy town where the sun is usually playing hide and seek with the gray clouds it’s good to have some who glows like the sun. He doesn’t look real.

I looked away from his face and swiftly walked into his car. “I’ll give you a ride.”  He said. I sat down on the leather chair and buckled the belt around me. Being there in the same car and small space with him was torturing me. He rolled up the window and stated his engine. His hand placed on the staring wheel he looked at my direction. His head strolled back looking on the road ahead. I maintained impotent.

 “I live in…” before I can finish my sentence he interrupted me, “I know where you live.” I looked at him astonished and also surprised by his calm and soft voice.

“How did you know?” I asked confused.  “Your Max sister, I drove him home once.”  That made more sense.

“Oh!” I gasped.

Through his dark –shade eye glasses I can see his gray eyes sparkling. What the hell is he?

Knowing him was like nothing I had ever experienced. I heard my heart beating. He looked back at me.

“Sorry about they way I acted in English class!” he apologized dryly, but still his voice was like the voice of an angel. I wish I can just keel down and take a bow. How can anyone stop from panicking when he is around? 

“Apology accepted.” I muttered. Then a grim of smile coursed through him. I felt kind disheveled and I my eyes felt like they were getting blinded by the Dazzling John!

I looked at his perfectly sculpted perfect future from head to toes and I sighed. How can anyone can be so this beautiful?”  His body is firm and stocky in build. From his dazzling eyes and body future, his hair was also outstanding. It was like coal-dark. Whenever he smiled his lips will curl aside. And whenever he raises his eyebrows it makes him kind cocky. I like that!  Over all he was the perfect guy I have ever seen. Brian also has the same futures as John’s but there is some unidentified particular thing set to John that took him far out from being the ordinary or abnormal, he was extraordinary. I’m not exaggerating.

 I wanted to speak to him, but I decided two people should be able to be together in silence without awkwardness.

“Do you believe in god?” john asked. I was happy I wasn’t the one to break the silence. He didn’t look at my direction so he won’t be able see my face. I licked my lips with my tongue that had felt dry as the desert. I observed his question. It wasn’t something I was expecting to be asked by him

“Yes.” I shrugged. He didn’t say anything. Instead he looked ahead and was driving below the legal driving limit. Maybe he was driving slowly so he will be able talk to me. My head flopped down and looked out the dark glasses.

“Do you believe in angles?” he asked. I was confused about his questions. Why is he so interest if I believe in things or not. I demanded not to be asked this kind question, but since I can’t say that to his face I answered his question. “Yes I do; indeed I read books about angels.” I told the truth.

“Do you think they are your saviors?” as he spoke, his thoughts flew back in time. He waited for my answer but I let that pass by. He scarcely talked about that topic for the rest of the ride. The silence yet again conquest, for a couple of minutes none of us spoke. As we got closer to my house the urge to speak to him became unstoppable.

“How did you know where I live?” I asked my voice barely audible. Asking a question he already had answered me a few minutes before. He turned his face toward me and chuckled. “Is this the only question you can come up with?” he asked.

I kind felt irritated. I shook my head. “It was unwilling question.” I admitted.

“You can ask about me.” he suggested. This must be some kind plot to hear me babbling up front of him.

“I don’t know what to ask?” I said.  “I’m sure there are things that must be interesting in me. I’m not boring I’m I?” he asked chuckling.

“Not that, I just don’t know how to ask you.” I confessed. “I’m sure you’ll find one.” His voice echoed unnaturally in my ears. “I would like to know about you though.” I said.

He glanced toward me and he grinned. “I’ll tell you all about me but first I have to learn more about you.” He muttered.

When the car stooped front of my house I looked at his perfect face. He took off his eyes glasses and his beautifully eyes sparkled.

“John thank you.” I mumbled and blushed when he flashed his beautiful teeth. Everything about him swayed over me. I just sat there frozen.

“I’ll see you around.” His face expression was hard and angry again. That withdraws the stunned out of my frozen expression. I made my face frowned and I got out of the car. I walked toward the house when he called out.

“Lelly!” he said, pronouncing my name carefully. I looked back him. “If you need a ride, you’ll find me at the parking lot.”  He said.

I looked at him and grinned. “That’s great!” I said.  Before I even blink he drove off faster than time it self. I walked upon the steps leading upon the narrow doorway.

No one was in the house, not even Max. I went inside the kitchen and poured myself cold water and slipped it slowly. My body was a bit warmer than its normal temperature. I was feeling ambitious for trying to create a conversation with Diana earlier today. My headache was a dagger. I shook my head. I walked slowly upon the stairs and to my bedroom. 

I lay down on my back and looked at the ceiling. My headache was out of hand.  I shook my head, but it was poor effort, scarcely stopped the litter whispers I was hearing in my head.

There were voices and I couldn’t focus on what they were saying. My head was spinning and I could see a white thick faint light covering my eyes. I moved around my bed holding my head between my knees, and placing both hands on to my ears.

I thought I was panicking or maybe dying. Then by a whisker of minutes everything abruptly stopped. Not even one voice I can hear. I opened my eyes but it was still a white light I can see. It seemed like I was dead but it was just peaceful. My sparing mind thought of nothing for awhile before I was able to see clearly everything in normal eyesight.

            Before it was even after five I was a sleep. The night was filled with very unfamiliar visions I was seeing in my head. First I saw a guy who looks like john but he was in his late twenties or early thirties. His chest was exposed. He was standing on the vacant desert, except there was a woman standing way far before him. Her face was in blur but I imagined how beautiful she looks. They were standing as far away from each other. The man was holding on to a sword that burned with fire. She on the other hand was holding a light with her right hand and a sword that was exculpating from anything I have ever seen, with her left arm. She was after the man and he knows he was far strong from her, but she stood there to defend something that was far beyond important than her life.

Behind her was a child standing naked and then after him there were human skeletons lain down on the sand. There were billions of them.

I looked at the man and saw a mountain behind him and there was a fire ocean.  Then I saw the sky being opened. A light was shooting down touching the earth’s surface.  Then three angels surfed on the sky next to three huge bells made out of a sparkling gold. I couldn’t see their faces clearly but their wings were white and wide open. They were surrounded by light. A beautiful sparkling light that was cutting through that darkness that revolves around the man.

            Then again the sky opens. This time one black and one dark dove comes down to earth flying. Then I saw a fire within the light. It was magnificent. The sky darkened and there were trillions more standing behind the man. The have dark wing and were armed with sword.

“There is a word of you father battle with me!” the man said.

“I warned you Zione, but you’re hungry for power!” she said with a foreign language but I understood what she was saying.

“I feared this, I don’t want to fight you but I have to kill you.”  She shrugged and continued. “You are neutral!”

Zione looked away, staring at his warriors behind him.

“I’m here for my own power. He had given me the power one earth! This is my land and he should have kept his promise.”

His gray eyes blazed with anger against his dark golden skin. “So you will fight against your creator for a power?”  She asked. His laugh shook the earth.

“I won’t deny the fact he was my creator, but I’m not his slave!” he yelled. “He never treated you like a slave, but put you on top of his promise order. He gave you a power over the entire things he had created.” She muttered.

“No, Rtiny, you are wrong. I was his slave and no true god will walk away when I made mistake. So no more argument. I have to fight you.”

“I won’t let you do that to humans.” She yelled. He continued his shocking laugh. “Give me back my son!” he yelled at her and placed his sword in attacking mood.

“Evil one like you never deserves a son like him!”  He looked at her in disbelief. His eyes narrowed, and his face darkened.

“I’ll raise the child like a son. I am the only god and stop being a grasping whore.” He looked straight at the naked child behind her.

The blare light on her face imputed with significant amount of fire. “The darkness shall never get the light!” she muttered. She flashed her white teeth.

“I will promise to make you my queen if you give me back my son. I’ll give you half of my power on earth!” he promised her. “I don’t have any desire to rule for a power.” Rtiny looked down.

“Then let me,” Zione pleaded. “Your excruciating words have destroyed so many human lives, peace and love. You are the devil people feared and you kept challenging these poor humans.”

Rtiny glared at him again.

“It was their choice for listening to Me.” he continued. “There were the ten commandments written for them. I’m just the god on earth and they are weak so I took a great deal of advantage on them to influence my power and promised them to give me their soul so I will help them get whatever they want. I’m not the mistake here; they are they mistake. God should have not created them.” He concluded.

“And is that supposed to be a heroic act?” she asked.

“Let there be a light but you had lost your mercy. The heaven door has been closed on you. You won’t survive in the fainting light.” She continued. “No more forgiveness for you after that!” she said it avidly.

Zione turned on her venomously. “And do you think I wish for forgiveness. I don’t have a god because I am the god. The power is mine…”

Before I was done with the dream I woke up to the sound of swooshing wind. When I opened my eyes I saw my window was open. The white curtains waving and moving around. I don’t remember the window being open. I got out of my bed and closed it. I felt warm inside but when I touched my skin it was icy cold.  That was the weirdest dream I have ever had.

It was like some kind movie directed by a talented man, maybe reading about angels had taken over me. Stung by the headache I had before I was asleep, I went back to bed. Strangely, it was hard to go back to sleep!

I closed my eyes anyway. Then I heard a creepy unfamiliar noise. The window pushed opened and the wind starts to swirl in my room. I kept my eyes shut pretending like I was a sleep, but something caught me by the arm and snap me out my bed I almost touched the ceiling. Then I was thrown down my bed. I opened my eyes and gasped. Something dark passed by closing the window as it exist my bedroom.

I took the bible out from the shelf drawer and opened it reading starting from the first page.  I was shocked impulsively my body shaking. If I was utterly vindicated, then I wasn’t dreaming about the dark that I saw few minutes ago. I thought it was just turbulent mind collision with fantasy. It wasn’t any pragmatic things I saw (not even the dream).  It was like some kind vulture, which was sent to scare the hell out of me. I told myself it was just a dream and closed my eyes. The longer I waited to become mentally tired the more I become sleepy.


The next day everything went smoothly good. Once I got to school I went to my first period class. We did nothing and Mrs. Lauren gave us homework. In Mr. James class was better than my first and second day. I meet two new people in that class. I think they said their name was Jessica and Carly. All we did in class was talk, thank god to Mr. James who was called down to the main office to get some stuff. In Technology Brian and I talked about some immature topics. For instance we fought over the weather. He was saying it will be sunny next week, and I was saying it will never be sunny. The dark clouds were surfing here making the daylight disappear. It wasn’t any use to comprehend the topic we were talking about. It was like we were bored and the truth was that the class was boring.

At lunch Diana didn’t show up so it was Alex, Brian and I sitting together. I was feeling comfortable to talk without Diana being there, but my eyes were hurting.

“Wow! Your eyes are red.” Alex complained. “My eyes are kind itchy!” I said. It had been a barbed night. I was feeling weak. I didn’t eat lunch. It was kind unnerving with my eyes itching. Last night was extremely weird, and I fought every excessive weird thought that was conceiving in my head.

I wasn’t proficient of anything. Not especially controlling my over-thinking mind. During lunch we didn’t talk much more than about my itchy--red eyes. Then when lunch was over Brian and Alex walked me up to my English class.

I was glad Brian wasn’t acting all weird. I said good bye nicely so he won’t be checking on me later on, to see if I’m ok or anything like that. Unlike my first two days. I got to my English class on time. John and I didn’t talk much; since we were suppose to read a book silently.

Before class was over he asked me a couple of questions, and that included how I was I’m feeling, if my red-itchy eyes were ok, and if I was tired. My answers also were cut short with a simple answer. “Yes!” “Yes!” and “No!” After school I found Max at the parking lot. He was nice enough to wait for me. At home I did nothing but checked my window hundreds of time, to see if it was locked or not. I was scared of my own room after what happened last night. 

 The week passed clam and steady, but at night I keep having the same visions over and over again. Other than that everything was good. I meet a few new people and I now have friends. John and I cut down our little conversation even shorter. Out daily talk is about how we are feeling or how we are doing. It is kind simple that way.

Nothing bothered me much than Sandy and Max story. There is something going with them and I’m no where near into finding a clue to what their problem was. The good thing about Mr. James class was that he stopped talking about the entire stupid topics he is always picking on and we started doing a real school work.


Saturday and Sunday I helped dad clean out the garage. I was assigned to clean the snows off of his car. It was kind tiring but I found it quiet interesting. It was better to go outside than to be stuck in my room for the rest of the weekend.  On Sunday evening I worked on my homework and I got done with that earlier so I washed my cloth and cleaned my room. During dinner dad talked about the new case he was working on. I found it interesting though. He is lawyer and he enjoys his work. He also talked about having a family vacation to Offland. I really wanted to visit grandpa who lives at the Lake House that was about two miles away from Offland. I missed Grandpa I haven’t see him much since after Grandma’s interment.


On Monday it was worst and worsted.

Worst because it was snowing again and even worst about that was the weather channel has confirmed the snow could last up to a week. And it was worsted because I slipped and fall right on the doorway. I was running to get into dad’s car and I slipped and fall. The bad thing about wasn’t  only dad laughter or the way I stammered and fall, but it was because the stone hit me right near to my right eye.  I heard dad laughing at the distance as I picked my self up. It was so embarrassing, but he didn’t notice I was hurting. I swung my arm and checked on my shoulder joint. Round my eyes it was swelling. I touched my head where I’ve been hurt the most.

I walked toward the dad’s car wrapping my hand where it was swelling. “Are you all right?” dad asked, now he was concerned. I looked at him awkwardly. His question was infuriating. “I’m ok,” I lied looking away.

I was embarrassed and I was irritated that he was laughing at me. I acted like a little kid on the way to school, ignoring his questions and looking away. When he parked his car front my the school building I didn’t say goodbye and I walked toward the school building without looking back at him.

            I tightened the hood on my head and covered my face with my hair. I didn’t want anyone to see my face the way it is now. I went to the restroom and checked my eyes. It wasn’t that bad. I put my hair side way which almost hides my full right eye.


 In first period the Mrs. Lauren gathered the homework she gave us on Friday. We worked on some equations and that was it for the day. Mr. Lauren also asked me if I should be placed in Geometry B and take calculation next semester, but I told her that will think about it.

For my second class we started working on project that included research on some species of wild animals. For next week Mr. James stated a statement saying we’ll be starting working on a frog. I was disgusted by that. I’m sure I will be absent for the rest of the week if I have to touch any disgusting frogs. I hate animals!


In Technology we started working on a project. We were supposedly to make a Robot Hand. When Brian picked me as his partner and some guy named Jerry, I warned them at the beginning that I’m not good at building things, so they told me to work on the paper work while they work on the Robot Hand. That was a fair share job.


At lunch yet again we found Diana and Alex out on the hall. I haven’t seen Diana since last Tuesday and today I wasn’t frightened by her because she looks clam and the expression on her face was readable. In the cafeteria she talked to me about school. She was being friendly and I was glad she wasn’t mad at me anymore. Brian and I talked about the Woodie trip we planed on going on the weekend. Once Diana was gone to get some paper from the office .Brian asked me questions.

“What day on the weekend?” he asked. I looked at him conceived. “What about on Saturday?” I demanded it. I want to be working on my homework on Sunday so Saturday seemed perfect day to have a trip.

“Perfect!” he yanked.  Then another question crossed his mind. “Where can we meet?” he asked. I thought of meeting him at the school parking lot, but I still will need someone to give me a ride. So I thought of the best suggestion.

“If you can, is it possible you can pick me up from my house?” I asked, the tone on my voice sounded like pleading. He flushed his beautiful teeth and grinned. “Sure why not! Where you live at?”  He asked.

I looked at me smiling. “In Green Bridge are!”  I continued. “I’ll be out waiting!” I concluded, flushing a terrible over—exaggerate smile.

“Ok then,” he mumbled.

After lunch only Brian walked me to my Class. Alex went to the office to meet up with Diana and to get information on the scholarship the state was giving out. Before I went to class I asked Brian one thing I was stunned about.  “Why is Diana being nice now?” I asked him. His face becomes hard and looked away. “She just misunderstood you, but nothing really…” he looked away and his eyes darkened.

“Is she your sister?” I asked him concerned but more that that I was observing. I asked him that question because there was something about them, that tells me they were related or something. It wasn’t just their skin color or beautiful eyes, but there was something that got me concerned.

“No!”  Brian burst into laughter. He laughed quiet a lot. “Why did you ask?” he questioned my observation. I shook my head embarrassed by his laughter. “You guys look alike.”  I said.  “What a surprise!” he burst into laughter, but when he saw I wasn’t smiling and read the irritated expression on my face, he then stopped. “She is just a close friend.”  It seemed like he wanted me to believe he was telling the truth, but the tone of his voice was telling me he was hiding something. “Oh!” I said trying to act casual.

When the last bell shirked I went to my class. Brian was running to get to his class even thought he was already late. It is becoming a job for him to walk me up to my class. John was in class on time. I’ve been trying hard not to be late since the last time Mr. Nelson had called on me to get to class on time.

John smiled when he saw me and asked me question. “Who was that with you on the hallway?” he asked.

I turned my head to his direction and looked at him deep in the eyes. “A friend.” I said, trying not to give out to much of information on Brian. “Does he have a name?” he asked, his face turned dark. 

“Brian.” I confessed.  “Him,” he said.  His covered his face with his right hand. He sounded like he knows who I was talking about.

“You know him?” I asked. He laughed and turned back to my direction. “Our family knows each other.” He muttered. “I don’t like him.” he said. I looked at him in disbelief. The expression on my face washed over by pain. “Why you don’t like him?” I asked.

“You won’t understand Lelly, it is a family business. Starting long ago both of our ancestors has been fighting over something that is more precious than life.” John glowered. It seemed like the words were evading, out of his mouth for me to hear without his permission.

“That is cold.” I looked frustrated. Brian is the nicest guy I have ever known and the beautiful guy I have ever met hated the guy who now I considered my best friend. “Honestly, Lelly,” john said. “Brian and I can’t stand each other. “  He glared at me with his darkened gray eyes. “If I’d be able to kill him, he’d be dead.”  He said.  “You should not touch him.” I mumbled my voice lacking its natural tone.

“Lelly, his family fought us for over thousand years.” He said.  “What must be the reason then?” I asked.

“It is about religion, it is about war, love, hate, god, earth, humans and everything surrounding you, Lelly.” I looked his narrowed eyes that were looking into my week eyes. “Is that a reason to fight for?” I asked him. He glowered at me. It was like a slap on the face. “Don’t be ridiculous.”  He turned to facing the class. “I’m just saying. There must be more reason than that to fight for.”  My eyes dropped, looking right at my right palm. “So you don’t think all the things I listed are not any important?” he question.

“Of course they are, but I don’t like people fighting each other------”   his voice cut through mine. “Don’t say people, we are not human.” He said, “You must forgive me. I rarely have the pleasure to introduce myself real clearly, and I couldn’t resist the temptation…” he stopped, if it was like he knows he was saying things he shouldn’t have said. He is not human? I mean that’s what he just said. Of course he wasn’t a normal looking human or anything. He was beautiful, handsome, gorgeous and all, but I’m concerned about him being a human. It was a fair observation, I’m sure I’m not the only one who notice the unusual thing about him. He seemed popular, hanging out with my brother Max and his friends, but there is something that is not normal about him.

“Not human?” I asked.  He looked at me in shock. “I didn’t meant it that way, it’s is just that me and my family never live in the same condition as others humans do.” He said taking back, like there hadn’t been any thing unusual that slipped out of him mouth. I didn’t buy his explanation. It was some kind scripted line that should have convinced me to believe he is a human, but in my heat I feared that he wasn’t normal and he wasn’t one of us.

He ignored me. He probably has read my face and saw I was producing more questions to ask him. He shook his head with regret. I feared him fore more than unfamiliar curiosity.

When class was over we didn’t say anything to each other. Instead we walked separate ways. At the parking lot I found Max who said he was going to Woodie with Sandy. I know he didn’t want to give me a ride. So when he left I was standing in the middle of empty parking lot. It was snowing hard outside and to make it ever worst I have to wait until dad gets out of work or mother picked her phone up and talk to me. I looked around seeking someone who can give me a ride. Then I saw a car covered by snow. The car stood there not moving, but I notice the light was on. I walked there and saw John was in the car. My plan was to turn around and walk away, but when the car door opened for me. I walked around and got inside.

He was wearing sun glasses and left hand was holding on to the steering wheel. It is kind weird that he is wearing sun glasses when it is kind dark outside. I took a deep breath and sat straight.

“I told you if you need a ride, that I will be here.” He whispered. I looked at his face that was hard as a stone and was not moving. I thought he wasn’t breathing he hardly smiled. “I forgot,” I said trying to hide my nervousness.

 He didn’t say anything but started his engine. Today he was driving faster, like he can’t wait to get rid of me. I didn’t complain about getting crushed because of the way he was driving, as an alternative I kept my mouth shut and looked ahead. It was kind bothering me…I mean the quietness. I hated when it is silent special when there are thing I wanted to ask him really bad but I couldn’t, because I don’t have the guts to look into his beautiful eyes and ask if he was real or if he was normal. He leaned his head away far and just stared ahead. I was annoyed then and I was the fire person to break the silence.

“Do you guy still fight?” I asked. My question seeming familiar enough he looked at me, thought I couldn’t see his eyes through the sun glasses.

“No, not yet.” His voice soft, and his tone was icy. It was an alternative to ask him more questions, but the look on his face kept me from jabbering it all out.  His look was kind rubbish, but the tone of his voice wanted to answer every question that was going on in my head.

“Are you guys still arguing?” I asked. He didn’t even glare at me. “Yes,” he said accepting to answer my question. His presence was there but there that dullness on his face kept me from looking away.

“It is unimaginative to be fighting for along period of time.” I said, “How can you keep away from each other.” I asked curious.

“He makes sure he stays away from my sight and I’ll make sure to stay way from his, so I won’t crush his head.”  He said it with deep raspy tone.

“Brian is not a bad guy,” I at least tried to argue with him.

“He seemed like a nice, doesn’t he?” he questioned me. “It’s because you don’t know him. Brian is very friendly!” I screamed at him. It was as if Brian was important to me than anything else. “You don’t know any thing Lelly.” he was trying hard not to get angry at me. “And you don’t know him!” I couldn’t shut my mouth and I was surprised I was fighting for and defending someone whom I just met a week ago. And now I’m screaming at the guy who I can’t stand his presence, because his beautiful eyes are always distracting to me.

I looked away and I notice my eyes were wet. I fought not to let the tears fall down. “Lelly,” he said his voice was still dry but kind cold. I ignored him and I tired to think of happy things so I won’t cry. John was troubling to me. I should have known better than not to scream at him. I felt like I’ve hurt his feelings, even though he was the one doing the damage.

I yanked the topic all over again. “Please don’t fight with Brian.” I whispered. It should have been hard to understand what I just said but he turned to me and flopped his head down. He licked his lips and smiled a little. “Do you wish me too?” he asked. I looked agitated it was my wish he was asking for.

“Yes, please!” I muttered. He smiled flashing his beautiful teeth. I chuckled incomprehensibly. If it was some other person they could have burst out with laughter, but he was inexplicable person and so he just smiled.

“Lelly, I don’t want to be weird or anything, but is there anyway I can spend the day with you…I mean when we’re not in school.” he mumbled. I looked at him shocked. “Is it like a date?” I asked.

There was a mystifying and buzzard expression on his face.  “I guess.” He showed enthusiasm. I kept myself from smiling but inside I was happy and I’m sure my heart was jumping. I never had a date before, and even so; not with the most gorgeous guy.

            “What can we do?” I asked him.  He looked at me his glorious eyes sparking through his dark shade-- eyes glasses. “I was thinking about taking you to my family house.”  He looked at me and smiled.

“That’s cool!” I said.

I was up for anything. Since he said it was a date. It won’t matter if he was taking me to hell with him, as long as I am there with him.

He smile faded. “Are you not scared ….meeting my family? They are kind harsh ---when I bring strangers along.”  After he finished he started laughing at his own statement. It was idiocy; I mean laughing at something that was not funny.

“I think I won’t be idiot to pass the opportunity to meet the families of John!” I said, he was laughing and it seemed like I was impending demise. “It’s your fault then, if they accidently kill you.”  We laughed together, but he instinctively stopped his laughter and frowned. I saw that his car was at the stop front of my house. It wasn’t any surprise that I got here earlier, since he was driving fast.

“I’ll pick you on Wednesday …at noon. It’s a date.”  He murmured. “But I have school during that time.” I said Holding on to the car door.  “School will be closed on Wednesday. Trust me.” he laughed.  I just looked at him smiling and got out of his car. I slammed the door shut. There was a mass of snow and my legs were sinking in as I walked toward my house. By the time I turned around his car was gone.

The thudding sound in my chest was only easing down.

I was glad when I got inside the house. My pants were awfully wet up to my knees. I took my sneaker off and throw it right on the coat closet downstairs. Father was calling home. I picked the phone and touched the talk button.  But then there was no one on the other end. Dad must have hanged up the phone. I was about to call him when the phone started ringing again. It was father but again there was no one on the other end. It was weird but on the third time it started to ring I picked it up. “Are you home sweetheart?” dad asked. He knows I was the only one in the house. “yeah.” I muttered. “I was just checking.” He said and he hanged up the phone.

That evening there was a heavy snow outside and mother and father were forced to come home earlier. Max and Sandy went up to his room and was a sleep hugging each other. It was kind cute though. The house was cold and even the heater that was turned up to higher temperature didn’t prevent it from getting colder. I went inside my bed sheets and turned the light on. My body was shivering. I could see the white snow flickering outside my window. It was magnificent as the white snow reflects alone against the darkness. It took me a while before I was warm enough to stop shivering. The night went on and it was icy cold.


The next morning mother’s voice cut through the nightmare I was having. She was calling out my name. I checked the day and time on my computer screen. It was Tuesday and the time was ten minutes after seven. I dressed up quickly thinking about taking shower when I come back from school. I didn’t have time to get ready.  Downstairs mother, sandy, Max and dad were looking at me as if I was crazy or something.

I was trying to find my snow boots and my backpack. Everything was all over the place. The I’d heard laughter from the four people sitting on the couch. The fire place was lit up and it was the warmest area in the whole house.

“What!” I asked. Hopping on my right leg and trying to put the boots on my left leg. They thought it was kind funny. “Have you checked the weather?” mother asked. Her voice has this funny tone.

It seemed like she was going to burst out laughing.

“No,” I said clueless. They all laughed again. It was the firs time I saw Max laughing in three weeks. Then I saw the school closed list right on the TV screen. I sat down next to dad who was laughing as hard as everyone in the room.

“Mom why did you wake me up then?” I asked irritated. “We thought we could play a little trick on you. It was funny wasn’t Larry?” she asked dad pushing him friendly on the chest. “That’s what I call a prank.” He laughed along.

I mumbled things and flashed with embarrassment. I was glad school was closed, but I wanted to see John so bad. That morning we had egg with cheese (that mom favorite) and some hot chocolate.

After breakfast I was bored to death because everybody went back to sleep and I was left alone awake. I wanted to sleep, but my bedroom was freezing. Then I saw that my window was open two inches up. That must be the way the cold was able to escape inside my bedroom. I closed it right and locked my door.

I slipped under my bed sheets and as time passes by my room starts to get warmer. I slept until it was after noon. When I wake up I was feeling hungry and a bit hydrated.

I got my self a bowl full of cereal and an apple juice. It was like more like a lunch for me. I went back to bed feeling like vomiting. I was almost out of shape when I fall on top of my bed. I felt like I was spinning around and I couldn’t catch my breath. It was a nightmare in a nightmare. My eyes were covered with thick fog. I couldn’t see anything clearly. Everything becomes blurry. Then my body tightened and I couldn’t feel anything-----I was numb.

I was on my bed frozen for over twenty minutes. I couldn’t feel anything but the pain in my head. My body was its own controller and only my mind was there to see and experience what was happening to me.

Then something lifted me up. I couldn’t see it since it my eyes were covered with thick white fog.

Good thing my body wasn’t feeling anything but I thought my head hit the ceiling real bad. It was indistinct, weather this was just a nightmare or it was really happing to me. When that force let me go I fall right on my bed and I started to feel my body tightening, and then the pain hit me. My head started to hurt. I think I hit the ceiling real hard. My eyes cleared--out and I run after the dark shadow that was exiting out of my bed room window. The white curtains started to wave and as the dark force got out; powerful wind energy pushed me hard. I flew over my bed, my back hitting the wall hard.  I freaked out almost forgetting the pain. My eyes were full of tears I shut it close and I felt the tears falling down on my cheeks. I couldn’t scream. My legs were tightened against my chest and I put my arms around my knees.


I cried for a long period of time. I wanted to tell my parents about this incident, but no one will believe me. This was unpleasant incident as well as being unimaginable. They won’t understand if they never experience it. I kept telling myself to tell somebody, but the matter of the truth is that I don’ think they will believe me. The night the slow wind blew up into a gale, making the snow even worst. I fought the dear in me and got up from where I was sitting. I went under my bed sheets and took a deep breath. The next thing I know I was tired and I slept like an undulation blanket on top of me.




The next morning I wake up late. I walked stammering to the nearest bathroom. I checked my self in the mirror. I was concerned about my head which happened to be ok; not that it was bleeding or anything. My back felt better, but it was a bit painful. I looked at my face, which was disturbing, even to me, as matter of fact I hated my eyes. I looked at my greenish-gray eyes. I looked at myself in the mirror, before I blinked again and began to sin back into many thoughts in my head. I looked around; wondering where to start and I realized I could no longer see the swelling surrounding my right eye. I still feel kind embarrassed about the falling part. I mean; I didn’t plan on it or anything, and to top that dad laughter didn’t help make things better. I washed my face with cold water and run cold water on my over-heated body. After I was done getting clean, I wrapped the towel around my body and went back to my room. I sat down on the carpet floor and nervously ran my hand through my hair, trying to think what to do with it. I picked up the hairbrush from the top of the shelf and I went back sitting on the floor, looking at myself on the tall mirror. I brushed my hair slowly, straightening the tangling hair on my head. I looked deep into my eyes that will fade into one color to another, depending on the shade of light. I looked apprehensive. Although I wasn’t that bad looking; I hated my eyes more than anything. Not to mention how it never has its original color. People think my eye is a perfect match with my dark hair. I’m never pleased with everything I have. I nodded unhappily. Looking at myself I felt like it wasn’t as appropriate future for any human. I suppose. I took a deep breath.

 I got up and wore my favorite long sleeve—shirt, and my another favorite dark jeans. I didn’t care about the weather, so I putted on my simple jacket. When I was done dressing up I went downstairs. I checked the time, it was round twelve pm. I waited for John to get me. My heart was sounding like a terrible thunder in each passing seconds, but I counted that as a Farwell gesture. I looked outside the window and gazed right at the snow covered street. I wanted him to come and pick me up. I’m sure his family won’t mind.

I waited another thirty minutes before I spotted his car outside my house.

I walked outside briskly on the deep snow covering the ground. He opened the door for me and I sat beside him at the passenger seat. He turned his head toward my direction and smirked. I was hoping he could flash his beautiful teeth one more time. My heart started beating faster and faster.

“I told you no school today!” John said confidently. “I’m guessing you are like the weather inspector, huh?” I asked mockingly.

“Not exactly, I just watched the weather channel. You know, they come in handy.” He joked, and I laughed.

As he started driving I stared at him. It was a matter of seconds before he was becoming uncomfortable. He turned to my direction and he frowned. Right away I turned around. Holding my breath and trying to forget. That is the reason why I hated staring at people. It is just too bad that he is so dazzling and unimaginably beautiful that I only could stare at him. I wanted badly to not embarrass myself front of him.

The snow outside had stopped and it was only foggy. He drove into the narrow path into the woods.

“Where are you going?” I asked him confused.


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writing samantha
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a little story i've been working on. it is not good but i did my best i'm working on it, trying to improve it. if you have any suggestion about the story please get to me.
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