The Tree in The Meadow
Lady I know you own this land
But I'm here to tell you something
And I hope you'll understand

See we lived here long ago
My husband and I... and
Well I just want you to know

That big tree out yonder in the meadow
It's a big oak we planted
And with love we helped it grow

Well ma'am I was passing through
I stopped in a local diner
And I heard the sad news

They said that Miss June
Was hiring for that tree
To be cut down soon

I rose from the diner table
and drove here straight away
To talk you out of it if I'm able

Ma'am please take a walk with me
Out to the meadow
To that big oak tree

May I please hold on to you
For I no longer walk so well
And my days left are short and few

Now Miss June see this heart
It was carved for me
I fell for him from the start

See ma'am here is my name
And he carved his neath mine
We added more each time we came

Carved here, River Dove loves Lee
He was my one and only
We loved neath this old tree

Look at this Ma'am, look right here
"River Dove, If I die before you
Do you need a moment ma'am to dry your tears

If not then I'll read on
Lay me neath this old tree
I'll be here waiting when you come along"

It's been a long time now ma'am
Since he has been gone
And now I have come along

I see him ma'am he is waiting for me
The love of my life
Is standing by our tree

See these words I carved here
It's my reply to what he carved for me
Your wait is over my love... I am here

By Rita Kay Webb

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/18/2011 6:10:39 AM
I like the sentimentals of this poem. Takes me back to a tree in NY I carved in at our house. Went back to NY and it was still there, with my crazy carving. Such memories are priceless.

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writing riverdove
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