the destruction of a new world

Narrator:   In this world people are being controlled by the government. Tormented by the laws and authority of superiors, society seems to be at a lost. Filled with chaos and power, the greed grows stronger. Now that the Totalitarian regime party has complete control of the nation people are beginning to worry. Could it be that the world  has lost all hopes and dreams? hopeless to achieve and accomplished? If this where true, than the world has truly fallen. But if mankind has a new future  than every year  seems to get colder and colder. Perhaps human nature cannot comprehend the glimpse of a new world as a way to be natural.  Here we take place between ordinary people living in an ideal world governed by a leader who has total control, of a new society.

Greenfield: “Quiet or they will hear you?

Ashlee: This is ridiculous. How could we live like this …. Listening to the horrors and sound of the voices. “ It’s driving me crazy.”

Kara:  Ashlee it’s hopeless now, but there’s nothing that we can do about it. All we have to do is pray for a miracle. Just be happy that were alive today, and not caught by the laps dogs of the police. Panicking won’t do us any good.    

Ashlee: But I don’t like this one bit, stuck here coup up, waiting and listening to our new leader “Big brother.” What’s going to happen to our lives, our we ever going to smile again? Share our own privacy, thoughts, and feelings? 

Greenfield:  It’s pretty much over Ashlee.  Looks like our freedom of will doesn’t exist anymore. Buried deep and forgotten.

Kara: That’s the new law. We just don’t have the authority. Where basically living in the slums!

Ashlee:  No I will not accept this! It’s not fair. How could anybody tell us how to live?  Telling us when to eat, sleep, and worked, is this justice!


Kara: I guess there’s no justice in power, only fear. Maybe that’s what he really wanted all along. To keep us watched.

Narrator: As each and everyone gathered at the television the arrival of the speech is about to begin.

Ursula: Isn’t remarkable how great our leader is.

Ivy: Yes the world seems to be at peace with the chancellor around.

Ursula:  All the constant argument the pride and childish behavior now can finally be put to rest. I’m just sick and tired of the beggars and whiners.  Now that discipline has been restored we can enjoy the evening.

Ivy: Yes indeed.

Narrator: As the crowd waited patiently for the speech the Spokesman has just arrived at the scene.

Spokesman: Brothers and sisters the day is near. We are about to witness a new era controlled by our very own leader. He is quite the character, handsome, strong, and dedicated in shaping our nation. His name is William Saddler, are savior, brother and father.


Narrator: Meanwhile back at the prison……

Guard one: Come with me sir your about to speak with the chancellor. Be at your best behavior.

Chance: Ahhh… delighted! I finally get to meet with the chancellor. Say by the way is there a chance I can get he’s autograph?

Guard one: Ha very funny! Let’s hope your mouth will save your life. After all I predict that your percentage of survival is from zero to none.

Chance: uhhh he allows you to count I’m surprise by that. Here I thought all along that you guys are singing and praising his songs. Now I see a little hope in humanity.

Guard one: Just be quiet and walk!

Narrator: As Chance arrives at the corner of the room he sits down at a chair.

Guard two:  Here comes the almighty Chancellor Saddler.

(Chancellor Saddler enters the hallway)

Chancellor: Chance Underway I presume.

Chance: Yes, Chancellor Saddler I’m dying to meet you. So the person who controls the nation has step foot through my very own eyes. On behalf of my request I’m thankful!

Chancellor:  Well I’m glad to hear that. Mr. Underway do you know the crimes that are written down that brings forth to your execution?

Chance: (looking around) Well I’m stuck in a prison cell and being question by a leader so perhaps, I did something wrong.

Chancellor: Let me remind you Mr. Underway about the law and code ethics of justice. Breaking a curfew during the night is unforgettable. Your breaking the laws!

Chance: I wanted to stay up late at night and see the skies. I heard the moon is very lovely during that time of year.  

Chancellor: Okay what about refusing to ignore the authority of the officers. Not allowing them to do a routinely checkup on the house, greetings, or show any proof of identification to speak in public.

Chance: “I feel like they needed a break. Expressing opinion brings out motivation.

Chancellor: “By showing motivation you have the decency to act out in public, by running around the streets screaming and yelling running like a mad man warning about a new Apocalypse.”

Chance: Yes, That’s one my favorite. I wish I could do it again. Then again I kind of went over the top didn’t I?  

(Chancellor pausing)

Chancellor: It’s obvious Mr. Underway you seem to hate our new world order. This troubles me, citizens should obey the rules. It’s the only way for human’s survival. We must be strong.

Chance: Mr. Chancellor do you not sense the hostility, and the depression of people. They may not show it through their faces, but deep down inside they deserve to speak their minds. People should not be afraid of their own imagination. Where humans not machines.

Chancellor: “It is about the law,” authority and discipline. In order to provide a happier community people must obey the rules. “No further questions,” if people constantly disagree things will get worster and worster. This creates war, crimes, and hate. Do you really want that Mr. Underway?

Chance: Yes, flaws are meant to be discovered. Diversity brings balance to the world. That is the law of nature.

Chancellor:  Ok, I’ll be fair on you Chance, if that what you prefer to be called?

Chance: Doesn’t really matter to me.

Chancellor: Before we decide your faith I’ll let you enjoy your time.

Chance: What do you mean Chancellor?

Chancellor: Don’t you have a companion Chance. Someone who you adore and admire.

Chance: Yes it would seem so. Why you asked?

Chancellor: Guards bring out the girl.

Narrator: asked the guards bring out Chance companion and friend she looks at him with worry and concern.

Chance: “Natalie you’re here”. I’m sorry for burdening you.

(Natalie sitting down)

Natalie: Chance there’s still time to live. Just give it up and apologize, so we can go home.

Chance :( pausing) I can’t Natalie. It’s just something I have to do. Stand up for what I believe in.

Natalie: But do you want to live. Get out of this prison and forget about this nightmare?

Chance: Yes, I do but I could never forgive myself living through this lie. It’s horrible!

Natalie: What about us Chance, do you even care? All this time we spent together and cherish it’s it really worth the risk. “Your just going to sit here and throw away your life for some silly little   pride”.  Why Chance why?

Chance: It’s the only way to have a better life Natalie. No matter how we live or go, not having the burden to obey orders is better than living. That’s how people should behave? Expressing desires, feelings, and emotion that’s life. 

Natalie: It’s easy for you to say! Your not the one suffering. I’ve been constantly dreaming about pain and sorrows about you Chance an all you can do is give me lectures. I don’t understand you!

Chance:  Then listen  very closely Natalie; the people should not be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of the people. We hold the laws and authority to control society. The only way we can truly express that freedom is to have more people. Then there’s nothing the government cannot do.

Natalie: You still haven’t answered my question Chance. Do you really want to leave me behind?

Chance: Nathalie you know I won’t. I want to spend as much time with you as possible. Seeing you smile, the way you laugh, and the face of yours when you feel embarrassed or shy. Holding your arms when you feel scared trying to comfort you.

Nathalie: Then come home. Its simple just say you’re sorry then the people will forgive you. Please stay with me I don’t want to be lonely, I need you. (Offering a hand)

Chance :( pausing) I’m sorry Natalie but I can’t. I must stand up for the people.

Narrator: As the conversation ended in a tragic way Chancellor Saddler enter s the door with two of his bodyguards.

Chancellor: So have you decided Chance? Are you going to live and apologize, or die in agony?

Chance: Neither I will live in pride.

Chancellor: If that’s what you want Chance then guards take him away.

Guards one and two: “Yes sir”. 

(the two guards grabs Chance for the lecturing day for the people)

Narrator: As Chance was about to be sent to his execution he takes one moment and looks at Nathalie knowing that this might be his last gaze at her.

Chance: Goodbye Nathalie

Narrator: As the crowd saw the new arrival of Chancellor William Saddler he arrives at the scene of a crowded audience.

Spokesman: Now brothers and sisters I now present to you Chancellor William Sadder.

(Crowds cheering)

Chancellor: I’m glad to be here to at this special occasion. As everyone knows justice can  prevail only through action, and authority. We must not give in to the evil acts of freedom. The power of  justice will only grow stronger if we face the enemy.

(Crowds cheering)

Chancellor: Because if we do face the enemy we must look at him in the eyes and smile back.  So the enemies should be afraid and cower in fear.

(Crowds cheering)

Chancellor: After all what said and done, the only way to truly express happiness is discipline and order.  And to prove my point I’ll bring out a prisoner, “Guards”.

 Narrator: As the two guards brings out Chance in front of the crowds Chancellor Saddler begins to speak.

Chancellor: Well Mr. Chance Underway to you feel like you need to be forgiven. Beg for mercy and apologize. Should we let him people?

(crowds cheering)

Chancellor: Will Mr. Underway it’s your decision. This time is up to you to decide your faith. Do you choose forgiveness or death?

Chance: Can I speak to the audience?

Chancellor: Sure why not, I don’t seem the harm.

Chance: Wow there’s a lot of audience here all strong and courageous looking. Do you people admire the sunset and the time of the day? Have you ever wonder why your all hear? Looked at yourself real close and stare at the people around you, are they really thinking the same way as you. Do both minds think alike? No, that’s what wrong about this world full of lies and deceit. But if you feel what I feel and think about the world today, then freedom is the only answer I can give.

Chancellor: So Mr. Chance Underway have you made a decision yet?

Chance: “Yes indeed I choose Freedom.”

Narrator: So as the curtain closed for Mr. Chance Underway perhaps we can all learn a lesson from him, freedom will never be forgotten.   


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I really liked Chance and the theme of the story.

writing rbouncha
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