The dream verse 2

    As the man dream about his countless hours, of struggling nightmares, and imagination from the past, it always leads to this big gray house.  When the man awoken from his slumber at his own house and bed, he begins to think about his problem. Sometimes he would go days and nights dreaming about that same place and scene that await his inevitable horrors. The whispers where not so gentle and voices where not so kind like the ones people hear from a warm and loving family.  Nor is it a yell or anger that ticks people off and makes them want to leave.  No It was much worser then that.   It was a scream that frightens people. As the sounds and shrieks get louder, the voices in his head would get stranger and weirder to the point of insanity. As the man tries to remember his past, his own identity, and thoughts, the haunting images always lead back to this big gray house. The house that has many branches and thorns full of red roses, but are never cut off.  The house that has many secrets and deceit that is well hidden and protected by the gates.  “Why am I dreaming about this,” said the man, “I’m I going crazy.”  Should he look inside the house and investigate? Or is it that his own mind or conscience, is telling him to stay away from this place? So ask the man tries to figure out what is wrong with him he decides to seek professional help. To recover his own past the man decides to see his psychiatrist Dr. Brad Zenwinch.

 Dr. Brad Zenwinch was his name a knowledgeable person indeed and kind person in heart.  When the man arrived at his office, the doctor begins to speak. “So what is do you want to accomplish here”, ask the doctor.  “Well doctor I want to be cured from this nightmare”, said the man. I am beginning to get these strange nightmares over and over since my incident from the fire.  “I think it somehow connects to my past that I cannot really remember.  “Maybe if I triggered this dream of mine I can   hopefully recover my past, can you be able to help me.” While his palms where sweating and his legs where twitching the man would sit there patiently waiting for the doctor to answer.  As the man rocked back and forth on the leather chair, he began to tell his side of the story.  The man told Dr. Zenwinch that he had lost all his memories from childhood and therefore has forgotten his name and family. He could only remember about a house at night, and that inside there was a room full of horrors and screams. The man could not tell the doctor how the incidents happen, or occurred and what has befallen his family, nor remember where he was born. So asked Dr. Zenwinch wrote down some notes on a paper with his black pen he begin to tell the man his advice.  “Now what I’m going to do in helping out the situation here is going to be very difficult understand?” the man reluctantly answered. “Yes doctor I’m ready.

As the doctor put down his notes and pen he grabs out his suitcase, brings out a black tape-recorder and begin to speak. “Now I want you to close your eyes, said the doctor: “relaxed and breathe deeply and feel more comfortable.”  So when the man closed his eyes, the doctor carefully begins to speak to him in a soft and tone voice. A voice that sounds like a haunting dream, and when the treatment started, the man was lost in translation.

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Short Story
writing rbouncha
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the mind of the man. what is he thinking and dreaming...
A Word from the Writer
this is the intro to the dream dialogue.