The Ball

Act 1 (scene 1)

Announcer: In the studios records in Broadway comes a show like no other, where all the talented actors and actress gather here at the Apollo Theater. However, in order to handle the tough critism and demands of Hollywood performance they must have top-notch talent. Here are their stories:

Narrator: As everybody gather up for the lineup of the cast of characters, waiting for the anticipation of the director’s approval of each and everyone roles by their order of appearance:

Director: “Ok ladies and gentlemen quiet for now and hear what I have to say (waiting). As you all know we are here to perform one of the greatest play of the century. So I know that am going to be a little harsh on you people  bear with me.” We must put  on a good show”. Come on folks we need the budget. Hear are the list for the main characters and side characters. Enjoy! Oh did I mention the characters in this play production are going to be your real name! how exciting is that.

(Elizabeth looking at her script for the leading female role)

Elizabeth: Yesss!  I get the leading part, I'm sure hope am ready.

Jack: “Sure, you're ready for this role Elizabeth.” Your born for this role. I Jack Chase Shipper however will be the dynamic character of myself. Watch asked I dazzle the crowd with my smirky and charming charisma (smiling to himself).

Elizabeth: Always craving for attention! I think your perfect for this role Jack. Your such a goof ball!

Jack: Yea  guess I don’t know how to control myself.

(Just then walks Anna looking at her script preparing for the role she is about to peform. Just then, Jack spots Anna reading her script and begins to start a conversation with her).

Jack: So Anna I heard you got the role for being my lover. Boy I know that you are excited for this part just like how am I excited about you.

Anna: “First of all Jack you need to control yourself and your raging hormones.” Second, this is a play production so is all in the act for else. So if we all going act together please be civilized.

Jack: “Anna for you I will do everything your heart desires. After all I admire your talents and generosity.”

Anna: “That’s better.”

Jack: But we both know in reality that you and I see eye to eye. (winking at Anna).

Anna:” Will I never!”

Narrator:  Just then walks Jonathan scanning his script knowing that his role has to be his feelings towards Elizabeth.

Jonathan: Elizabeth can I speak to you in private please?”

Elizabeth: Sure Jonathan I will hear what you have to say.

(both actors walked inside a dress room)

Jonathan: I know Elizabeth that my character is to confess my love for you and show how much I cared. In truth I  have the same feeling for you.

Elizabeth: Jonathan I don’t know what to say. I mean it’s all kind of a sudden.

Jonathan: You don’t have to say anything Elizabeth but at least try to hear what I have to say.

Elizabeth: “Am listening...

Jonathan: “For as long as I can live I have tried to wonder, what life would be without you? “However, after seeing you all my hope and dreams have brought a new light in my heart.

Elizabeth”: Quite the charmer aren’t you Jonathan. For one minute there, I almost thought . Well we better rehearsed together or else the director will bust or butts. So come on Jonathan.

Jonathan: Yea but listen Elizabeth I…. Never mind let’s rehearse.

(As Jonathan and Elizabeth rehearse their lines in comes Doris and Sarah after hearing the parts).

Doris: As always Doris the glamour always, shine on the spotlight. Check my dazzling sparkle dress and my beautiful smile (smiling to herself). What do you think Sarah?

Sarah: Oh I think your always glamorous Doris. The way that you smile, the walk that always catch a glimpse of light that shines bright in the sun, and the way you show the attitude of yours have that spunk.

Doris: Yes sometimes I wonder why am cursed with this kind of beauty. Oh well let’s rehearsed.

Sarah: “Anything you say Doris.”

 Narrator: (As every cast member of the play, where ready to act the director gather up the characters for the opening set).  

Director: “Ok everyone places up. “Now are each and every one of you ready for the set.”

(Everyone giving a nod to the director that they are ready for the play).

Director: Alrite an “action.”

(opening scene for the play production of The Ballroom).

Radio-telecast announcer: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the broadcast of the smooth sounds of the up and coming artists “But first an announcement to the world about the U.S. economic crisis. Today the world have suffer more of cut-backs of workers the labor unions being laid off and more breadlines for many citizens to date. But to cheer everyone up here are one of the songs from the Boswell sisters title “Life is just a Bowl of Cherries”.

Elizabeth: “Today is the day where the ballroom dance is coming up.  I hope there is someone I could go with.”

(Here comes Jack walking in and snapping his fingers).

Jack: “I like that song Elizabeth isn’t it a classic.”

Elizabeth: Yea it keeps the beat moving. Jack have you ever wonder why these professional singers have the talent and skill to perform ?

Jack: hmm… must be natural I guess?

Elizabeth: Ohh Jack you always seem to brighten someone’s day with your high-strong energy.

Jack: Hey, I just got the kicked in me. (kicking)

Elizabeth: Taking anybody to the ball lately.

Jack: Yea I’ve got an eye for this girl.

Elizabeth: and who would that be?

Jack:  Why Anna of course. She’s my lady like homemade apple pie.. but seriously  do you think she would go out with me?

Elizabeth: You won’t know unless you try.

Jack: I think your right. I'll do it.

Elizabeth: Just remember to be yourself.

Director: ok ok. And cut alrtie that’s a little bit better but I still think you folks needs more improvement in acting. So next time show a little more enthusiasm ok.

(Both Elizabeth and Jack) “OK’

Director: alrite everyone moving on to the next scene hustle people

Narrator: as the cast prepared for the next scene in comes Doris and Sarah walking across to the center of stage).

Doris: Ahh the ball is coming up and I can’t wait to show my dazzling dress to everyone. There just going to blush.

Sarah: Am already blushing by the presence of your clothing Doris

Doris: Yes Yes now please let’s await for  my audience come on girls.

(In comes three girls jotting down the notes).

Doris: As you  know ladies is the walked and style of the Sway that gets men acting like little school boys. (with a since of integrity).  First you must and always used your stunning and charmed of the smile that always catch their eye. To let them know that you are interested in them, but not to lookative just so they can catch a glimpse of your smile. Then ask you used the sway while sitting down and crossing your legs with the sway of the arm (moving her arms) they will drool for you at your feet. Remember to take note of this.

(Girls jotting down the notes).

Sarah:  Wow diva you know all there is to fashion and life. I wish I could have the sincerity and the courageousness of your talent.

Doris: Yes I know. It takes years of practice Sarah. One day you will develop your personification of beauty aaah!

Sarah: Maybe blossom to a butterfly or a spring of sunflower.

Doris: not quite their yet Sarah. Maybe if you worked on your confidence then you will eventually blossom.

Director: alrite and clear. You’re a natural Doris. Folks you should take note at her performance. Now let’s got toe the next scene

Narrotor: with the next see coming up is where Jack is trying to impress Anna with his charmed. Well it worked? Or well he failed.

Jack: Hey there Anna! ( with a slay smile). Would you be the lucky gal of them all is to accompany me to the ball for some swing dancing yay! (kicking his feet).

Anna: (with a disgusting face) How Rude! A gentleman supposed to treat a lady with respect. How are you ever going to courtier a girl with such childish behavior! Hmmmphhh!

(Jack looking  at Anna in a oddly and strangely matter)

Jack: That’s funny. Since when you are a lady! I thought you where the kind of girl who goes for some knit knacking   slamming whamming fun. Now do be a nice girl and accept my invitation.

Anna:  will I Never! (Walking away with a disgruntled and angry face) Jack chase shipper why won’t you act serious once in awhile and be more romantic to me once in a while….

Jack: Hey wait (with a smirky smile) Anna, Anna, darling don’t be like that I’ll let you ride with be in my new Buick Anna... (Jotting to her asked she was leaving).

Narrator: As the scene was over Jonathan was sitting in a chair thinking what shoud he write about to Elizabeth to expressed his feelings for her).

Jonathan: “ok almost done. Now I could just mail this to Elizabeth and then she’ll know how much I like her.

Narrator: In comes Jack Shipper walking in and seeing Jonathan writing a letter. 

Jack: What’s this a love-letter (reading) wow quite the romantic gentlemen aren’t  you.

Jonathan: Writing a letter to a girl can win their heart alright.

Jack: Really I think you should tell Elizabeth yourself Jonathan. That’s the key to swindle a girls heart.

Jonathan: Oh by the way have you ever charm your way to Anna heart yet?

Jack: Am working on it!

Jonathan: Yea and I should follow your advice.

Jack: why not?

Jonathan: I will eventually. After I send this letter to Elizabeth

Narrator: As the mailman came Jonathan dropped  his letter to him and requested to sent to her directly.

(Mailman comes in and gives the letter to Elizabeth).

Mailman: Here you go madam.

Elizabeth: Thanks you very much (opening the letter to read it).

Voice of Jonathan: Dear Elizabeth, asked I see you walked blissfully through the halls admiring your sweet smile and relaxation of your calm voice made me realized how much am falling for you. Whether or not you have the same feeling for me doesn’t matter as long as I tell you the truth that’s coming from my heart. If your listening to the words from my voice please give me an answer. All am asking is a sign that you truly and deeply cared for me.  Sincerely yours Jonathan.

After Elizabeth was done, reading the letter Jonathan walked in to hear Elizabeth reactions).

Johantahn: Well what would it be Elizabeth? Do you mine going to the ball with me?

Elizabeth: Jonathan how I waited for you to say those words for a long time. Yes Johan tan I will go with you to the ball.

Jonathan: You will? You make me the happiest man alive.

Elizabeth: You could pick me up tonight?

Johantan: Ok

Director: “that’s a wrap folks. Ok now let’s go to the last scene with Jack and Anna before we hit the big stage with the ballroom. Alrite are you ready folks.

Jack: ready as always.

Anna: yes

Director: ok and role scene…

Narrator: With frustration Jack couldn’t bear going with someone else other then Anna but his hope soon was about to turn.

Jack: “Hey listen Anna. I know sometimes I could really get wild up on things trying to sound all swell and cool but I only id that so I can impress you.

Anna: Jack Shipper you should always try to be yourself if you want to courtier a girl. If you have the heart to face up to me with the truth then yes I’ll go with you to the all.

Jack: Yes! Alrite once again Shipper you have charm for the ladies.!

Anna: ammpph! Jack you must be polite!

Jack: Ok madam.

Anna: Now hold my hand

Jack: Yes dear.

Director: Now let’s hit of to the big stage and where on to the ball.

Narrator: As all the cast gathered on to the stage one by one their anticipation for the finale of the play has finally arrived.

Director: Folks now this is going to be the last scene so I demand pure perfection ok. Am not asking for much just give it your best effort ok. Now let’s begin.

Host: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the 1933 ball. While your stay here we will make sure all your delights of you favorite music right here at the gallery. So just relaxed and enjoy the ball.

(Doris and Sarah arriving at the ballroom)

Doris: The party awaits me Sarah. Isn’t it a fabulous time to just look around at all this amazing decorations (Pointing at herself).

Sarah: Yes the ball does have nice ornament of decorations.

Doris: Am not talkingabout the ball Sarah. Am talking about me silly.

Sarah: Sorry to misinterpret your message Doris.

Doris: Let’s just enjoy the all ok. I know it’s going to be a fun squaking time.

Sarah: By the way Doris, do you happen to someone to go with on the ball.

Doris: ahhh.. Apparently I don't have one.

Sarah: Geesh that’s too bad well nice hanging out with ya gotta run!

Doris: Wait Sarah where your going?

Sarah: Apparently I do have someone to go wait to the ball. Good luck! (walking away)

(later Anna and Jack walks to the entrance of the stage).

Jack: Anna I’ll make sure you have the sweetest time of your life!

Anna: Oh and how are you going to do that?

Jack: Easy we dance until the night of day till dawn. Come on Sarah let’s have a good time.

Anna: Anything you say Jack, anything you say.

Narrator: After the two finish up dancing in the ball now the last couple have arrived ready to have the night of their lives.

Elizabeth: Isn’t it a wonderful time to relaxed and enjoy the sounds of music Jonathan.

Jonathan: Yes it is Elizabeth, but the most precious time of all is just spending time with you.

Elizabeth: Oh Jonathan you make me feel like the happiest girl in the world.

Jonathan: Of course, Elizabeth. That’s the only reason why I wanted to go the ball in the first place, is to get closer to you.

Elizabeth: Oh Jonathan you make me feel like the happiest girl alive!

Jonathan: Come on let’s dance. (asking for a hand)

Narrator: After Anna witnessed the two couples where staying closer together she look at Jack and wonder why he wasn’t romantically involved with her like Jonathan and Elizabeth.

Anna: Jack how come you can’t say nice things to me once in a while.

Jack: I do Anna. I say nice things to you.

Anna: How?

Jack: ummmm. You have nice eyes?

Anna: really you mean that?

Jack: I guess.

Anna: Don’t push it Jack

Jack: Yes dear.

Director: Ok that’s a wrap up folks. Now tomorrow is going to be are last performances before the big stage. Hope you people are ready for the show so take care.

Narrator: As the whole cast and members of the production are done for tonight shows at the performance at the Apollo Theater will soon come up. This time when the cast are ready they know that their performance have to be top-notch. The only question is will they succeed?

to be continued.....

























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