The Dream dialogue

Dr Zenwinch: “Now recall back from the time when you first recognize that dream of yours”. “And remember about how it all began.”

Patient:  “Yes doctor I well.”

Dr. Zenwinch:  Drifting off to the events, there is a house lingers into your mind. What do you see? Can you remember?

Patient:  I see a house in the right corner of my eye.  I looked up and the house and it was glad to see me. It wants me to come inside but first, I must cross the gate.

Dr. Zenwinch: “Now when entering the gate please tell me in details about the surrounding of the house.

Patient: “Well I see a house that is darked and gloomy.”  No wait  a big mansion surrounded by the gates.

Dr. Zenwinch:  Ok (writing down notes) Now is there any sign that read any message or letters that describe this mansion? 

Patient: Yes, I could see it clearly in written message. It says “welcome to the Red Rose mansion”.

Dr. Zenwinch:   Why is it called the “Red Rose mansion?”

Patient: “The names sound perfectly clear. There are rose’s brushes and pedals surrounding the mansion all bright red and perfectly cared for gardening and housing.  But there’s something wrong here.

Dr. Zenwinch: “And what’s wrong?”

Patient: “Well to touch a rose so perfectly neat or anything precious there always a  price to pay.  That is why there are thorns surrounding the rose of bushes.

Dr. Zenwinch: I see some things are not meant to be touch. So walking closer to the mansion and entering inside the house, what comes next?

Patient:  I see myself slowly walking up the stairs one-step at a time. The sounds of the room are getting louder and louder.  Until I see this man standing right beside the door.

Dr. Zenwinch:  Is this man a friend or relative?

Patient: “I don’t really know.  But somehow I feel frightened by this man.”

Dr. Zenwinch:  What does this man represents.”

Patient: “He represents a great deal of evil. Not because of the way he looks or talk but the way, his presence suffocates you.

Dr. Zenwinch: Can you play out the events of this scene and the man that stands before you.

Patient:  This man surely wants me to come inside the room, to see what everybody is waiting for.  He says, “This is the place welcome.” As I slowly enter the room surrounded by tables and chairs full off people, they began to fix their eyes on a show.

Dr. Zenwinch:  Does anybody suffer from this room are frightened or shocked in any sort of way.

(Suddenly the man personality changes and he totally became a new person in disguised.)

Patient: It has finally began the day is near. This is the perfect time for the world to see a new breed of life.

(Realizing this sudden change the Doctor begins to take stride into this new curiosity and further his questioning and methods of the treatment.)

Dr. Zenwinch: Who are you now?  Find anything interesting about yourself.

Patient: Who am I?  I am person who constantly in search of myself repeatedly looking for a way to find my true happiness.  As I looked and looked at the men women and children constantly finding ways to live will it satisfy my hunger?  Will it be enough?

Dr. Zenwinch: What do you mean by satisfying your hunger?

Patient: “Seeing this entire people makes me sick. The lust for power and fame has defied the hopes of humanity that is why they should all perish and be burnt alive.

(Realizing the situation was getting out of hand; Dr Zenwinch decided to end this conversation.)

Dr. Zenweinch: Now when I snap my fingers at the count of three you will return to normal ok. One, two Three, (snapped).

Patient: “What happened doctor did I recover my memories”.

Dr Zenweinch:  For the sake of your health, it is probably for the best to start a new one.


lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 4/9/2008 9:45:01 AM
Cool story. Would love to have seen more of what the patient was experiancing during his hypnotic state.

writing rbouncha
Have a wonderful day!
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