Deserts dispute

Kenji: drinks, cookies, cakes mmmm… sound delicious.

Guy: Are you going try one?

Kenji: Yes, I think I will you?

Guy: I’m trying one as we speak

(guy picking )

Kenji: ummm… no.

(guy choosing another)

Kenji: Maybe but another choice sounds better.

Guy: Ok ahaah this cake looks tasty?

Kenji: Yeah but what happens if you get full along the way and another cake arrives that even looks more delicious. Now wouldn’t that be disappointing?

Guy: Hmmm… you may be right on that one. Better be on the safe side.

Kenji: Right, cookies are a lot more easier to eat you know.

Guy: Cookie it is.

Kenji: Indeed carry on.

Guy: Now here we are (while trying to eat a cookie Kenji knocked the food out of his hand)

Kenji: You’ve had to examine the cookie first.

Guy: Why they are all the same cookies, I don’t see the fuss over them?

Kenji: Honestly you don’t understand the beauty of art-work! (Picking up the cookie) Looked at the size , shape, and texture. Why if you must pick a cookie it shouldn’t just be any ordinary cookie to munch on right away.

Guy: Ok how should I eat them?

Kenji: Well just like an artist you must feel the prize of the worked like this. (Feeling it) Then smell the cookie, hold up the air and bite! Then choose the one to satisfy the mouth.

Guy: Really, I never thought of it that way.

Kenji: Then try every one of them before you eat.

Guy:  I see your point. Now what to choose…..

(Kenji throwing away the half eaten cookie back in the plate)

Guy: What are you doing?

Kenji: Savoring the cookie.

Guy: Yes but why throw away the half eaten cookie on the plate?

Kenji: An artwork should never be thrown away.

Guy: I see but you can at least finish eating the cookie.

Kenji: I don’t want to get full now. Have to save my appetite for cakes.

Guy: Why not keep the cookie to your plate then?

Kenji:  I won’t have room for the cakes.

Guy: You shouldn’t be eating them.

Kenji:  How would I know if it taste good?

Guy:  Then try the cake instead of the cookie?

Kenji:  But if I try  the cake right now what happens if another one arrives that tastes even more delicious. How would I eat the other one?

Guy: (thinking) I have a splendid idea! If we both eat the cake to see if we like it then we eat it? But if another cake comes along the way we should save it to eat later, now how’s that sound.

Kenji: That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Let’s try it.

(Both agreeing)


lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 4/9/2008 9:35:44 AM
Cute! I have on many occasions had to decide on a dessert, and it's always a tough choice.

writing rbouncha
Have a wonderful day!
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