Bilbo's little adventure

Narrator: In the land of good vs. evil, comes a placed for one land of the mysterious and the great, lays a secret that any human being can take. This is the tell of two sides, where light and the dark meets and the rage of wars have begun.

Settings: While Bilbo and his companion have finished their conquest, another forced lurks away beyond the myth and desire of every creature and human heart. The mystical beast known as, “Aztec” have just been unleash in the cave of the mountains ready to be freed on anybody who have lust and desire for power. Only then, the hobbits of grace and joy have to once again deal with the dangers ahead if they want their land to be saved

Place: Asked Gandalf walks backed to the land of the hobbits his awkwardness thought have him wonder what this mission will be safe according to his plan.

Gandalf:  “Hmmm... I wonder why the beast is being unleashed from the mountains of Slate. Maybe Bilbo needs some assistance from warriors who can help him toward this new and dangerous mission. ”

Narrator: (Ask Gandalf, which warriors his destined to choose his reaction is to some how convince Bilbo to agree to this mission. Meanwhile, as Bilbo journey ended with his safe return he can now once again enjoy the peaceful day sitting at home, and preparing to eat all the food, he can. What he doesn’t realize is that he has to once again journey to a whole new world of adventures, yet again.)

(Bilbo walking and skipping as he approaches his home).

Bilbo: “Well now, isn’t it a lovely day?

Narrator: What Bilbo does not realize, is that now Gandalf is approaching to his house.  As Gandalf knocks at the door, Bilbo is startled by the loud noise coming from his door. As Bilbo approaches opening the door, and sees the wizard standing by the doorway with a curious face.

Gandalf:  Helllooo there young Hobbit! Nice to see you have a safe return journey. (With a friendly smile). “

Bilbo:  “Hey there Gandalf. To what do I have acquaintance to your presence at this very hour? (With a curious face) “

Gandalf: “Ahhh Bilbo, my friend! I have a proposition that you might be willingly to accept.”

Bilbo: I’ll be the judge of that! (Knowing that it might be another adventurous day).

Gandalf: “I know that you have your last adventure dealing with goblins, spiders, and wolves.”

Bilbo: Do not forget about the fire-breathing dragon name Smaug!

Gandalf:  ahh yes the dragon too. However, I’m afraid that there is yet another evil force that lurks our way.

Bilbo: Oh and that would be?

Gandalf: Aztec of the dark slated mountain.

Bilbo: And why am I needed for this kind of services. After all, I am just a simple hobbit, not a warrior.

Gandalf: Then, I will provide one my dear lad. And this time I’ll be sure that you have one of the finest warriors to accompany your quest.

Bilbo: Another adventure? I think am not up to it for a second try. (With a concern face).

Gandalf: Don’t worry about the creature you’ll have to face! I will be accompanying you, along with other four companions at your disposal. There would be Amelia of the elves, who is a very young beautiful lady, I might say. Gargoth of barbaria, who is strong in terms of strength and sized. Thalia of Tristam, who is a girl with wits and smart, just like you Bilbo. Finally, Geneon of Arcadian, who knowns as a legendary warrior.

Bilbo: They all seem to be fine warriors but I do not see the equation of me being involved in this adventure of yours, I have to say.  

Gandalf: Nonsense! All you have to do, my friend is used your stealth and cleverness to convince anybody, even enemies to be distracted. You are an intellectual hobbit who is persistent.

Bilbo:  No dwarfs this time.

Gandalf: hahaha. Right! This times, no dwarfs.

Narrator:  Asked Gandalf and Bilbo prepared on their journey to find the four warriors they first arrived at the land of Zulu where they will encounter Gargoth of Barbaria. When Gandalf and Bilbo arrived in Gargoth’s home, Gandalf explain to Gargoth about the mission.

Gargoth: So let me get this straight. You want me to travel to Slated Mountain to destroy Aztec, the mystical creature.

Gandalf: Yes, if that is a problem for you I assume.

Gargoth: No problem at all! If it is a challenge to finish the mission then I will volunteer. No problem for Gargoth the Great! ( Flexing his muscles) Where do we go next, wise wizard.

Gandalf: Why… to Trishtram of Course! We need to find Thalia on her expertise of the trail to slated mountain.

Gargoth:  A girl helping us defeats a beast! I find that amusing hahahaha!

Bilbo: Remember do not judge one characteristic by that of a picture. Instead, learn to cooperate with them, first before judging.

Gargoth: Well you are a wise little lad. May I asked what is your name?

Bilbo: Bilbo the hobbit.

Gargoth; Ah… nice to meet you hobbit. (Shaking hands with Bilbo).

Gandalf: Shall we all carry on.

Narrator: while they all travel to Trishtram- Gandalf, Bilbo, and Gargoth, notice the land of Trishtram to be quite nice.

Gandalf: What a find lovely evening in Trishtram. Next time if I’m on vacation I’ll make sure I visit this town.

Narrator: While they search for Thalia they first went site seeing watching the people around town, the skies that are very bright and alive, and basically enjoying the communication of how people acted and treated around each other. Just then, Thalia arrives.

Thalia: Dear Gandalf, my friend, what a nice greeting it is to see you. (with a smile)

Gandalf: Ahh you still remember me, even though you were little.

Thalia: How should I forget. Knowing a legendary wizard like yourself could never be forgotten.

Gandalf: Yes, that is very true. Now you probably know what I’m about to asked for your assistance.

Thalia: Sure, anything to help a dear old friend.

Gandalf: I am afraid that Aztec is about to be released from slated mountain. Knowing the creature has incredible strength as well as mystical powers, and I’m in need of your assistance.

Thalia: Yes, I will guide all of you to your safe journey towards slated mountain.

Gargoth: Just make sure you stay behind me as I Gargoth will never be defeated.

Thalia: hmmmm. All muscles but no brain. What a pity!

Gargoth: Lady you dare mock me. I laugh at your remarks. Hahhaha.

Thalia: Figures men always want to show off.

Narrator: As they journey through the land of wilderness, they discovered a forest leading to the village of Elves . What they witnessed will soon never be forgotten . As the travelers walked around the forest, they witness the singing of the elves song:    

 Just then arrives Amelia the prettiest of all the elves.

Gandalf:  Amelia how the beautiful you have become. Can you assist us on a dangerous mission to the mountain of Slate .

Amelia: The sorrow’s of one desire can always be claim by that of the beast. So Aztec have been unleash right.

Gandalf: You heard about the legend of Aztec, I assume.

Amelia: No need for explanation I’m ready to go through the mountains of slated mountain, for we must now be ready for the beast that await us.

Narrator: Finally, as all the travelers arrived to the last destination for now they arrived at Arcadian to meet a legendary warrior name Geneon. When they arrived right away, they spotted Geneon.

Gandalf: Why dear Geneon, I heard that you are ready to battle Aztec the beast.

Geneon: It is my duty to protect my fellow comrades in battle but do not praised me of   my past victory.

Gandalf: Then shall we continue our journey to slated mountain.

Geneon: Yes, Gandalf we must be ready for anything that comes are way. The tasked is not going to be easy.

Gandalf: Very well, so we must be on traveling to the Wise one first in order to defeat Aztec. 

Narrator: As the crews are planning out in how to visit the wise one Geneon, the warrior had deep feelings for Amelia. To share his thought he approaches her with a sense of urgency.

Geneon: Amelia, can I speak to you in private. (with compassion)

Amelia: Geneon to what question you have to speak to me in private. (With a sense of knowing the answer).

Narrator: As the two companion walked to a more quieted place Geneon began to tell Amelia how he feels.

(Geneon and Amelia sitting down)

Geneon:  Amelia how I waited for this very moment every sense I first lay my eyes on you.

Amelia: Continue Geneon Am listening.

Geneon: To me when meet you there has been something in my heart that could never stop beating. When I looked at you, sometimes my body reacts in ways that could not be explained.

Amelia: Oh Geneon. Your words are filled with so much sweet sorrow.

Narrator: asked Geneon prepared to recite his love for her in a sense of compassion.

Geneon: Amelia, Love is a burning desire,  That makes your heart light on fire,  Love is being with you, Someone saying I love you too, Love is your tender kiss, Something you don't want to miss, Love is you and me, And that is all I see.

Amelia:  Oh how I waited so long to hear your voice express to me filled with so much of pride and joy. I too have words to fulfill in my heart.  My love, you know you are my best friend. You know that I'd do anything for you And my love, let nothing come between us. My love for you is strong and true.

Narrator:  As they stare into each other eyes face to face they both knew that once the adventure ends they will soon be together. Meanwhile, As Bilbo prepared for the inevitable he soon figures that when all else fails he know that he have the invisible ring by his side.

Gandalf: Now of we go!

Narrator: As all the six companions walked to the high steeps of the mountains to mount Slate they first have to encounter the wise one in front of the gates guarding the entrance.

Wise one:  Halt! Who goes there.

Gandalf: We are on a mission to destroy Aztec the beast.

Wise one: Oh and how are you going to defeat the great beast.

Gandalf: With all my companions of coursed.

Wise one: Ha that sounds prosperous. However, I will give you a chance to solve my riddle first then I’ll let you in. Any volunteers.

Narrator:  Knowing that Bilbo is an expert in this field of area he vagrantly volunteered

Wise one: Very well.  What can you hold without ever touching or using your hands?

(Bilbo thinking)

Bilbo: Hmmm. “We all know that we can touch all of are body parts from left to right. So physically, there is no possible way it could be involved in body contacts. So it must be your breath, right?!?  

Wise one: Very good young lad. However,  I’m afraid you still have 3 more riddles to solved before I can let you and your companion enter.

Bilbo: All right, I’m ready.

Wise one: You can see nothing else… when you look in my face, I will look you in the eye, and I will never lie. What am I?

Bilbo: ahh tricky one. You cannot stare at anybody else because then the question told me not to. When I do look,  I have to see something. But what could it be ? Someone who looks me in the eye and never lie. “Yes I figure out the answer”! Your own reflection right?

Wise one: Very impressive.  Which is faster, hot or cold?

Bilbo:  Easy one. Hot’s faster. You can catch a cold.

Wise one:  Finally, the last question of the day. Why are you young Lad here before me?

Bilbo: that does not sound like a riddle question to me.

Wise one: Yes, but it is a matter of why your here in the first place.

Bilbo: I’m hear because it is a matter of choice for me to decide if I’m ready or not to face my fears or hide like a coward!

Wise one: Very thoughtful answer indeed, young hobbit. You may enter

(opening the gates to Mount Slate ).

Wise one: Remember, it will take all of your strength and might to destroy the beast, so carry on.

Narrator: Asked they enter the passage of mount slate Thalia showed the way to the mountain as they travel through the maze of the steepest and slippery hills. Then with strength and power Gargoth have to remove the boulders that blocks their way of the path while entering each entrance of the hills. Then asked another passage blocks away with a secret message this time, it is  up to Amelia to enchant the words of an elf.

Amelia: This written passage tells me to speak in my native tongue. (With that, Amelia started to chant the words of her spoken language).

Amelia: Aryvandan, Syorpan, Keltoran, and Eiellan. 

Narrator: Just then, the passage door open and the six companions walked towards the cave of Aztec . What they witnessed is the beast with clawed fangs and big monstrous body.

Aztec: Ah, the conclusion has finally ended. Which one of you is brave enough to defeat me?

Geneon: I am here to finish you off beast! Prepare to battle! (Grabbing out his sword).

Aztec: Just one man! Ha! I laugh at your challenge. Very well then, we shall duel.

Narrator: Just ask the beast to leap up at Geneon with his huge size, Geneon step side and launch forward with a quick strike of his sword, piercing Aztec heart and eventually ending the life of the monster back to his sealed caved. With that, the adventure ends as Gandalf, Bilbo, and company are ready to go home. 

Gandalf: Now we all can go home, my friends.

Narrator:  As the six travelers walked away from the mountain of Slate knowing that Aztec was finally restored to the sealed cave, they soon realized that there might be yet another evil force lurking their way. Nevertheless, for whatever reasons the darkness may arrives again, they will be ready to face it together.


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my very first written script back in english class.
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I especially love to write more fantasy stories. But i found out that it takes a lot of imagination and time to come up with many more ideas. However if you people comment on me more i will be gladly to write more.