Act 1 ( As Harnett was sitting on the table looking at the letters, Shelia walks into the living room and begins to speak).

Shelia:  Reading my grandparents old letters I see.

Harnett:  I can’t get enough of all them. They seem to stay in my mind forever.

(Sheila walks to a sit down on a chair, while she looks at letter she begins to hold the letter and smile).

Shelia: all the stories and events really brings back the memories.

Harnett:  Yeah hope we can relive the past.

Shelia:   The dreams of the old tales.

 Act 2 (now go back to the past where surround by and entrance of a hospital. Ask Amelia checked all the patients for a checked up in comes Ben).

Ray:  Well hi there beautiful (sitting down the chair).

Amelia: (writing down the diagnose) So Mr. Rivas how are you feeling today?

Ray: I think am just fine nurse. Now that  you came  along.

Amelia:  Oh really, do you always say this to girls that you meet?

Ray:  Occasionally, just the other day I saw a girl in a shop. Than another in the counter, which now leads to you?

 Amelia: Then I must be one lucky girl right about now.

Ray: “Hey am the lucky guy  for you.

Amelia: Yea nice try, but am a nurse and am here to do my job. So let’s continue the checkup.

Ray: Can’t say no to a beautiful lady.

Amelia: Mr. Rivas are u trying to fancy me in the hospital? (Sarcastically)

Ray: Only when my hearts start skipping.

Amelia:  Ok Mr. Rivas, now let’s check your pulse. (Asking for an arm) Seems like your pulse are beating irregularly.

Ray: Is that a good sign?

Amelia:  Oh no it sounds really bad, could be that your condition is getting worst. Maybe a decline in health.

Ray: What are you saying?

Amelia: No Mr. Rivas it means your check up is fine indeed.

Ray:  Don’t scare me like that I could have a nervous breakdown or something.

Amelia:  Your perfectly find Mr. Rivas, as long as you eat right and stay strong you should have a healthy life.

Ray: Nurse would it be possible to call me Ray for a change.

Act 3: (cut into a theater studious production in Broadway)

(Ms. Swanson in her late years is elegant and demanding as well. She is the head of the production of performing arts).

Ms. Swanson: Attention! Attention! Welcome performers to the Broadway of Today. Now I expect each and every performance to be at their best, so do not fail me.

(As everybody gathered up for the audition ready for the audition come a group of girls standing by the head instructor of the girls).

Haley: alright girls gather up and listen, let’s get are step routines right. One, and two, and three,

(As the girls started dancing one by one, dancer 2 mistakenly missed up her steps routine.)

Haley: Hold it! Hold it! Dancer 2 what do u think you are doing.

Dancer 2: ummm… trying to dance.

Haley:  (sighing) Is this really dancing; the steps must be done properly.

Dancer 2: Yes ma'am.

Haley: dancer 1 shows her the steps.

Dancer 1: “Right” 

(Showing the dancing routine of her own).

Haley: Now do u see her beauty of style and grace. Remember girls this is a big opportunity.

Act 4

 (As the production presuming in comes an attractive girl who enters the studios of Broadway)

Sarah: (Looking around) I wish I was in the show.

(Just than walks in a young man)

John: Am sure you will….

Sarah: Do you know the place around here?

John: I’ve been working here many years now. So I see people come and go. This show brings a lot of memories.

Sarah: I see it does sound lovely.

John:  Gosh you really know how to brighten a guy’s day, by the way miss I didn’t catch your name?

Sarah: Sarah

John: Well greetings Sarah, am John please to meet your acquaintance.

Sarah:  with pleasure John.

John: “interested in any particular roles?

 Sarah: Will this sounds a little surprising, but I wouldn’t mine singing a little.

John: “Oh really”, that sounds like a good idea. Or better yet why not try for the lead part.

Sarah: No it wouldn’t be a good idea; my talents are just plain ordinary.

John: “Nonsense”, singing requires a lot of talent.

Sarah: I will only get in the way.

John: Auditions are just auditions. Confidence is really the secret in a good performance.

Sarah: Really?

John: Why the show wouldn’t go on without a voice of beauty.

Sarah: Should I try john, will my performance pay off.

John: Of course my dear.

Sarah: Alright John I’ll that advice.

John: “Oh by the way if am right you owe me a dinner. Shouldn’t be a problem for you right Sarah?

Sarah: what happens if your advice fails?

John: Then I’ll keep bothering you many more times until I get what I want. And that’s a promising am going to keep.

Sarah: I’ll keep my end of the bargain for you John, only if you stay with me through the performance.

John:  Anything for a beautiful lady.


The Politicians of Pearl Harbor attacks

Act 5                

Operator: Are you Serious? I have to alert this to the white house (tapping the signals.

White house Sunday afternoon:

Secretary: This is bad, security please deliver this to the president it’s urgent!

Security: Sorry Miss but I cannot interrupt the president meeting at this very hour.

Secretary: “Pearl Harbor has been attacked!”

(meeting at the house of council in the white house)

-     Just the council where prepared to begin discussion with board members of the house as well as military officers in the room hearing announcement from the president. As everyone is seated in comes in a note read by the secret service with mile disbelief.


Secret service: Whispering to the president’s ear


President Roosevelt: This is a is a serious matter!

 Secret service: (Nodding)

 President Roosevelt: (sighing) today people I have a grave matter to discuss far more serious then any other subject at this very hour.

 Vice president: what is it serious Mr. President.

 President Roosevelt: Now what am about to discuss is a matter of secretary defense. We must alarm the citizen world -wide and let them here this very tragic event. Pearl Harbor was attacked. This is indeed true. It was announce by the radio operators that the Japanese attack us.

 Speaker: “Sir are you telling us, that our allies attack are naval base!” 

 Members of Senate: We just sign a peace agreement with the Japanese this sounds prosperous!

House of Representatives: The matter the fact is that the Japanese has betrayed us. The question now relies on how we are going to respond to these events.

Speaker: “ It’s simple, We declared war on the Japanese! The people will not die in vain!

House of Representatives: How are we going to propose that kind of deal.

Speaker: Declare all Japanese as traitors of the country not one of them should be trusted.

National treasure: Think about all the racial barriers surrounding this ordeal. Wouldn’t be discrimination to the Japanese, especially the citizen born?

Vice president: No matter the issue here, we cannot let this ordeal go. We must order an issue to track down any spies who are working for the Japanese.

President Roosevelt:  This sounds very disheartening but we must have an order. I know this may concerns some citizen but it’s the only way.

Speaker: What are you proposing Mr. President?

President Roosevelt: We must interrogate Japanese ancestry as well as citizen to a camp. I’ll announce it over the broadcast to let the people know about this tragic event.

Act 6

(all through the news broke out in the radio broadcast about the attack on Pearl Harbor.)

Radio Announcer: Attention Folks! Attention Folks! We now bring a very special Message. To further discuss this detail we will now bring you live coverage from a message from President Roosevelt.

President Roosevelt: “Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.



(After the announcement of the attacks Of Pearl Harbor many soldiers volunteer to enter a war against the Japanese.  As more volunteered the more the women workforce will rise.)

Charlotte:  Ok Jill, Anna, Joanna now it’s time for labor work.

Anna:  Finally a job!  Now we could show the world our worked of art.

Charlotte: Now not less get carried away. Where just preparing equipments for the war.

Jill: and when the war is over our lovers can come home and curdle with us all day

Joanna: Jill romance seems to bundle in head your silly little head!

Jill: But it’s so romantic! The long wait of your prince charming awaiting at my arms, (blinking) ahhhhh!

Anna:  I wish my lover could come to me too.

Jill:  “Then we both can share are happy ending.

Jill and Anna: ahhhhhh!

Charlotte:  Girls, less day dreaming and more working. Now come on this opportunity doesn’t come every once and awhile. Some people need to feed the kids.

Everybody accept charlotte:  “Right!”

Charlotte:  Now first things , we must from a labor union. We should inform every girl in the neighborhood for faster production and quality work.

Joanna: I like the sound of that.

Jill: Seems like hard worked.

Anna: Yea can we skip all that.

Charlotte: Ladies this opportunity for us. A union is a productive way of business.

Jill: Can we at least ask more girls to help us.  Please!

Anna: Besides we will be recruiting more girls.

Charlotte:  It’s hopeless. I guess so.

(To Be Continued)

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