Plandemica 2020
1. We spread an artificially created virus through several groups of infected subjects in different parts of the world.
2. Through previously bribed and controlled by us members of governments and heads of power structures in a number of states, we organize media hysteria about the “new plague”, as well as further promotion of necessary laws in these states. The consistent promotion of the required laws in several states at once allows the governments of other countries to refer to the “world experience”.
3. We gradually increase the degree of media hysteria for several months in a row, making the topic of the virus our main agenda. We use media setups to convince people that this is really a “plague”.
4. We subject to strict censorship and block as many questions and doubts that arise in social medias as possible, as well as audio, video materials and articles that contradict the “only true one” position. We mock and marginalize people who do not support this media agenda, exposing them as socially dangerous elements. We kill serious unbribed scientists and researchers of the virus.
5. We use fake tests to detect infection, which gives a significant number of false positive results. This makes it easier to intimidate the population.
6. We manipulate medical statistics to artificially increase the number of cases of infection.
7. We train the population of countries with absurd requirements and decrees, forming obedience and readiness to fulfill the instructions of their governments without unnecessary hesitation.
8. We force people to social separation through fear of infection, self-isolation, remote interaction. Being separated, they do not pose a threat to the plan.
9. We provide our agents of influence in the states with means of protection against infection.
10. We offer vaccines created according to pre-developed formulas as a means of salvation for intimidated fools. Vaccines contain elements of the virus (pathogenic spike protein) and act bypassing the body's immune system, thereby facilitating the infection process. We convince these fools that this is the only possible, no-alternative way of cure. We perform vaccination of these frightened idiots on a voluntary basis. Now they are beginning to infect others, thus gradually spreading the disease.
11. We impose smoothly transformed into requirements recommendations for getting vaccinated every N months. This increases the number of mutations of the virus, the speed and strength of the spread of infection around the globe.
12. We use the increase in the number of infected people as a media reason to convince those who still doubt that vaccination is necessary.
13. We thoroughly hide, downplay and deny cases of side effects of vaccines.
14. We forcibly force opponents of vaccination to undergo this procedure by depriving them of many basic social rights and means of subsistence. In accordance with the altered laws, we place those who still resist in prisons and psychiatric hospitals.
15. We provide each fuckcinated person first with a digital mark and then with a biochip. We teach the population of countries to the fact that without participation in our medical genetic experiments, they will be unable to get a new code and lead a normal, by their standards, life. We are finally depriving those who refuse to receive it of their social rights, declaring them as spreaders of new strains of the virus.
16. We create genetic passports and force people to undergo genetic screening under the guise of various infection tests. We preselect the individuals we are interested in for future experiments.
17. When the required high level of infection is reached in the selected population, we declare a state of emergency and begin mass dispersal of most of the “socially useless” surviving population to temporary accommodation camps. We separate adults and children, as well as family members among themselves, deprive them of means of communication with each other.
18. We turn temporary accommodation camps into concentration camps and reservations by the forces of the infected themselves. The planet is gradually becoming a conglomeration of “quarantine zones”.
19. We use the labor of prisoners in camps and cities for the purposes we need through the governments of the states that we control. Human loses are not to be taken into account.
20. We carry out the search and liquidation of groups of “awakened” people who have fled the cities and quarantine zones.
21. Fascism has prevailed. Welcome to the brave new world!

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Short Story
writing prokhor_ozornin
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