Animal planet

“Another fine day in the eternity! I am glad to welcome everyone here inthe seventh heaven today within the walls of our domain. Welcome to the angelicscientific and practical conference dedicated to the evolution ofconsciousnesses and bodies in the visible worlds created by the All-Maker!” saida young angel (although it was difficult to say with any degree of certaintyfrom the appearance of these beings how many heavenly aeons his created by the almightyMaker soul had managed to come through), who came out on the stage woven fromsoaring mother-of-pearl clouds, continuing to smoothly flap his snow-whitewings in rhythm with the soft, gentle music that was filling the room. Havingonce again looked with a radiant gaze of his almond-shaped eyes at all those whohave gathered, the number of which was so large that some of the angels did noteven have enough seats in this improvised heavenly temple, so they were forcedto float smoothly at a low altitude, carefully crossing their wings behindtheir backs, he abruptly waved his right wing, calling everyone to keep mentalsilence, so that after a couple of otherworldly seconds he could continue hisspeech.

“As the respected masters, scientific luminaries and light-bringersin the field of evolutionology, bio-spirituality and bioengineering who arepresent here today should be aware, during the recent observations of severalyoung newly-settled civilizations, indisputable evidence of the reversal ofwhat is considered in our circle to be the evolution of the Divine Spirit hasbeen discovered. In particular, we are talking about the planet in the MilkyWay galaxy, referred to by its current inhabitants as the “Earth”. During hislast expedition to this planet under the guise of its original inhabitant, ourfamous and respected researcher Joan Christo personally witnessed the aforementionedprocess, which will undoubtedly interest everyone present today in thisscientific and spiritual hall. Joan, please tell the audience about the resultsof your last spiritual-research expedition to this planet.”

The angel, who had been standing calmly not far fromthe central cloud pedestal, gently flapped his wings and smoothly swooped downnext to the host. He was well known to the celestials gathered here today – anelderly, albeit immortal, the angel who had been on many expeditions to the visibleworlds with a bright golden sun-colored symbol of the cross on his heart – agift for faithful service to the Maker. His curly hair that fell to hisshoulders had long been covered with silver, a couple of scars crossed hisface, wrinkles lurked at the corners of his almond-shaped blue eyes, and he waslooking at the audience with a slight hint of sadness in memory of what he hadseen in other worlds. His voice sounded calm and melodious as if in acoordinated beat with the music spread across the room.

“My greetings go to all the scientific researchersgathered today in this hall!” the angel who flew onto the pedestal answeredwith enthusiasm, throwing aside his external sadness for a while. “As ourmutual friend Ravael has already rightly noted, I and my fellow comrades andresearchers who had accompanied me on the expedition had the opportunity to recentlyvisit the planet that is now known as the “Earth”. The chronicles of our jointexpedition have already been transferred to the Archives, and everyone presentin this hall will easily be able to get acquainted with them in the nearestfuture. And now, in order not to take up unnecessary time even from theimmortals, I would like to briefly testify to you the observations andconclusions that we came to during our expedition to this visible world.”

Having that said, Joan inhaled the heavenly ether into his chest, made aspectacular pause, spread widely his wings behind his back, and, circling theaudience in the hall with his warm mental gaze, continued speaking.

“So, the conclusions. The consciousness of theintelligent beings of this world is indeed changing – but not in the way thatwe initially assumed, in the course of primary research and the construction ofevolutionary forecasts. My colleagues and I have witnessed an amazing processof merging between the evolution of an animal and the involution of humanconsciousnesses. May I be forgiven for these simple analogies, but the inhabitantsof this world who keep calling themselves humans are increasingly beginning toremind us of wild animals possessed and driven by primitive instincts, whilethe representatives of the fauna traditionally called animals are showing anincreasing number of new characteristics, traditionally associated only with soul-endowedbeings.

Let’s start with the so-called animals. My colleaguesand I have witnessed how previously hostile classes of animals started to losetheir centuries-old antagonistic instincts, becoming closer and closer to eachother, which was especially obvious in cases when representatives of thesegroups grew and evolved together.

Female representatives of some animal species are showingtheir increasingly more innate maternal instincts towards children of otherspecies, including a willingness to protect them from the external danger thatthreatens their life and well-being. Before my own eyes, the cat performed afeat of courage, carrying out her newborn kittens together with a small puppyof a dog that was absent for a while straight from a burning house! I detailedthis amazing case in my daily travel note left in the Archives.

In addition, the so-called domestic animals began to actively adapt to thehuman-created environment of their habitat, sometimes showing remarkableingenuity and resourcefulness in using the objects of this environment toachieve their own goals. Many serious and at the same time curious cases ofsuch behavior were captured by us on the ether tape, with the contents of whichyou will all soon be able to get acquainted.

We have also witnessed how genuine art created by the most spirituallygifted representatives of humans – and I am talking primarily about music – caninfluence the psyche and behavior of mammals that are becoming increasinglysensitive to it. The music that flowed in the waves of the ether caused them torejoice or even shed tears! Isn’t this the direct evidence of how therepresentatives of the animal world who aren’t gifted with spirit areincreasingly showing the qualities of spiritualized beings? We are on the vergeof an amazing future transformation of these thinking creatures – mark mywords, colleagues!

And what about those who call themselves humans, thosebeings who have sole control over the mind, you ask me? Unfortunately, thenumerous pieces of evidence collected by our research team only confirm thetendencies you have previously noticed towards the degradation of theirconsciousness and spirit to the level of the former representatives of theanimal world. We have observed numerous manifestations of the most primitiveanimal passions – anger, rage, fear, hatred, dominating in their relations witheach other. They are increasingly losing the ability to perform constructiveinteraction, more and more often thoughtlessly succumb to primitive instincts –whether it is the desire to fill their empty stomach at any cost or to satisfytheir sudden sexual surge. The unprecedented scale of the wars unleashed bythem clearly demonstrates how far they have walked away from the understandingof the essence of the original plan of the All-Maker, having lost the abilityto feel and be guided by the spiritual core given to them. It was not withoutan inner shudder that we looked at the pictures unfolding before our spiritualeyes of how parents not only do not save, like the named cat but they onlytorment and slowly kill the spirit of the children that were entrusted to them.If they are not willing and have no desire to protect not only others, but eventheir children from the omnipresent in their society evolutionary degeneration– what kind of intelligence could we talk about that they ascribe tothemselves? Gradually, in the course of our lives in human bodies, we becamemore and more convinced of the degree of degradation which their so-calledscience that has become the best creator of the most powerful tools of destruction,and their so-called religion that has destroyed the teachings of light andbeauty previously given by our fellow prophets, had reached.

Dear colleagues and brothers in the heavenly spirit! I am also forced toinform all of you that representatives of this civilization, likerepresentatives of several dead past ones who once inhabited this planet, have startedto carry out deadly experiments with the cells of living beings in the hope ofcorrecting the “mistake” of the All-Maker, in which the majority of them – includingmany followers of various religions – do not believe at all, and thus raise ageneration of beings with the bodily and emotional qualities that they desire.These experiments, if they are not stopped in time, will return their bodies backto the very animal world from which they once came from, and which, in the faceof a number of its representatives, has already surpassed in its quality manyof the humans currently living in this world. In our travel notes, we describedin detail the types of Earth experiments that we have observed in the field ofgenetics and virology. I ask you, together with the representatives of the FateControl Department, to pay the closest possible attention to them. It may wellhappen that many of those who are engaged in such experiments or impose them onothers will have to be taken away from their world ahead of schedule.

At the same time, I am glad to inform you that not all of the previouslypredicted negative involution scenarios have been realized in their world,which, in general, gives a certain number of the most morally noble people achance to preserve their spiritual core. Also, my colleagues and I are waitingwith interest and anticipation for new evolutional scenarios of the flora andfauna to be implemented in their world. Thanks to all of you for your time and thoughtsattention!”

After taking another deep breath and enduring another spectacular pause,Joan slowly, smoothly soaring in the waves of the heavenly ether, flew awayfrom the central pedestal, giving way to his colleagues and gifting them withthe sacred right to answer a lot of clarifying questions, elaborations, andsuggestions that started pouring like rain on their wings from inside the hall.

The exchange of opinions and the construction of further plans went on fora very long time on this heavenly day, and when they finally came to an end,the Earth met the angels with the most beautiful ever created by the hand ofthe Maker, a pure and innocent, lilac-pink sunny dawn…


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Short Story
writing prokhor_ozornin
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