Slowest day of work!
The days go by slow
Each moment drags past
Each second feels like decades
Sitting at my desk, think I have nothing to do
When the case is that I just don't want anything to do,
But there is tons to be accomplishing and working on
I look out the window as people pass
Envious of their free spirits in the warm rays of the summer sun
I sit here
Tasks I could be doing outside of this boring almost class
My boss teaches me to work on the accounting computer
I catch on so quick...
But I still let her explain everything to me like I'm two years old
Just to pass the time away
I sit and hear the blah, and tones of her voice
I sit and daydream while I follow her directions to push buttons
This one and That
Oh just time fly by for me today
Help me to soar out of this wretched nightmare work day
The sun shines and calls my name
All the people walking past the window call my name
They tempt me
Come out, leave work and enjoy yourself
But I am trapped and chained to my work chair
Almost in a prison of my career
Wonderful days pass
And yet
I sit and wonder, daydream until last final seconds of the last minute before the clock hits three o'clock
...those staggering seconds...
How they feel like a decade of time
Then the clock rings, ding ding ding ding, ding ding ding ding
And I shoot out of the office like nobody's business.
I rush out the side door,
The wind from outside hits my face
and calms my heart...I'm done
A rush of relief soothes my racing heart of leaving so quick
The rays of sun beat down on my fact and I am enjoying the summer day...and it goes by so quickly
Even though those are the hours I wish would pass the slowest of all.

danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 6/13/2009 6:19:33 PM
The longing to be free.........I remember those days. Hang in there and I hope you do get to enjoy your time off.

Free Verse
writing prettyflower1_73
"Nothing great has ever been achieved without Passion."
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I was sitting at work and I realized how slow the day was going and that everyone has those days when it is very slow. I sat down on my computer at home and I needed to get it out. I would like to re-work this piece and make it a little more descriptive. Any ideas, comments or questions welcome.
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