I am waiting...
My story begins on a cold and pale but dreary night,
bitterly cold and the wind flies through my hair
I stand outside.
I am waiting for yet another ride.
Another wave of wind to carry me along and push me through.
As I stand alone in the bitterly pale night,
I wonder to myself, what is the meaning of life?
I wonder to myself, what am I doing here, who am I and where to do I fit in.
What I find out is that the meaning of my life is happiness;
find pleasures,
find mystery.
Be curious and find my own soul.
I have a soul but what does it give me.
What kind of life I am living
How does it shine.
So I'm on a mission,
a mission to fill my dreams.
Life is gift from where ever and why it comes.
 Life is my gift.
Time is my gift.
I have time to find out what I want, who I am and what shall come.
My life is a mission to fill all the hopes and feel the feelings and emotions,
to feel and be lucky I have all I have.
So many accomplishments already, and now...
it's time to go forth again,
find another dream to follow and ride the wind,
ride the wave.
I make the wind and the waves.
So what, in my story, am I waiting for.
I am waiting for me...
I am waiting for my own adventure and picking my next dream to fill.
So that is a story of my own set on a cold and pale night.

DazeofMyth   DazeofMyth wrote
on 8/30/2010 10:24:58 PM
So much passion, you do make the wind and the waves in your own life! Mysteries, passion and a healthy curiosity. I think your mission will be successful! but hold on to yourself on the ride, wouldn't want you to catch cold! Thank you for sharing..

Free Verse
writing prettyflower1_73
"Nothing great has ever been achieved without Passion."
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