Being me
I sit in this house:
It's full of memories,
I sit in this house and I am proud
Depressing and opposite at the same time
I sit in this house and remember why I came back here
This is my home
This is where I belong
Figuring out my priorities
Figuring out what kind of person I want to be
I feel as though this is my time to shine!
I am going get through this funk
This life is going to be completely mine
Everything I want and see
Is going to be
I will write and sing my own song
I will paint this house with myself!
I don't ever have to leave-
This is for me:
I sit here and remind myself that I am becoming the woman I want to be
I sit here and remind myself that I am me
That this life should be lived for me
Selfish or unselfish it's all the same
Grown up to fast
craving for childhood
craving to be taken care of
craving all things I never had
Now it's time for me to shine
It's time for me to shine
I am going to ride high
And be high on life
I am going to make new goals and strive even harder
Work hard
Live life
Live how I want to
That is what I am about
No more confusion
No more insecurities
No more not understanding me
I know who I am and what I want
Now it's time to be me
Take a deep breath and be me
Take a deep breath and just finally be me!

It may be hard, it may be absolutely amazing

There will be ups and there will be downs

But that is life

Take it as it comes...


Listening to everyone's advice

Listening to everyone's stories

Take it and learn

Make mistakes and make it out to be the best

Be positive not matter the situation

No matter to heart ache

No matter the happiness

Take and learn.


I sit in this house and remember that I am still young

Not one person has ever said growing up is easy

Full of confusion and temptations

Full of opportunities and dreams

Somewhere in the middle I sit

Watching as the days go by

It's time to shine and make my dreams come true

Make life my life

Paint my pictures

Sing my songs

Draw my pictures

Write my words

It's all about finding myself


Be positive

Don't let negativity swoop in

So easy to live sad

So much easier to live happy

Peace, Harmony


Tomorrow is a new day

Tomorrow is a new hope, new attitude

Tomorrow is my new home


I am after all only me.

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writing prettyflower1_73
"Nothing great has ever been achieved without Passion."
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