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I just wanted to post this quick note about a site called poetrydances.com.
Over there  we read poems from poetry sites and blogs across the Internet. Once we discover what we feel is a great poem- we post a link back to the site and page where the poem is hosted.We also offer favorite writer status and space to post blog links and usually additional poem links to the writers of the poems concerned.
Favorite writers along with their poem/s are also mentioned in a press release we run each quarter- which shows the writers that became 'favorite writers' for the period. We also accept submissions and read requests.
With great thanks to Lindsay, a read request button link to our site has been added on each page containing a poem on writingroom.com. You'll find it just below the 'share' button on the right hand side. This has been done to make it easier for writingroom.com members to submit requests to poetrydances.com should they wish to do so.
What do we look for in terms of a 'great' poem? difficult question - no fixed answer really. But the poems we post always move us in someway. We prefer to post poems that are not heavily rhymed- and that are probably more natural free flowing, but not exclusively so. By taking a look at some of the other work we link to already its probably easier to see where we are coming from! 

By the way poetrydances.com has a page one or two listing on the major search sites (Google/Yahoo/AOL etc) for these searches:
US poetry sites
US poetry  websites
USA poetry websites
List USA poetry websites
List USA poetry sites
Poetry from great writers about life
Poetry from great writers about love
Poems from great writers about life
Poems from great writers about love
Great poems
Online poetry sites
Great poetry website
Great poems about
Read great poems
Great poetry site
List US poetry websites
Great site for poems
Poems written by great authors
Poems by great authors
Poetry written by great authors
Site for great poetry
Poems of great authors
Poetry of great authors
Site for great poems
Poetry hosting
Read great poetry
Great poems to read
Great poetry to read
Read submitted poetry
Read submitted poems
Writers of poems
Poetry hosting site
Poem hosting
Where to submit great poetry
Read selected great poetry
Read selected great poems
Poem hosting website
Read the poems of great writers
Read poems from great writers
Poems written by great writers.
Poems by great writers
Poems of great writers
Poems from great writers
Great writers of poetry
Great writer's poems
Great writer's poetry
Great poetry to read
Great submitted poetry
Great selected poetry
Selected great poetry

This could mean additional exposure for your work- if it is listed on our site.

Side note- its not necessary for poems to be of a given length, any will be considered - except perhaps  exceptionally long poems.
It would be great to read some of your writing -
Stop by soon if you can.

poetrydances.com .

Who knows exactly what new opportunities are waiting out there..
Anthony French

poetrydances   poetrydances wrote
on 2/19/2009 10:07:56 PM
Hey Janice- thanks so much for your note- really appreciate you spreading the word for us!! kind regards to you Tony.

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 2/19/2009 8:51:09 PM
Thanks so much for this excellent and insightful information about poetrydances.com, Anthony. I will be sure to pass it along to all of my friends. Janice.

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