A Poet's Rhapsody
If I were a poet
I’d write my life story hidden behind the veil of rhyme
Weaving tales so mysterious they’d become the 8th world wonder
Bearing truths for men to ponder
Until time stands still

If I were a poet
I’d seduce the lines of legal pads
Forcing them into submission
Allowing prose to magically take form
Becoming my oasis during a storm

But I image life as a poet being like that of a Hebrew slave
Caught between Egypt and the coast of the Red Sea…still not quite free
Being held captive by words, images and sounds
All trying to ease their way into a written expression of my heart

And if I were smart
I’d guard my heart with the breast plate of righteousness
Knowing that out of it flow my issues
Transforming pain into poetry…I call it artistic therapy

Life sometimes feels like kryptonite
Bearing down on me like the mid-day sun
Scorching the tender reeds of hope that lie beneath my skin
So I take my pen and fill it with 66 books of truth serum
And with my hands I release what my soul can’t speak
Poetry is the prescription I write daily from this scarred heart

This voice was once silenced by the muzzle of fear
now makes a cry that even a deaf soul could hear
Well…it would, if I were a poet

But I’m just a girl
Who chases paper like a feign chases Mary Jane
See, I’m still chained
to the dope called rhyme
that leaves me naked every time
exposing my thoughts without me knowing it
Hi, my name is Liz…and I’m a poet!

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