"First Love" (part 1)
Your green gate, I remember it as if it was yesterday...
It was last summer, my friend Clarisse was planning on throwing a party at her house. Everyone would be there, everyone. Clarisse was a very close friend of mine. She's a very pretty girl, long blonde hair, blue eyes and an amazing body thanks to all the handball she plays. She's funny and clever. I'd already been on holiday with her family and she lives close to my house, we used to come home from school together every day with Amélie, the third important element. Clarisse, Amélie and I were so close, and always together even though our friends at school weren't always the same ones.  Amélie and I had been friends since longer so we were closer in a way ... now we're still very close and neither of us see Clarisse much even though the two are practically neighbours. Clarisse is a wonderful girl. She has a brother, his name is Guillaume.

Guillaume plays handball, he's very thin and very tall. He's got blonde hair and blue eyes, like his sister. His body is well toned. He's quite good at school and he loves roller blading. He eats just about as much as a giant but it suits him. He is two years older than me and nowadays, he can drive. He's not extremely handsome. After meeting him and talking a few times he decided that if he was bored we were good enough company if there. So every time Amélie & I went over, he came to stay with us. We became friendly quite quickly and by the time I went away with them he was comfortale enough to sleep on my shoulder even though he was of shy character and always wanted to be "the bigger person".  A few times he had unintentionally taken my hand or given me a tender look. I came to like him. Alot.

The day of Clarisse's party came. Guillaume and his best friend Valentin were there, "to make sure nothing went wrong". Everyone finished drunk or/ and high exept for four people. Valentin, Guillaume, a friend named Pauline and myself. We watched movies with all the drunkards and laughed at their incoherent speeches. Around 6:00 in the morning after waking up the poeple who were sleeping to clean up the mess they'd made around the whole house by throwing chocolate mousse around and finishing the task; everyone went to sleep or "sleep".

I stayed downstairs when Guillaume and Valentin went to sleep in his room. Twenty minutes later, Valentin came down saying he couldn't sleep. He wanted to be with Amélie I guessed, they had something going... He told me there was still space, I asked where, and he told me with Guillaume. So I went.

A few hours later, he opened the gate for me and looked at me without any emotion while saying "Well, bye then..". It hit me and I left. I had been naive, so naive.

VeraWinters   VeraWinters wrote
on 6/12/2009 5:33:34 PM
This is really good, Tell me when The next part is coming Vera

Short Story
writing pixie
The beginning and the end don't matter. It's what happens in the middle that's important.
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