I have arrived (dedicated to my best friend Cannon Woods R.I.P.)
I have arrived
you cant imagine all the shit i survived
things man shouldnt see
i witnessed by the age of five
20 years later
a year older than 25
when my album drop
label me the greatest rapper alive
sting like a bee
fresh out the bee hive
drowning in troubled waters
its all ready knee high
first i lost my grandma
next week somebody killed my cousin
when the media caught wind
it had the whole city buzzin
i was ready 2 fry niggas
cant let the streets knock me
i came 2 my senses
just had 2 steam some broccoli
ready 2 beat meat
like the boxer rocky
cant nobobdy stop me
my haters say im way 2 cocky
running up they backs
like i was climbing up the rocky's
mountain of a man  
avalanche my competion like the team playin hockey
you sick in your mind
if you think you compare
a california bear
i was born the first of a Pair
sharing food in the womb 
came out with long hair
2 skinny niggas lookin
and my daddy wasnt there
and everybody wonder why
i keep 2 middle fingers in the air
from the gutter 2 royalty
and my kids will be the heir
killin them laurn hill softly
my mind of the rare
if i put a blunt in the air
then it really aint fair
i want 2 earn a billion dollars
50% of it i would share
2 everybody that took me in
they the ones who really care
put me in the booth
spit so hard i lose a tooth
shut yo fuckin ears
if you dont want 2 hear the truth
and thats what i am
its what i was born 2 be
my son jerimiah matthew
decended from the greatest stephon lee

phonetics   phonetics wrote
on 4/12/2011 8:33:08 PM
Thanks guys I appreciate your comments

angelsmiles   angelsmiles wrote
on 4/12/2011 4:27:34 PM
nice song!

Caterpillar   Caterpillar wrote
on 10/7/2010 6:13:20 AM
I like the rawness of this, Phonetics.

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I lost a few close people in a very small amount of time. I had to put my anger and pain to constructive use
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