Aragentha Chapter one.

            Do fairies, dragons, or elves exist? 


            I never thought I’d be the one asking this question seriously.  Not in a thousand years would I, the level headed one, be asking this.  If I can’t see it then it isn’t real to me.  I know this.  Yet, here I am doing just that.


            So do they?





            I looked down at the drawing my little sister held so tightly in both hands.  I couldn’t say it was a bad drawing.  Actually it was quiet nice to look at.  The Fairy and the Dragon was a nice piece of art.  Rosie wanted more than that from me, though. 


            “Do you like it?”


            She can be so annoying at times.  Rosie has enough imagination for four people, so I let her have that.  “Yeah, it’s nice.”


            “Bailey, that isn’t what I asked?”  She folded her arms as she hugged the drawing to her chest. 


            “No, you didn’t, but you don’t want to hear what I truly think and you know it.”  I turned back to the shelf of books. 


            “Why did I have to get stuck with you for an older sister?”  She stomped her foot letting me know she really wanted to shout it.  If we hadn’t been in a store she would have.  “You don’t like anything that isn’t real.”


            I shrugged off her comment as I pulled a book about the Civil War since she was right.  I don’t like to read fiction, or watch it on T.V.  Oh don’t get me wrong.  I’ll set down and watch a movie that isn’t based on real life, but to get into one about dragons isn’t me.  Everyone I knew knows I am a facts person. 


            “It’s nice.  The artist did a good job on it, but it’s just not my cup of tea, Rosie.”  I added another book to the stack of three I already had. 


            “You never have any fun.  That’s why no one wants to hang out with you.  If they get one little fact wrong you have to correct them.”  She walked to the check out counter.


            I shook my head as I fallowed her.  I didn’t bother telling her I had dozens of friends.  Rosie didn’t see the science club members as being a group of friends.  To her and nearly everyone else, we hung out because there wasn’t anyone else to hang out with.  Geeks with geeks and all that.  I didn’t see it the same way.  Friends are friends.


            Rosie refused to talk to me as we walked the mile to home.  She was still mad that I didn’t like her picture.  I knew better than to try and talk to her about it.  She is as stubborn as can be when she’s mad.  I ignored the daggers she glared my way as I tried to remember the questions on a test.  I didn’t like tests but if they stood in my way of a good grade then I’d do my best to pass.  Test questions were preferable to Rosie’s any day.


            “Did you see that?”


            I looked to where she was pointing and only saw trees.  It was the same patch of forest we passed every day.  “No, what was it?”


            “I don’t know, but it looked like a face watching us.”  She ran toward the woods, “It went this way.”


            “Rosie, stop!”  I chased her into the trees.  “I don’t think you should go chasing after people you don’t know.  It could be dangerous.”


            She laughed as she dashed around some rocks and headed up a hill.  Rosie vanished down the other side before I had even reached it.  I had to catch her before she found the person she was chasing.  Rosie never saw danger in people.  She never though someone would want to hurt her.  I couldn’t let something happen.


            “Rosie?”  I paused at the top to look for her.  She had to be somewhere?  “Rosie, where are you?”


            “This way…”  I heard a whisper to my left. 


            “Rosie?”  I headed for it.


            “I’m here…”


            “Where?”  I ran toward the bushes blocking the path.  They tugged at my jeans and sweater as if they didn’t want me to get through.  “Rosie?”


            I heard her calling me from somewhere behind me just as I pushed through the last of the bushes.  I found myself hanging onto a cliff facing as my feet dangled in thin air. 


            “Help!  Rosie, help!”  Now I’m not one to scare easily, but you try hanging on to a cliff with nothing to catch you if you fell.


I know everyone says the best thing to do when in a situation like this is not to look down, but really?  What person in there right mind isn’t going to look down?  I know I did and every thing below me swam before my eyes.  I would have lost my lunch if I had kept looking down. 


I wanted to cry, and scream all at once. 


“I have you.”  A male voice called from above me just as strong hands grabbed my arms.


I tried not to struggle as he pulled me up to safety, but it wasn’t easy.  It’s kind of a strange feeling.  One minute you’re sure the next will be your last as you plummet toward the ground, and the next you’re being saved.  I must have gone a bit nutty with fear as I tried to pull out of his grasp.  At that moment letting go of the cliff face seemed far too dangerous.


“Girl, I’m trying to help you.  Stop fighting me!”  He growled as he tugged me higher.


I hugged him so tight I am sure I must have cracked a few of his ribs as soon as my feet touched solid ground again.  I tried to thank him as Mom always said I should do, but all I did was cry.  I couldn’t help it.


“There now.  You’re safe.”  He patted my back.

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