I Was Certainly Put in My Place
You probably have never even heard of me, likely never would have either, except that you happened upon a little piece I left here for my identification. I want to admit up front, that I am not a person endowed with great natural gifts or abilities. Neither can I make any claims to fame, I don't wear foppish hats nor can I dress my name in noblemen's titles. I possess no riches other than a golden privilege,  life.  As for property,  real estate too it seems, is for others to gain. Perhaps my only monument will not be to me, but rather raised over me, marking my remains. Without doubt, the only one who really knows who I am is God in Heaven, who made me and gave me my lifes purpose.
So, I will use a little story to reveal to you then, why God did put me here and who or what I really am.

* I am like a certain man who went to walk on the seashore one morning following a  night of storm. The raging high tide had left the sands literally strewn with stranded Starfish. The man observing the plight of the delightful sea creatures began to pick them up and return them to the sea again. Soon another morning beach stroller approached him and asked, "Sir. Exactly why, are you doing that?" to this question He replied, "Well,  the sun will be full up in a little while, and the heat will destroy the Starfish caught out of water." "But Sir” said he: "what difference can you possibly make?" "This beach is ten miles long and there are millions of them."
“Well,” “I reckon I know that all right”  he said as he picked up another one to carry back to the sea, "But, it is making a difference to this one... and it will make a difference to this one. ... This one too, he smiled as he continued picking up Starfish, and placing them back into the sea....

Who am I?

I am just a simple Christian, standing on the sands of time, there are helpless people lying all about me everywhere, cast up by the raging storm of sin. Of course I know,  I can't help them all,  but I can, make a difference to this one.... And I can make a difference to this one.... and maybe this one.... and this one...
This is who I am.

M. Paul Burress
*Middle paragraph above was sourced from a few sentences in a magazine article marked anonymous,  I rewrote it, and added the first and last paragraphs.
I would welcome any comments, either good or bad.

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