nightmare of a day true story
A-A-A my name is anthony and my life was good my mom my dad 2 sisters and me and in this rap u will see what he did to my family what he did to me in the beginning of that day i dont no i didn't no what to say and because of something i didn't do i have one sister instead of two that day was good without a barter in sight no bad things not even a fight and when i ran up the stairs to find a nightmare cause my sis had no movement only a blank steer i first thing i did was get her kids out off there cause they didn't need to see her it was all over she was dead and that the only thing i had in my head there was blood everywhere no dout she was gone it was all over and thats what i swear but thats the last thing i wanted to hear we called for a ambulance but it took a half an hour to show upwhen they came i was like what the fuck the cop told me to shut up but i didnt care cause i would have hert him right then right there when i left and stood in my room with the stero loud cause the last thing i wanted to hear was a person sound when i was think she couldnt have done that i wanted her boyfreind dead it should have been him instead and that mother fucker is gonna die and thats thats that was the worst day of my life he did it so fast we couldnt save her we couldnt fight when it was allover the reporters came they didnt care they had no kind of shame and the fucker who killed her was to blame they made me so madd my other sister to she ran after one of the men to say but when he talked she was like your GAY they kepted coming by i got so madd that i ran into the house got the bb gun when i came out they stared to run then i started toleave the yard when the cops come out with there guns they told me and my brother in law to get on the ground cause the reporters called to report what they sore and in that good day it tured to bad and thats what makes me so maddddd and how he left her to die it makes me madd cause he didnt let her live cause hes a fuckin fag and to do it with her kid there it makes me sad cause she was a great person with a daughter and son she gave everything for them like a house a good life and now its all over cause of a knife why couldnt he leave and now shes dead and i still dont want to belive why wasnt it me so she could live and be what she wanted to be and now every peace of her life is torn apart and theres now a peace missing from my heart she ws healthy and didnt smoke pot anfd she was a lover thats what eats at my heart i dont no why he toke her away i dont no why cause she wanted to stay and when i think of how he left her to lay on the floor i want to kill him and kill him more and more i now we didnt get along at somtimes but i should have seen the beating signs somtimes we wher madd at each other but thats ok cause we were sister and brother but this sux cause now i cant fucking hug her to say im sorry for being a dick and when i think of the stuff i did to her it makes me sick i miss her so bad and when i think of her it makes me sad this is the end and just to say goodbye to my sister and my friend and ill hopfully see you again


khill   khill wrote
on 2/6/2009 1:55:14 PM
Also though, think about what she would want. What would she want you to do?

khill   khill wrote
on 2/6/2009 1:51:32 PM
It made my cry. I'm so sorry. I'd kill him too. At least you know that she no longer suffers. May she rest in peace and God bless her kids and you.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/20/2009 7:15:31 PM
I'm sorry if I seem blatant or something, but I just can't think of enough to say for something like this. It's really horrible (not your rap, but what happened), and I just can't ever cover it with the right words.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/20/2009 7:12:01 PM
Aww, I'm very sorry about your loss. It sucks when that stuff happens... no, it more than sucks. Nice rap.

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