fork in the road

I've come to a diverged in the road a little while ago
 Never chose a route never new what to do
One was peaceful and full of light
The other was scary pitch black like night
Wondered whats the best way to go the best road
You have to feel the one you have to take i was told
I've gone down both each a little way
One was evil mad inside
That made me run and hide
The other was happy and calm
Felt so good felt no harm
It made me sit and think for a while
Came to a decision out came a smile
it feels so good been searching for a while
To find what was real the true me
Before It was black nothing to see
Went back and forth between each place
Till i found the place that i could face
This road was in my thoughts in my head
It happened at the right time before i was dead
Without finding the meaning that i need
Writing is what i do best now just take time and read
I closed my eyes to try to realize
What i need to see through theses eyes
To be peaceful to be sane
Before it was to late before i became insane
I found what i was looking for
I found it now more then before
I got my route in my brain
So that out comes no more pain
I've needed to relax and take some time
Think Think i found it its mine
I came to a road with peace in it
Good things peaceful things that dont make me sick
Now i've got the right route the right way
Need one more thing to make it stay
One person back in my heart
This pain isn't gonna rip me apart
I've stopped if for as long as i can see
That with them back i am free
That question on where to go what to do
I've found all the answers i found myself now i need you
I look at myself mirror
I loved it im getting nearer
I've didn't look that bad
No more pain i wasn't sad
Loved me for me
Loved what i could see
I was happy more then ever
My love for you will last forever
Now that i have found not myself but my heart
I feel as if i will never fall apart
I look back and see that it is black
Im done with it i dont want it back
It was what was hurting me all along
It was breaking me down It was all wrong
I've found the beginning and not the end
Im back to say i've found my friend
The friend i needed the friend was me
Now its so clear i can finally see

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