people say there strong they have seen it all been through it all well some of them might be strong but some might not be what do you consider being strong.what do you think strong is?

Being strong does not mean avoiding the truth  it means accepting it learning about it and dealing with it head on.Being strong means recognising the things you can’t change, realizing the things you can do, and having the fortitude and wisdom to tell the difference between the two.Being strong does not mean getting stuck in the moment but being able to get on with ones life despite the challages and tragiges that may have accured.Being strong means juggling sacrifices while pushing for progress.Being strong means having the capablity and fortitude to stand stand tall despite the blows of change.Being strong means being the pillar of support for yours, when tragic things happen and others support pillar is falling you are there to watch protect comfort and hold them when they are falling and give them time to build that support back up bigger and stronger.or being there for the rest of your life to watch over them and make sure when they need you u are there and they are forever safe with you around while worry not about yourself cause you are strong but worry for those that need you there to hold them together.

i dont give the pitty story to anyone why cause thats weak game thats making someone feel bad for you to do stuff for you or help you out or feel sorry for you so they treat you different is that strong?

no thats the weak thats the ones that leave off of other people that dont care anough about what there doing to people that didnt learn a lesson after all that they have been through.

everyone has a day when it truly gets to you and you cannot hide where the mask come off you face to be seen from the whole world.

some change for the better when tragic things happen and some change for the worst the weak give up and leave us for good while the strong care more then they ever did before they do everything they can possibly do to for those they love and others that need there help

i ask what is wrong with when somethings wrong when something is barthering you that you make it so noone can tell that you make yourself look like your fine while in the time when everyone needed someone strong it was you that now you hold onto that so that they will feel safe and be comfortable why do this cause when you lose the closest person to you you make everyone you care about feel safe do everything you can for them i donot see the wrong in what i do i do it for the ones i love why cause my weaknest is i care to much but id rather care to much then not care at all.

more to come gonna try and sleep

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