Their Quests through the painting..... chapter 1

Gunfire rang out in the distance as hundreds of steel boats floated up to the shoreline. There were ten men on each, ready and willing to fight for their country.  The first boat landed.  The men stormed on shore, immediately being shot down by the enemy.

            “We’re going to die!”  A man rocked back and forth, fumbling with his helmet and gun.

            “We’re not going to die, Abbott! Keep your helmet on!” Another man shouted, “Jackson, are you drawing again? Jesus Christ, this is not a time to be coloring!”

            Jackson quickly put his notebook into his jacket pocket, gripped his gun, and smiled nervously. He glanced over at the person sitting next to him, who was glaring at the man across from him.

            “Hey, Faust… What is the deal, mate? You’ve been eyeing Theron like it’s been going out of style.” He nudged Faust in the arm.

            Faust looked over at him, shaking his head.  “Ever since Angeline and I got that house together he’s been over almost every day.” He looked back to Theron, “I think they’re doing shit behind my back.”

            Jackson stared at Faust, “I doubt it.  You guys just got a new home; he probably just wants to hang out.” He laughed a little, “If I do remember correctly we were always hanging out in your parent’s basement!”

            Faust laughed too, “You’re right.”

            “You guys have a child together; do you really think she would do that?” Jackson raised his brow. 

            Faust shook his head.

            “That’s what I thought.” Jackson smiled over in another man’s direction.

            Faust laughed, “Angeline is always saying how creepy he is.”


            Jackson glanced at Faust, laughing.  “He is unbearably skinny.”  The two friends laughed aloud.

            Theron looked back to them, grinning.

            “I just hate the look on his face when he looks at her.” Faust began.

            “Don’t worry about it! We are hundreds of miles apart.  What’s really going to happen?”  Jackson patted Faust on the back when a loud whistling sound was heard overhead.

            “Get out of the boat!” Someone yelled.

            The boat tipped over, sending the ten men flying into the water.  A large explosion to the right caused waves and debris to sail through the water.

            Jackson surfaced, “Tyler! Tyler, where are you?” He frantically looked around, watching his friends heads pop out of the water.  “Where’s Tyler?”

            “I’m over here!” Tyler’s voice was behind.  Jackson spun, seeing his brother wave in his direction.  He sighed in relief and the group quickly swam to shore.

            “Stay do-!” The captain began his order as hundreds of bullets took him down.

            “Oh shit, Capt!” Jackson yelled, watching his Captain fall into the water. He scrambled to his side, “Capt! Capt!”  He checked his pulse. Nothing.   He looked back to his friends who had found cover against a large dirt hill.  Speeding bullets nearly missed him as he scurried over to the hill.

            “Oh my god, what are we going to do?” Abbott yelled, gripping his gun tightly in his hands, ducking lower.

            “I don’t know!” Jackson shook his head, listening to the gunfire overhead.  Screams and cries echoed along the beach; Jackson watched as hundreds of men fell to the ground in a bloody heap. 

            “We have to stay alive!” Theron yelled, standing to his feet and shooting off rounds of ammunition.  He laughed wildly, looking back at his friends.  His eyes were huge and bloodshot; his mouth was turned up into a fierce toothy smile as he cackled, and he kept firing round after round at the enemy.

            Jackson looked to Faust and Tyler, who were watching Theron in awe.  They did not know whether to be afraid of him or be happy that he was on their side.

            As Theron began to reload his rifle, a plasma grenade went off, blinding everyone from sight.     

            Jackson fell to the ground, as ringing overpowered his ears.  He covered them with his hands, screaming loudly as debris flew through the air from more grenades going off.

            “Jack…” He heard someone say.  He kept his eyes shut tightly, waiting for the ringing to go away. 

            “Jack…Jack wake up...” He was being shaken.  “Jack... Honey, wake up! You’re having a bad dream!”

            Jacks eyes flew open and he sat straight up.  “Where am I?”  He was drenched in his own sweat.

            “You’re at home, dear!” Carolyn said.

            Jack looked to his wife and smiled sweetly at her.

            “You were just having a bad dream.” Carolyn said.

            “What time is it?” Jack asked, rubbing his head with his hand.

            Carolyn looked over to their bedside clock, “5:30.”

            Jack got out of bed, sliding his blue slippers over his bare feet.  “Go back to sleep honey,”  He placed his hand over his mouth, coughing harshly.

            “Are you alright?” Carolyn asked.

            Jack nodded, “Yeah… Go back to sleep.”  He walked over to Carolyn’s side of the bed and tucked her in.  He kissed her forehead softly.  “I love you.”

            “I love you too,” Carolyn smiled and kissed her husband softy before turning on her side and quickly falling back to sleep.

            Jack smiled at her and grabbed his robe, pulling it over his shoulders he crept out into the hallway.  He went to Abygails room, poking his head in to check on her.  She was sleeping sweetly with her stuffed animals tucked tightly under her arm.  He smiled and looked to the ceiling where a two-story house hung.  A hanging ladder went from Abygails desk to the front door to the house and carved in big beautiful lettering was the name “Krista.”  

            Jack quietly shut the door and tiptoed to Chris’s room.  Chris was away in college so the family let Jacob stay in his room while he was away.

            He silently opened the door, looking towards the bed.  Jacob was gone

shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
on 2/11/2009 8:09:19 PM
Dying to find out what happens next. You write extremely well and kept my pulses racing all the way through. I thought for one awful moment it was all going to end with the dream...but you're too clever for that. This is just the beginning ... and I'm very keen to follow it through. Well done...:)

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/15/2009 3:42:43 PM
This was very cool... maybe you could explain just a tad bit more (who's Jacob, exactly? A sibling? Is it normal for him to be gone?). Other than that, I really liked it! Is there any more at the moment?

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