The List:Chapter Two: My Worst Fear
 When I awoke the nest morning i was sore, and every nerve ending in my body had felt like they were turned off. Not a great feeling, i also didn't have a dream about Robert so i was kindof unemotional. Even though yesterday was terrible and i felt out-of-place around Nicole and Jake, i wanted to go to school agian. So i hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom. "i see your finally going to school..."
     "Yeah, i thought about what you had said and i thought that you were right Robert wouldn't want me sitting around feeling sorry for my-self all day, every day, every second of my valuealbe life."
     "i see....Jake called for you last night...."
      "Did he? I wish he would just leave me alone!"
     "Jessie it's okay he's a sweet boy, he's thinking about you he just want's you to be o-"
     "Mom stop right there, I dont want him to ask me if I'm okay i will tell him when I'm ready, I dont want to get hurt agian weather this was on purpose or not, i dont want to feel it agian!"
    "Okay, well you better tell him because you talk about not getting hurt again but what about Jake, he has feelings to, your not the only one on this earth with feelings and Robert is not the only one who cared abour you either!" She stomped away and slamed the door. I finished getting ready and when i was complete i went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast. MY mom was gone she must have went o work early; she doesnt handle stress well and i was shocked she accutally yelled at me, my mom doesnt yell. i went to the counter and got a bowl down, next to the sink to the shiny package from Robert caught my eye. I decided it was time to open it, so i carryfully unwrapped each corner and untied the bow. Inside the box was a CD. What was he giving me a CD for....? I popped it in and a piano started playing. I dont normally listen to soft piano music so i wasnt sure what he was getting at and this song was vagly familar. I finshed getting my ceral when it finally struck me That was my song that Robert had written me. I remember one night he had told me that he already had my birthday present and couldn't wait to give it to me. THis must have been his appology, my present early. I sat on the counter next to te radio and listened to the wonderful song. Suprisigly there were no sad feelings only feelings of happiness and being wanted. When the song was done I was getting up to put my bowl away and head out the door when i herd his voice. Roberts voice. I looked around, It was saying "I love you, I'm sorry for the way i upset you all the time, I love you." then i realized it was coming from the CD player, "Happy Birthday" were his next words. Instead of heading to teh car i went to the couch and listened to his voice over and over again, luckily i was planning on being early to school or i would have ran late. His words his voice i couldnt get out of my head, I love you, he has never told me that before, i felt the tears bublling up again but i washed them away, all the plans we had, all the dreams we had together, he had never once told me he loved me. I should have never opened the gift, i knew it was going to be a mistake. I threw the CD case down and headed torwords my car, to school, where more people would once agian try to make me feel better and pester me about Robert.
   But before i went to school i went to the bathroom to check something, i was late, very late, i mean for my month to month thing. It still wasn't here. I was baflled i haven't done anything for 3 months the last time RObert and i did anything was two nights before the car crash, and that was after my last cycle. I thought about a while, i was trying to remember what Mr. Dystra had told the class about fertillity when we were studying it, i think he said something like, The best times to get pregent is after and right before you-. NO! There was no way that i could be.....pregent. No way we always used pertection and i was one time! Only one time. Instead of going to school i went to the drug store and go a test, i wasn't sure how to use these things but i was sure i could figure it out. When i went up to the cash register the lady at the counter looked at me like was crazy, she didnt say anything other than "Your total is 3 dollars and 50 cents". When she handed me the bag i headed straight home, the back of the package said to consult a doctor for accurate results. I used the test as istructed and waited 15 minutes. That was the longest 15 minutes of my life. I didn't want to look at it but i couldnt help it was so nervous. there sitting on teh counter, my one, true fear, stood before me, i walked over the test and peeked at it there was a '+' sign and that was enough for me to know that i was pregnet with Roberts baby.

            i know there are mistakes i felt lazy and didn't want to edit it so please dont point them out! thanks

SapphireCat   SapphireCat wrote
on 1/25/2009 3:45:01 PM
Ooooo...this is getting really interesting. Keep 'em coming ;)

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/25/2009 2:21:06 PM
'S okay, I like where this is going. Good job.

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Jessie Finds out news that Is of her worst fear
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