Journey Of The Last Goodbye

The Journey Of The Last Goodbye

So, the sun has set
My heart is full of pebbles now
Little souvenirs of a beautiful trip
But just as surely
As the foam washes away the castles we built
And the names we left
Entwined, hopeful
That they would not be erased
We both say an unspoken farewell

And as the skies,which once were our lovers canopy
Give way to night
I begin a solitary journey
Back to where I once could breath
But breathing without you is like dying
The butterflies of fools have flown
Moths settle in their place
Ugly black moths
I feel them feasting, upon the remains

Of our beautiful summer picnic
The tiny holes merge, into one great void
Where once I cherished you

The fragments of promises trickle onto the shore
Grains of dust, crumbs of joy
Leave a trail behind me
Could I follow it back, should I follow it back
Try to find you again?
My steps falter, I turn, hopeful
But you are just a speck now
On the horizon, where only dreams belong
So I wave instead
And as you disappear from sight
My insides weep, like grieving mothers

I gather up the hopes and dreams and wishes
The fragments of my soul
Which are sobbing like infants in the sand
And I hold them. try to comfort them
hold myself, tight so tight
Try to keep my world from collapsing
Lest the carnage becomes my sanctuary

And into the suitcase of life
That once you helped me carry
I place the laughter, which tinkles
Like childhood forgotten
The anger, because once it ignited the fire
Of I'm sorry, I love you, lets make up
The dreams, because I will need them someday
 My heart for It still must beat,

Even though you have the final piece

I wrap them carefully, like antique lace
In layer upon beautiful layer
Of tissue paper pain
The castles are no more now
And so I begin
The journey of the last goodbye.......

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 7/5/2017 1:58:18 AM
Exquisitely expressed

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 11/20/2009 3:08:42 AM
You capture the mood of what is about to come so well here in this poem. ANd the way you word this is to be highly praised. For some reason, this bought to mind the song "When The Laughter Is Over" by Swing Out Sister.(A favorite UK group of mine)

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writing moonsail
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A piece looking at the inevitable journey towards closure
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6/19/2009 12:00:00 AM
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