I Am A Sock Fox

I Am A Sock Fox

A fox stole Bella's dancing socks
He said "I am a dancing fox,
And so, I need your dancing socks.
Your socks will help me leap and dance
Your socks will help me twirl and prance
Come and see how fine I look
In these dancing socks I took."

A fox stole Joel's gaming socks
He said "I am a gaming fox,
'That's why I need your gaming socks
Your socks will help me duck and dive
Your socks will help me stay alive
Come and see how well I play
In the socks, I stole away,"

A fox stole Tori's fashion socks
He said I am a fashion fox
And so I need your fashion socks
Red and blue and green and brown
Quite the smartest socks in  town
These colours are so very neat
Fashion socks for foxy feet"

A fox stole jacob's baby socks
He said "I am a baby fox
I need to wear your baby socks
Your socks will help me snuggle up
And drink my milk
And read a book
Come and see
My foxy feet
In baby socks
They look so sweet"

The children said
"Its just not right
To take away our socks at night
Please bring them back
You sneaky fox
You sneaky fox
Bring back our socks"

That sneaky fox was very sad
"'I'm sorry that I made you mad, I'll give your socks back right away
I'll give them back
This very day
I'll buy some sly and sneaky socks
For I am a sly and  sneaky fox
Those socks will help me creep and sneak
Sneaky socks
On sneaky feet
Oh come and see, I am so sly
Just see this fox go sneaking by"

Author notes

For Bella Joel Tori, and Jacob, with love and hugs from mummyxxx

The other day my little took her shoes off in the car on the way to the shoe shop and lost them, I made the first verse up to cheer her up, the other kids all wanted a verse too, and so, I Am A Sock Fox was born,hope you like it

Please note, the title of this poem has been changes since I have discovered that there is a Dr Seuss book in print with a very similar title, however the content in I Am A Sock Fox bears no similarity to the work of the great Dr Seuss.

Redfae   Redfae wrote
on 12/3/2009 4:26:27 AM
This is one of those stories that would be read over and over again to little kids and eventaully they end up knowing the ryhme before you ever turn the page and excitedly tell you what is coming up next. I can also picture the sneaky fox pictures in all his stolen socks. Brilliant - well done :)

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 11/20/2009 2:59:43 AM
I am in awe of this for it is so childlike yet makes so much sense from an adult point of view. It takes a very creative and imaginative person to write like this and you prove my words right to the letter. GREAT WORK HERE!

on 11/19/2009 6:27:34 PM
I was just reading to my son, "GREEN EGGS AND HAM" by Dr. Seuss this morning and title of yours caught my attention. It's lovely, it's even more lovely when I got to know how this was born. I think I have many things in common with you. I am about to study how to write children's book. ENJOY YOUR FAMILY!!

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A simple story told in rhyme for thje youngest lovers of words
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