The Flow of a Poet
Let it be...
Words of wisdom
that flow from the heart,
the mind and the soul.
Where the passion of
what you believe in
lays waiting to be used.
Let it be...
Let it flow through you.
So what you want to say
flows through you
to the pen in your hand,
to the paper that sits
in front of you.
Let it be...
What comes from within
your soul.
Let it come from deep within your heart.
From the heart
is where the most amazing things come from.
Let it flow through you
as the energy of love flows
through the mind of the poet.
Don't rush it let it be cause
 it comes to you through the mind,
 soul and deep within your heart.
Let it be the writer that comes
deep from the flow of your pen
and flow to the paper
that sits in front of you.
Let the light in your heart
burn bright as you ponder
what you want to write.
Let the burning light burn through you.
As the poet itself is burning
let the brightness of the light
flow through you now and here
on front of you on the paper.
There is always something new
for the poet to let flow through them.
Pretend its a novel
and let it be as it flows through
the thought, the heart,
the soul, as you write it
on the paper sitting in front of you.
Wonderful things come
from dancing across the world
through words that inspire others.
Let it be what makes
a difference in life.
Let it be...
Walking, pondering,wondering
where everything goes in life.
Whats in the soul of a poet
that makes you wonder
where all the rhythm comes from
whats the point in life,
words that dance across the world
in writing and emotions that
shine through like burning a candle.
Cause this is the flow of a poet.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/8/2010 4:26:51 AM
WOW! This piece is very good and we poets should all have this on our walls, and in the walls of our minds. You write of what all writers should feel and practice. I like that you encourage the poet to "go with the flow" and don't try to stop it or let anyone else stop it. I love it when that flow starts sometimes and then suddenly the flow turns into a tide of creative thought. It is then where some of my greatest works are created. You probaly have felt this too?

writing mommy_airmen
Poet from within,
keep your dreams
In sight
when they come in
grasp grab hold with
both hands
and hold on for the ride.
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