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   From early on. Whenever I would see a piano. I would sit at the keys and try to drum some kind of tune. Then one day it 
hit me. Who was this beauty called 'Nola'. Lil dear, play Nola for me. And Mom would sit down at this piano, which we still
kept tuned every six months, and she would play 'Tales of Hoffman' or something like that. That didn't sound like a Nola to me. We had all been introduced to the piano by Aunt Ada. She would come Saturday from New York City
and all the kids in the family would take their weekly one-half hour lesson. She was geared to the classical and when I got
older I just dropped the whole idea of this piano thing.
  Well one day after getting older, much older that is, I suddenly got curious as to who 'Nola' was, it kept ringing in my ears
over the  years, and I was mostly nostalgic anyway. So I started researching it. And I found it. Nola Locke was the vivacious fiancee of an up and coming composer who was working his way to the top of his field. It was the years of 'Kitten on the Keys' and the like. The flapper days. And Mom was a Beauty I know. Ther was a charcoal sketch of her by one
of her early beaus and it even sent me. And I guess as all aspiring musicians, he would write of his love as everyone was wont to do. I know Beethoven and Mozart and all those guys did so. So that was Nola. I haven't fouund my Nola yet,
but be assured I'm going to keep trying. I'm even back at the piano again and you know, they still base classical even at level four which I happen to be at. They even had  some old photos around. The Model 'a' and those good autos with
the rumble seat in the back. Mr. Robbins even took sister and I for a short ride in one.
  So my thought here is, just keep trying. There is a 'Nola' in your life also. I know I'm still looking for mine. Thanks for 

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I think my software errs fair maiden

For if I write in verse It comes out in prose

So I'll just have to do with what I have for now.
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