Cut yourself shaving, did ya?
I put the gun to my head, making sure, as I look into the bathroom mirror that the bullet would probably enter the side by my left eyeball. 'I hope it wouldn't make too much noise; don't want to wake the neighbors'. Sweat had already begun to bead up on my forehead. Would I actually do it this time? Had I turned off the safety this time? Quickly I check and  I don't know if I am more relieved or more dismayed that, yes this time the safety was definately off.

Looking into the mirror again. Looking into the eyes of a man that, to most other people I guess would say was good looking. 'Yeah, until they see the mess I make after this' I think out loud, half chuckling to myself.

'Stop stalling. Do it. It won't hurt but a second.'

I close my eyes, grit my teeth in anticipation of a loud bang, and just before I pull the trigger...the doorbell rings.

I stop. Sweat just pouring off of me. I look in the mirror again. I see a wild animal instead of a man who had lost his wife and best friend, and his 2 most loved kids in the world to a stranger in a grocery store a few days ago.  A stranger that had robbed him of the only things he truly loved.

Actually, 47 hours, 23 minutes and 16 seconds ago, he thinks silently crying.

The doorbell rings again.

'Go away' he says quietly as he raises the gun back to his head. 'Don't you know I'm trying to kill myself?'

'Mister? Oh, mister. Can you help me please?' A tiny little voice calls from the door.

He tries to ignore it but after a minute slams the gun into the sink, chipping the porcelean. 'Right! Now I probably won't get my deposit back cuz of that stupid chip.' He smiles a little crazily at that thought.

'Mister?' The doorbell rings again.

'Yeah, yeah. I'm comin'.

At the door he hesitates just for a fraction of a second before he opens the door. He doesn't know why. He just pauses for just that one second.

Then he slowly turns the knob and opens the door wide.

mercyme   mercyme wrote
on 3/19/2015 5:47:06 PM
Obviously no where. Darn it.

John_Drydin   John_Drydin wrote
on 6/27/2011 4:36:40 PM
i'm a little curious as to where this one is going, but it has a good start

Short Story
writing mercyme
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