The Man in the Moon

Long ago when the land was whole, there existed a single kingdom ruled by a beautiful queen. There was peace through out the land. The queen ruled with a fair hand. The only bad thing that was whispered among the citizens was the belief that the queen was too vain. It was rumored that she wanted to stay young and beautiful forever at any cost. She would always be queen.

One day the rumors were confirmed. The queen called her knights into the throne room.           

When all the knights had arrived, the queen rose from her throne to explain her need.

 "In the beginning of all, the one creator put two trees in the first garden, a tree of knowledge and the tree of life. It is written that the first people were never to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge nor the bark from the tree of life. When the first people broke the rules and ate from the tree of knowledge, the one creator hid the tree of life so that the cycle of life could begin. I am sending you brave knights on a quest to find the tree of life. The first knight to return with bark from the tree of life will be my king and together we shall rule forever."

Slowly, the queen turns away and left the questioning knights without another word.

Of all the knights who answered the queen's call, there was only one who accepted the challenge with vigor and hope. This knight always loved the queen as a man loves a woman, not just as a subject loves a queen. This was his one chance to make his dream of marrying the queen he loved so much.

Early the next morning, the brave knight and his small company of men set. The brave knight had a map of the land that was surrounded by the sea. He drew a grid across the map with the plan to cross off each square of land that he searched until the tree of life was found, starting in the northernmost corner of the kingdom in the East.

The weeks turned into months and seasons faded into years. The quest took the brave knight and his men across mountains and desserts, from the cold to the north to the cold in the south, covering everything in between. The men were worn and tired, but no one ever questioned the knight or protested to return home. Failure was not considered an option. On they went, continuing the quest.

When there were just four square left on the map to be searched, the knight felt jubilant as he told the men that the goal was near.

Then the day arrived and the brave knight had found the tree of life. Triumphantly, he took the bark he needed for his queen, his bride. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and the sky turned dark. The men coward in fear for they knew something of great importance was happening, but they did not know what.

"You were never meant to find the tree of life! I cannot allow you to complete your quest! " boomed a voice. The men looked in vain for the source and could find no one. Only the brave knight knew who had spoken. He was in awe that the one creator would address him so.

"I have found the tree and I will complete my quest! I must marry the queen! She is my all! It is too late to stop me now!" yelled the brave knight to the darkened sky.

The ground shook harder and the sky darkened into a starless night, but not another word was said. And then it was over. Everything had returned to normal. The sun shone and the land was still. The men rejoiced.

"We have won!" they all chanted. "All hail our beloved queen!" The celebration lasted throughout the night.

The next morning the brave knight and his men started the return journey home. The path was not the same. Everything had changed. The brave knight was not worried because he could use the sun as a directional point to find his way back to his queen bride to be. He quickly learned that he was mistaken. The map was no longer good. The knight recalled the words of the one creator and realized that this was his way of preventing him from completing his quest.

Soon the brave knight came to an ocean shoreline where none had existed before. What is this he wondered?

            "I have divided the land into several pieces. You will have to search them all to complete your quest. Your natural life will end before you find your queen." boomed the voice of the one creator from above.

Undaunted, the knight continued. He knew he could follow his heart to find his queen. He cut down trees to build a boat. He sailed for more days than he could remember.  On the brave knight went, searching for his queen and his home. His men remained faithful but were getting old. A few had passed this world to rejoin the one creator. The brave knight decided his only option was to eat some of the bark he had taken for his queen. In time, he was all the remained and still he searched on.

Finally the day arrived! He was home. He rushed to the queen only to discover that he was too late. The queen was no more. The brave knight was overcome by his grief. He knew he would live forever because he had eaten the bark from the tree of life. He would never age and he would never die. He also knew that he would never love again. He faced eternity alone. Years passed. The brave knight did eat or sleep. He only wept in his grief and loneliness. He now believed that this was his punishment for defying the one creator. He was forsaken. For the first time since finding the tree of life, he prayed. He prayed for release. Sleep came.

The brave knight awoke bathed in luminous light. The light was everywhere and all he could see. What is the meaning of this he asked himself? Where am I?

"You cannot age. You cannot change. You are constant." said the one creator. His voice was gentle instead of booming. The brave knight was soothed. "I have placed you in the moon. You will remain there for all time watching over the land, seeing all the changes you caused. You will forever be the man in the moon."

Each night when you count the stars to sleep, always remember the brave knight that became the man in moon.

shirleyslex   shirleyslex wrote
on 12/6/2008 5:59:59 PM
This held my interest & made me want to see how it ended. Very good. There are a few grammatical error which you might edit.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/20/2008 12:20:32 AM
Nice! Very nice! The fable element is there in all it's forms. Funny...I placed on this site a love poem titled "The Queen Of My Dreams" which includes a verse about a knight fighting for his queen. Think we both have this queen and knight thing going on!!!!

crigler66   crigler66 wrote
on 5/2/2008 6:50:00 PM
Nice piece, it had a nice storyteller's feel to it.

lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 4/25/2008 11:23:33 AM
What a great tale. Your voice was so true to the fairy tales we all know and love. I loved it!

whitechief   whitechief wrote
on 4/25/2008 10:27:30 AM

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