Not Finding The Easy Way Out

 Not Finding The Easy Way Out

I look forward and strain my eyes; I don’t see any negativity or lies.
I don’t see happiness or smiles; I stand still and try for a while.
But nothing is coming to me; I can’t see the past or the day to be.
I see that I can’t find the answer out; I don’t know how these thoughts are coming about.
I know that someday a challenge is ahead; I think and think about the day, as I lie in bed.
I worry about the next day, the pictures used to come from the mind, in each and every way.
Now, it’s all about what’s happening now, I keep living on each day, seeking my way out, without knowing how.
I wish I could see what I learned, it’s like the memories have just been burned, and I guess I am on my own.
All I know is that the challenges past and ahead of me are going to make me grow, so I take forward, with each stride.
And I only hope that I will be able to bide, everything that has come and gone.
And everything I will learn from now, I will take on, something is in the distance, I can finally see it.
It’s like the whole world has been lit, I now know the answer is to think.
Of what will make the day go on, so I don’t sink, I now know that the past made me see.
Of what a mature person I must be, I now know that the future is blurry.
Because I shouldn’t rush through it in a hurry, so I will take my time, and just try to see.
Only of what the next day will bring me...

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 8/17/2010 3:36:04 AM
I agree with Raymond. I see a lot of possibilities in your writing. And your style of writing is unique indeed. Keep up the good work!

RaymondSpringer   RaymondSpringer wrote
on 8/1/2010 10:08:25 PM
I am excited to see what you can accomplish. This shows so much promiss, that it is going to be great reading your future works. Keep up the awsome writing.

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My poem talks about how you cant focus on what happens in the past, you cant let what happened keep you from moving on to your future. At the same time you cant focus on the what ifs & the fears of your future, you have to keep you focus on whats happening right now and then everything else will fall into place.