The Holy Twins of Rikatear

The Holy Twins of Rikat`ear

          The legend states that they grew wiser that any of their elven brethren in the arts of magicka and andin the way of the warrior. Fighting side by side against the destruction and hate that was the Makkach`air. Though trained and deadly they were the Twins soon found that the Makkach`air was too strong and powerful even for them. After months of furious battle the enemy it seemed was only growing stronger, as were his numbers.

          After a week of fasting and praying to  their gods the Twins knew what they needed to do in order to defeat the evil Makkach`air and save their people. After a healthy meal and resting, the Twins called a meeting with their generals. “We must get directly into the chambers of the Makkach`air.” said Stryla.

“And surrender” Myresti finished.

          Outraged their generals began arguing and shouting protests all at once.

          “Silence!” the Twins shouted in unison. “it is only a front. Once in the Makkach`air’s chamber we will kneel and appear to surrender.” Stryla started.

          “Once we do, having been stripped on everything but our holy symbols we will appear to begin a final prayer. It is a spell that was given to us Luestra and Othyus themselves.”

          It will destroy the evil that is the Makkach`air once and for all!” a cheer went up in the Holy Twins’ makeshift war-room. But Oryen the Twins’ chief general was not to be fooled.

          “Why did you say final prayer?”

          “Always the observant one Oryen,” Styrla commented

          “We never could keep anything from you.” Myresti added.

          “We said final prayer because this spell will not only destroy the Makkach`air but it will destroy us as well. Stryla said sadly.

          “There is no other way. The Makkach`air will destroy all of elfkind I few do not stop him. Believe us dear friends we wish that it were not so, but do not fear my sister and I will always be watching over you. The gods have promised.”

          “On the third night after the destruction of the Makkach`air look to the heavens and we shall be there.”

          The next morning the Twins rode out to face the Makkach`air. They rode with a large white flag between the two of them showing their intentions. As they rode they prayed. They prayed for a swift victory. They prayed for a painless death. And they prayed for elfkind.

          As anticipated the Twins were stripped all weapons. When they were presented to the Makkach`air a smirk was on its face.

          “The Holy Twins: Blessed Stryla and Sacred Myresti. Where are your gods now?” it mocked. “Your prayers go unanswered.  Your people shall become my slaves. And you shall die at my feet.”

          “Great and Terrible Makkach`air, we come to you as a symbol for our people, pledging surrender and begging for mercy.” Stryla began.

          “We only ask that you allow us one final prayer, so that our souls may go to the land of our people with our mother and father.”

          The Makkach`air being foolish and proud allowed them their prayer, “Your gods have not answered your prayers thus far and they will not now. Go on. Say your prayer before I rend your heads from your bodies.”

          The Twins then turned towards each other and joined hands. They began to chant a prayer with the spell entwined in it. The Makkach`air did not know that he had been deceived until the Holy Twins had come to the end of there prayer and shouted their words of power. A bright flash of light could be seen for miles around and two strikes of silver-blue shot into the sky. Just as they promised three days after their victory there were two new stars in the sky. They burned brighter and they never moved throughout the year always watching over land of the elves.

          Three centuries had past since the Holy Twins battle against the Makkach`air. Their story was told far and wide from generation to generation amongst all people of how The Holy Twins of Rikat`ear saved their entire people from the Makkach`air and its army. On the week of their birth a festival was held in their honor. And on the day of their birth a grand feast was held after a reenactment of the Holy Twins’ defeat of the Makkach`air. On the night of the feast an elfwoman by the name of Deularala was giving birth. She pushed with all her might as the strains of labor almost became too much for her. She called to Luestra for aid. And to bring her a healthy child into the world. At last her baby was free, crying and screaming Deularala had given birth to baby girl with raven colored hair. She named her Leyloni. Before she could hold her new baby another contraction grabbed at her. The gods had blessed her with twins, on the same day that the Holy Twins were born. She pushed and pushed and finally her second baby was free crying and screaming like her sister. This one had hair the color of fire. She named her Tamara. Deularala’s midwife walked outside to thank the gods for such a gift of life and as she looked up into the sky she let out a bloodcurdling scream. The Stars of the Holy Twins had disappeared.

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Novel / Novella
writing LilyRei
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