I wish i could tell you


I stand here and I watch you from afar
The elegance in your stride still takes my breath away
The power of your beauty is overwhelming
You silence a room with your presence
Vibrating an aura of serenity gracing everyone you walk by

I stalk you with my eyes and devour you with my mind

Your glance moves waves inside me
Flooding my soul with overpowering emotions

For you I feel something I cannot fully understand
A feeling that haunts my mind and controls my body
A feeling that gives me such pleasure I freely allow it to take control
I allow it total domination

A feeling that gives me complete ecstasy of my thoughts

I stand here and I watch you from afar
The sparkle in your eyes
The curve of your lips
And the swing in your hips

You radiate a warm glow highlighting the perfection of your beauty

I take you in my arms
And together we float off into the distance
Sweet kisses under the moonlight
Images of a life filled with abundant joy and laughter
Florescent love and treasured moments
Form the reflection of a slideshow in your eyes

The magnificence of love is forever revealed to me when I look at you
For you I hold an uncontainable feeling which I struggle to keep buried within
As it continues to dig eager to reach the surface

For now I continue to stand here and watch you from afar
Hoping that one day I can find the words to tell you.

penname   penname wrote
on 9/30/2008 8:57:36 PM
i love the meaning and narrative in this work. question...i love images and metaphors, parallels, etc... though i am a bit thrown by vibrating and aura of serenity- both words are excellent, but used together in the same image...confuses me. great poem. thanks for sharing.

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A poem of one man's exquisite love for a woman.
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