Halloween rendezvoux

He’s watching me from across the yard.  I can feel him talking about me, pretty much eyeballing me while no doubt boasting about his ingenious costume with Jim.  My Halloween costume was not all that ingenious, it was actually something I had seen one of the contestants on American Next Top Model wear during a photo shoot.  It was basically an early-90’s-Seattle-grunge-girl type outfit.  Form fitting cotton top with short, cut off jean shorts over dark pink fishnet stockings, purple Doc Martin boots, and a flannel shirt tied around my waist for good measure.  I thought I looked pretty darn hot, even with the pounds of black eyeliner and mascara I had piled on my face, far from my usually clean look.  And there he was, unable to take his eyes off me, so it seemed anyway.  Chelsea was standing with me next to the pool.  She was basically being my eyes, feeding me all the details of his standing and staring.  She too couldn’t help but appreciate how perfect he looked in his Terminator 2, T-1000 inspired costume, tight fitting street cop uniform and mirrored aviator sunglasses, with his hair in a James Dean inspired fashion. 


We considered the choice rather ingenious, because he had heard us fawning over the character just a few days ago.  He was clearly trying to make a statement.  And he was succeeding rather well; his toned, long, muscular legs accentuated quite nicely in the form fitting pants.  The V-shape his taut shoulders made with his trim waist didn’t hurt either.  I think it would even be fair to say that Rich had done a great job of catching the attention of every girl there that night.  And I’m not even ashamed to admit that I was hoping, no praying, it was only my attention he was worried about.


“So do you think you two will finally seal the deal tonight?” Chels asked with a devilish smirk on her face.  I suppose she was probably tired of seeing the two of us flirt mercilessly.  But the flirting was just so much fun, it made me feel like I was 17 again.


“I certainly wouldn’t mind,” I responded with an equally devilish smirk.  “Ahh, seriously Chels, I would do unspeakable things for that man.  Things I dare not speak aloud for fear they will not come true if anyone else hears them.”  We both broke out into giggles.  But I was only half kidding.  I can’t count how many times over the last two weeks I had fantasized about being with Rich.  Fantasized about the hungry way his tongue would invade my mouth, and the ravenous way his hands would explore my body.  The thought alone was nearly too much to handle.  Even the way he looked at me made me melt.


“Earth to Lindsay.”  Chels snapped her fingers in front of my face.  “You really need to stop thinking about what you would do to him, and actually do it.  Seriously, Linds, I don’t think he would fight you about it.  So why don’t you just stop pretending you haven’t yet noticed him standing there in that costume, look over at him, and let him see that you noticed his costume and that you approve?  Sound good?”  She said all this with sweeping and dramatic arm motions and a giant grin, and I was hoping it didn’t make it totally obvious to him that we were talking about him.  I had to try to play it a little bit cool, right?


“Okay, okay.  I suppose you are right, as usual.  But it has to look natural, so just let me do this in my own subtle way.”  So for the next two minutes or so, we pretended to chit chat about nothing, until I smoothly glanced over and pretended to see his costume for the first time.  I let a wide smile slowly cross my face, as I looked him up and down.  As I did, he took off the glasses to make eye contact with me.  I shook my head and rolled my eyes at him, as if I was saying how silly he was.  He simply gave me a big pearly smile and winked.  It was over right then and there.  There was no way I could resist him any longer.  So I made the brave decision to saunter over there and flirt some more.  As I made my way around to the pool to where he was standing, Jim gave him a nudge and faded back into the crowd that was slowly filling the yard.


“Good evening, Sir,” I said in my breeziest voice, giving him a cheeky smile.  “So, what exactly are you supposed to be?” I asked as innocently as I could muster.  I brought my drink up to my mouth and peered over the top of the cup with my eyes shining brightly at him, smiling at my own joke.  The drink tasted fruity, and I hoped its strong vodka content wouldn't go to my head too quickly.  I had the impression I might need my wits tonight.


“Riiiggghhhhht ….” Was his only sarcastic reply as he smirked down at me.  The eight inches he had on me never seemed quite so dramatic as right then, when he stepped closer to me and said, “Nice night for a walk.  How about I steal you away from this party for a little bit?”  The water from the pool was reflecting in his dark eyes, and no mortal woman could have possibly resisted that proposal.  He held out a crooked arm for me to take, his eyes telling of far more than an innocent starlit walk.  But since I liked the ideas I was hoping were floating in his head, I took his arm and let him lead me away.

"So where exactly do you suggest we go?  The girls actually gathered up some logs and built a pit for a bonfire, in case it got chilly later.  We could start it up if you like?"  I was trying not to talk too fast.  The last thing I wanted to do was give myself away already.  

"I don't think that's really necessary.  It's still pretty warm.  Well, at least for the likes of two thick-blooded Northerners.  Only people who've lived in the desert this long think that 68 degrees is chilly."  He laughed, almost as if to himself, then looked down at me with a warm smile.  He never resisted the opportunity to remind me that we were from the same place.  Close enough anyway.  He from the west side of Cleveland, I from the east.  Still close enogh to share the same climatological experiences.

We kept walking slowly toward the edge of the property, where there was a wooden fence wrapped in barbed wire.  Chels said it was necessary to keep the coyotes away from the house.  Which was too bad, because it was really an eye sore.  But I barely noticed it tonight.  Walking in the increasing darkness with Rich kept my mind plenty occupied.  I tried to focus on the stars that were shining brightly above us.  I was used to places with more light pollution than this, and the clarity of the night sky was still amazing to me.  I used to think that you could only see skies like this in a planetarium.  I was so mesmerized I almost didn't notice that he had stopped leading me.  He had plopped himself down onto the ground, and was patting the space next to him.

"The view is better if you don't make yourself dizzy.  Lay down and we'll see who can point out more constellations."  His voice was mellow and relaxed.  He didn't seem to be nervous at all.  I envied that.  My breath was so shaky I was afraid to respond.  Panic set in then.  Was he just flirting out of boredom?  Did he really want me the way I wanted him?  If so, how could he be so calm?

"Well, Sir.  I can already concede this one to you.  I can really only point out the Big Dipper and maybe Orion.  And I'm not even sure you can see those ones this far south."  As I laughed at my lack of knowledge, I turned to look at him, hoping I wasn't blushing too badly.  He had turned onto his side and put is head up on his hand.  He was only a few inches from me know.  His presence towered over me, as his eyes caught what little light there was out here.

"Hmm.  I hadn't really pegged you for the type to give in so easily,"  he teased. 

"Only when I know it's either concession or embarassing failure," I shot back dryly, hoping to conceal my nerves.  It took all my strength to hold his gaze.  In the dark, it took a while to adjust well enough to know he was smiling at me.  His big smile torturing every part of me.  But it also made me feel wanted, in a way that was irresistable.  It gave me the small boost of ego I needed.  It was now or never.  "And besides, conceding to you is hardly a loss as far as I am concerned."  The words were full of innuendo.  And his shifting body language told me that he understood my meaning.

He leaned over me slowly, and lightly touched his lips to mine.  His lips were soft as he apparently tested the waters.  He pulled away slightly, clearly giving me the chance to answer back, or call it off.  I didn't hesitate to lift my head and kiss him back.  One small peck from me was all it took.  Getting the response he clearly wanted from me, he put his hand behind my neck and pulled me in for a deeper kiss.  His tongue parted my lips feverishly, probing inside my mouth as if on a mission.  He heat between our bodies was palpable.  His other hand moved slowly down my stomach and over my hip to come to rest on my thigh.  The moan that escaped as his hand ran over my hip encouraged him to move forward, as he rolled his body over mine, using his knee to seperate my legs.  His body felt warm and solid against mine.  He broke the kiss momentarily, pulling up just inches to stare into my face.  His breath was ragged, and his eyes darted quickly between my eyes and mouth.  I could just pant nervously, breathless from the sudden turn of events.  He brought his mouth slowly back down upon mine, kissing me slow and deep as he pressured his hips against mine.  This time the moan came from him, from somewhere deep in his chest.  

It was at that point that I nearly lost my mind.  I wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling him even tighter against me.  The heat pouring from between my legs was driving me crazy.  His hand made its way from my hip to the round part of my ass.  He was meeting my every thrust with his own, and his erection was straining through his pants.  While still devouring each others mouths, I reached for his belt buckle.  I couldn't get it open fast enough, as his hand moved up to my breast.  At that point, it was impossible to tell which moans belonged to who.  We were ripping at each others clothes, frustrated at the distance still between our bodies.  His mouth moved to my throat and chest, while he fought with my shorts and stalkings.  I could only paw at his back with every lick of his tongue against my hot skin.  And I nearly shouted when his fingers finally met the warm, moist flesh between my thighs.  He moved his fingers expertly, as my breath hitched and my head started to spin.  He didn't miss a beat, both hands on my body, driving me further and further toward the edge, while his mouth hungrily explored my neck. 

It didn't take long for me to reach my climax, considering how hot Rich made me, even when he wasn't touching me.  My body shivered as the last of my climax rolled through my body.  But Rich gave me no reprieve before he was back at it again, this time sliding his finger deep inside me.  His mouth moved back over mine, and he kissed me for what seemed like hours.  I had no concept of time at this point.  I just knew how good his body felt next to mine.  I had nearly lost myself, until I felt the nudge of his warm erection against my inner thigh.  He pulled his face away from mine just far enough so that we could clearly see each others eyes.  And then he whispered, "Tell me that you want me."  Not wanting to waste any time, I whispered back, "I want you, Rich."  And without any further hesitation, he slowly pushed his way inside me.  His eyes stayed trained to mine.  His thrusts were very slow at first, as if he just wanted to soak in the moment.  His eyes still never left mine.  It felt like his eyes might actually start to burn through mine, and I have never been more turned on.  His thrusts grew more and more urgent, until he finally broke eye contact.  His eyes closed and his head rolled back as he groaned his pleasure into the night air.

The next morning I slept in until nearly 2 in the afternoon.  Rich and I had layed there in the grass for a while last night, catching our breath.  Then he walked me back to the party, where we were supposed to go swimming.  Only Jim nearly bowled him over on his way to change into his swim trunks.  Jim was completely wasted, and clearly needed a ride back home.  And Rich never made it back to the party.  And I waited until 3 AM before I gave up and went to bed.


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Short Story
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