Within the Wall
I was very honored, when my cousin invited me to her estate in Ireland
Naturally I accepted, to have the opportunity to visit the land of my heritage, a land so old, steeped in history
A land that has been discovered to go back to the dawn of mankind, a land where a lot of it's history wasn't planned
So I get a reservation on a plane, headed for the land, where my ancestors resided, and down through the ages until the family tree, eventually reached out to me.
I am met by a limousine, something that I'm not quite used to
We soon can see the house, from the long winding drive way
I don't think I would call this place a house, I think the word castle would do
The gothic architecture, the grounds, I'm at a loss for words, I really don't know what to say.
Upon reaching the door, you are there to greet me with open arms, we haven't seen each in years
We then start upstairs, so you can show me my room, this place is so big one could get lost
Walking down the hallway, I start having a chill up and down my spine, feeling my entire being with fear
We reach the room, that is to be mine, right now I don't realize later on my sanity would pay  tremendous cost.
I am just so in awe over this place, I almost forget it is about time to go downstairs to eat
After dinner, I am rather tired, I excuse my self early, I am ready to go to sleep, go to bed
Alone in my room, I change clothes, getting ready for bed, soon a different sort of person, I would meet
All of a sudden the air becomes deathly cold, I can see my breath as I breathe, intense fear to my being is being fed.
I try to ignore this, as I lie down in bed, under the covers, I feel some what better, so I start not to  be so  scared
When I turn out the light, I start to hear strange sounds, sounding just like some on breathing right beside me
Then I hear crying, looking out from under the cover, I see you,  as at me you glare
All in white, just sobbing, your lifeless hand reaching out to me, I'm not scared as I know you are trying to communicate with me.
I follow  you to the to the fireplace, where you point to a certain brick, that seems to have worked it's way free
I pull the brick from it's resting place, then there other bricks that seem to the floor to fall
Then to my armament, I see bones, human bones, right here, in the very front of me
These bones, they must have one time been you hear in the fireplace, behind the bricks, within the wall.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/3/2008 11:17:40 PM
Another well written work of art, Lanaia. This would make a good scary short movie.

Free Verse
writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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