Victim of Secrets
In this place I awaken in, I don;t know my surroundings, I'm not even sure of me
It looks like what I think to be some sort of hospital, I think it is called this
I am afraid, I am all alone, I just don't know, who am I supposed to be
I see a nurse, she tells me how close with death, I almost shared a kiss.
Where am I? Who am I? How did I come to be in this place?
In my mind there are no answers, trying so hard to remember, but my mind remains a blank
I notice the nurse keeps staring at me! Why? Does she know my face?
Her stare make me uncomforted, I ask her if she knows me? She says, No!" I feel my heart as it sank.
She tells me the doctor will soon make his rounds, maybe he can help me with the questions I ask
Until then, I must lie here, my mind going in a thousand different directions
Finally, my hopeful savior arrives, I hope he can tell me why I am here, exactly what is my task?
When he arrived at my bed, he says I am so lucky, I escaped the gun
I am so inquisitive, I have to know exactly what he means
He tells me he knows my true identity, but that is something that must be kept a secret
He said in doing this, the way the country is, we have to do this, there are those that would kill me, of the revolution, those that are labled fiend
I was found by a farmer, collapsed by a river, on his land, so the farmer brought me here, he thought this coarse of action was fit.
The doctor tells me, I had been shot, but what had been in my clothes, had certainly saved me
Now I am lost, what on Earth had been in my clothes to save me?
The man tells me I wasn't yet meant to die, this wasn't how it was meant to be
He tells me how lucky I was from my attackers to be able to flee.
You see my child, sewn in your clothes, were jewels, royal jewels, the deflected the bullets, from whoever tried to kill you
Whily you were unconscious, I ran several tests on you, to make sure who you really were
You are a Grand Duchess, my child, you are one of the royals, that were killed in 1917, for you to survive, your choices were very few
A kindly soldier saw you were still alive, when they tried to bury you, he secretly released you in the woods, Anastasia, no one can ever know, this way from the killers, you can deter.

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 7/27/2008 9:59:56 AM
oh how cool! You are going to write a story about the deposed and murdered Russian royal family during the Bolshevik coup ... yes , there is a rumor that one survived, a beautiful young woman, who as a child was fallen upon by the Czar, her father, so prevent anymore bullets from entering her body... this is a take off on that ... yes ... oh, wow ... Moqui likes ))OO))

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writing lanaia74
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