Ungodly Wraith
To be able, to live in California, has always been a dream of mine
Now I have the opportunity to live Nappa Valley
My house, sits on the side of a mountain, which is perfectly fine
Such a beautiful place, I know this was the place, I was meant to be.
I bought this place, using what someone would call my life savings
When I arise early enough, I see a sunrise, unlike any other on the entire planet
The people here are so friendly, to this wonderful place I always wish to cling
I know fate led me here, I know to this place,I was God sent.
Vine yards are right up the road from me
Going here, I can get some of the best wine, I have ever tasted
From here, I never want to flee, there is no reason that I see
In this place, my idea of beauty is always fed.
One night, as I was fixing dinner for my family and I
A knock comes at my front door, wonder who it is? I'm not expecting anyone
Opening the front door, there are two policemen standing there, I really have to wonder as to why
They tell me of a wildfire, headed this way, that has been burning since the setting of the sun.
I tell them I understand, then I go to find my husband, so to him, I can talk ad we can make plans
We decide to send our children to my mother, as we decide like in frontier days, our land we will defend
With the children safe, we start throwing water upon the top of our house, doing in and everything we can
We invested everything we had into this place, so we will fight the fire, that from hell, the devil sends.
This has to be a flash fire, because the fire itself, is already upon us, right in our back yard
We try so hard to fight this thing with water hoses, as it dances ad destroys everything in it's path
The orange and yellow flames, start to consume our dream home, helplessly watching this is so very hard
As we watch our dream go up in smoke, we realize the devastating caused by fire and it's ungodly wraith.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/26/2008 11:24:48 PM
Well said. You echo the thoughts of those who lost everything. That you can put yourself in their place and write so skillful shows your depth. Another good one.

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 6/26/2008 7:45:16 PM
you can only ever lose one thing ... life ... the life of those you love, those who love you back ... or your own ... the rest is muck ... that seems harsh, but when you lose someone you love, or watch them die slow horrible death, watching someone mourn the lose of a house they call a dream is like watching a fat man complain about the sauce on his turkey while a starving child watches through a window ... that is my take ... good writing ... you could add another dimension if you wanted to by contemplating the effect of developement into wilderness areas and a hundred fire fighters risking their lives because the people who live there only care about having a nice time on a cool property

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