Under the Moonlight
In my line of work, especially at night, I see many unexplainable, unspeakable things
Nothing like on nights that the moon is full, at this time, people go crazy
Some of the awful things, I see as a detective, I do not wish to cling
A lot of times people the ones they love, they will totally betray.
Unusual, unexplainable things happen when the moon is full
Unlike the theory of the werewolf, when the moon is full, people do some quite extraordinary things
I sometimes wonder if people from other times, did the moon affect them to the place they would act like fools?
It makes me wonder exactly what full moons may bring.
We are told from childhood the full moon has the ability to affect the Earth's oceans, their tides
This is a known true fact, we also know a human's body consist mostly of water
So this leaves one to wonder, if the human body in the same way as the ocean's tides
The moon always connected to the werewolf, but can it cause other things from which one should deter?
Murders, assaults, rape, just to name a few
Look at the statistics, these occur more when the moon is full and bright
Does the moon cause us to go mad? To this question, I have no answers, only tidbits of clues
But it seems under the moonlight, a human is apt to do more than just fight.
In my line of work, there is no shortage of the hideous horrible things that I see
But under the moonlight, so many unspeakable things
I have seen so many things in the bright moonlight, so many under the moonlight, pay a tremendous fee
But no scientific evidence, is shown as to us what the full moon may bring.
So one a month, my nights are busier than most, as under the full moon, man has been known to do some very strange things
Things that other wise we would not see, but we see them under the moon's very bright  light
So are we affected in some way from the light of the moon, her sting?
All I know things intensify, bringing out all kinds of horrors under the full moon and her light.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/26/2008 3:45:03 AM
Well said, Lanaia. The full moon has fascinated man for centuries. And even today with all our technology we still cannot figure it out. And we can't figure out people who are influenced by the moon. People like this: (This is an actual true story from the "Weird News" file) In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, police received a call to a residence because of a report of a suspicious person seen outside. The reporting officer saw a man sitting in a chair, reading the bible, and baying at the moon. The man told the officer that he was a nature lover. Police left the man alone because they said that baying at the moon is not a crime.

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 6/24/2008 8:13:07 AM
"...her sting" of second to last line caught me ... nice, very nice. this is creepy in a wonderful sort of way ... yes, there are things at full moon, when arcadian rhythms are stroked and become something mysterious, hovering, yet one is unable to put their finger on just what it might be ... but yet, there it is.

Free Verse
writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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All the strange things under a full moon!
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