Time, past, present, and future, it is all the same
Time travel, something always presented as science fiction
I disagree, as I think astro physicists, with us are playing are playing a game
Time travel, totally possible, maybe scientists, think if they reveal the truth maybe it would cause some sort of friction.
To travel to a certain point in time, a place that is very special to us
Going back in time, all we could do is watch, we could not interfere, because of what is known, as the grand father paradox
Interfering could change history, maybe even, kill a very special person that would have a hand in creating us
If this were to occur, we would might ever exist, all we ca do is watch, being curious like a fox
If we were to change the past, could we live with the fact, that interfering, could cause someone we need, to not exist or die?
According to Einstein, we could actually bend time it self, making past, present, and future, all the same
In knowing this the temptation is there, to travel through time, no questions asked, no who, what, or why
We thinking maybe time itself we could tame.
The temptation, to travel back in time, to maybe save some one in the past, save them from death
But, if we did this, we would change our reality, we may not even recognize our present, which was changed by interfering in the past
Sadly, we might see someone from are past, again we could watch them as they take their last breath
Could you stand to watch some you love, die, over and over, not me, I would want to get away from that very fast.
Maybe it wasn't meant for us to explore the labyrinth of time, trying to play God, doing things, that just weren't meant to be
Do we have the right to become the right hand of God?
Seeing things, experiencing bad things in the past, and there is nothing you can do, because fate deemed it, this was the way it was meant to be.
Then actually stepping forth into the future, witnessing things that haven't happen yet, but is the future we see set in stone?
I would hope a diverse future, before it's too late, maybe we could do something, to change a future, one in which we could very well prevent
Then in the past, we could really mess up something, maybe making us reap the seeds we have sewn
By looping time, I believe truly to the future, to the past, a person now may be sent.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/19/2008 12:08:35 AM
You are right, you went deep on this one. Time has so many mysteries and questions. Time is the great revealer of all things good and bad. Time rules our lives and is such a big part of everything we do. I liked that you touched on going back in time we may actually make things worse. Very good thought there. " People talk of killing time while time kills them "

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writing lanaia74
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