The Scroll
  From my five volume fantasy series Of Atlantis book five Labryinth Into Oblivion, book one released Saturday, May 17th, my bithday

I, Archimedes, king of Atlantis, come to you today and I, I alone command you to arise
Come be by my side, to defend me, the king you promised to protect, regardless the reason
I know you unjustly died, for eons in my heart I have heard your heartfelt pleading cries
Going to your watery graves, unjustly and forever under a never ending midnight sun
As your king, I command you to arise, serve me today, just as you did in the days of old
Beside me defending me, in a battle that is sanctioned from on high
Arise from the deep dark depths of your watery grave, stand beside me, TODAY, the battle we fight, long ago it was for told
Stand beside me as we ask for strength and divine knowledge, from the Supreme Being, that resides on high
I command you arise, defend all that is right, against the vermon that has been spilled upon the Earth
I, as you king, command you to arise defend and obey me today, just as you did in Atlantis
Arise, and once more stand before me, on this land, this planet's turf
Arise, we must destroy the evil, with foretold destiny we must share a kiss
Brothers of righteousness, arise, live, breath the air, serve for goodness, just as you did before
You are strong, you are brave, you are proud, arise and show the world once more your strength
Arise,to show the evil, you are prepared for battle, doing whatever is necessary, fight until death, we must triumph, I feel this to my very core.
I command you, I King Archimedes, serve me, listen to my words, one more time we must battle the darkness
ARISE! I COMMAND YOU! Hear your king, I need you by my side, we must eliminate this cancer, eating up goodness and what is right
I as your king know you have the strength, to pass this diabolical test
Arise, stand before me. form your armies, arise, stand before me within my sight.
From the deep dark cold depths of the Atlantis, arise and strand by my side
Together, you and I will battle together one last time, just as we did long ago in Atlantis
Arise, and walk upon the Earth, be among the living, in what we must do, in this, take pride
ARISE! Stand with your king, I beseech you, Hear me, all of you all the legions of Atlantis.

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Free Verse
writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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A Word from the Writer
This is just a sample of a work that took 3 years and I am very proud
Published Date
5/17/2008 12:00:00 AM
Published In
A.G.Press/ Roval Publishing