The 13th Sign
Within the vast area of the Milky Way, the center of the universe exists
On the table of the zodiac signs, we perceive only twelve
But unknowingly to some there are thirteen the thirteenth, the center of the universe, from this place no one has any idea about risks
This thirteenth sign known as Ophiuchus , has remained from mankind's knowledge, like it was deliberately shelved.
The ancient Mayan from long ago saw, a cosmic alignment, no one knowing the effects this would have on mother earth
This alignment not only prophesied by the Mayan, but from Nostradamus, a new chapter has been found
In this lost book, this alignment is mentioned, maybe giving way to a new solar system, a new birth
This is supposed to occur in 2012, but no one knows from this where, the earth may be bound.
Ophiuchus, the thirteenth sign, in the middle of the Milky Way, the known center of our universe
In 2012, the earth and the sun will be in direct alignment of the thirteenth sign
The way the Mayan and Nostradamus describe this thing, we may be in for some kind of solar curse
In certain records, it is shown it has happened before, but no records showing that everything will be fine.
This prophecy, from two different sources, separated by distance and time
It really makes one wonder, what may occur, no one really knows for sure
But in the deep cold vastness of space, where everything is as silent as a mime
For this documented event, there may be no immediate cure.
Maybe the gravitational pull, will tear our old world apart
Maybe the pull will be so strong, the magma in the earth's core, could be brought to the surface
Something devastating may occur, from the solar system's very heart
The doomsday prophecy, maybe with death we are to share a kiss.
The only thing really known is that December 21st, 2012, this alignment will occur
There is a record of this, but not of the affects it had on mankind
Maybe there is no record of this, because mass extinct did occur
So no one knows the answers,until  after everything is aligned.

lanaia74   lanaia74 wrote
on 5/8/2008 6:51:12 AM
Scary thought, isn't it?

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/7/2008 11:56:43 PM
Now you got me thinking too much!!!!!!

Mike Firesmith   Mike Firesmith wrote
on 5/7/2008 7:57:35 PM
This is seriously going to affect my retirement plans, you realize this, don't you?

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writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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