Is it true they are things, unspeakable  things that lurk in the dark?
Things that in the light of day we do  not see?
When I.m in the dark, I want to fly away, be as free as a lark
Total darkness, I feel like there are a million unseen hands, that try to reach out and touch me.
The dark, the blackness, not being able to see, within this thing,I feel within it's grasp, it is engulfing me
Some find this thing to be inviting, but this feeling is not a part of me
Within the darkness, I just want to run away, get away, just totally flee
The darkness surrounding me, it feel  like it is just choking me.
In the thick blackness, no way to see, I feel like a thousand others are surrounding  me
I feel as if in the darkness these arms are holding me hostage, holding me against my will
I try everything to get away, but I feel as if they are holding on to me and they just won't let me flee
They scare me, make me afraid, because in this dark labyrinth, there is no light, and I can't see.
In a room that is illuminated,  by the warm welcoming light
In a place like this I am not afraid, because I can see everything that is all around me
I feel at ease, very comfortable, I can see everything within the light
But the blackness, I feel all it wants to do is totally smother me.
If you can't see in the darkness, no one can prove, these things don't exist, who can say they are not real?
Lurking in the darkness, these horrific things, here they can behave and do anything they want
In the darkness, I can feel their presence, there is no doubt in what I feel
The darkness, for them is their playground, where they safely lurk and haunt.
These things are not actually full blown entities, but there are some, that call them shadow people or ghost
Not very tall, but they still have the strength, to keep one within the darkness of there land
It's like they are inviting us to their lair, where in the darkness, you, they will gladly host
Sometime when you are alone in the dark, see if you can feel the shadow's hand.

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 5/16/2008 7:40:21 AM
I totally get this poem.

Free Verse
writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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