Prologue from Of Atlantis book five Labryinth into Oblivian
Unaware, of what's going on back home, the two newlywed couples , safely arrive on Rome. From the airport, they hail a taxi, to take them to their motel. On their way to the motel, from their taxi, the couples are just astonished at all the wondrous sights they see. Fron their taxi they even see the ancient coliseum, from so long ago.
Upon arrival at the hotel, Phillip and Cee Cee, Micah and D'naia, make their way to the front desk to check in.They are met by a surprise, as there is already a message waiting for them. Phillip speaking fluent Italian, thanks the desk clerk and opens the envelope that is marked URGENT!. Opening the envelope he reads, Something horrific happened. You are needed home, immediately. Phillip then crumples the note, knowing he has to tell the others.
Phillip tells the desk clerk, he will be right back, then he tells the others to sit down in the lobby, he has some very disturbing news. The others go back into the lobby and have a seat, Phillip joins them telling them what the vague message said, him and the others wondering, what on Earth could be so urgent? They all know it must be devastating, to call them home from their honeymoon.
Cee Cee says," I feel there is not time to take a plane home. I think our best bet is to go back on our own. I can't get us there alone, unless I summon Cheyenne, herself, but I do think if you help me, by combining our power, I'm sure I can get us home. Let's gather our luggage and things and see if there is a discreet location, we can embark from."
D'naia then says," Let's check in, our luggage will already be there and I don't think anyone can see us through walls." Everyone agrees this would be the smartest thing to do. Phillip goes back to the hotel desk and they check in. Then they go to the privacy of their hotel suite.
Inside the room, they put their things in close proximity of themselves. Then they form a circle. Cee Cee telling the others to close their eyes and concentrate on the beach where their wedding reception was held. They all do this, and they can feel themselves being transported, and then it stops. Upon opening their eyes they are back on the beach.
After opening their eyes, they all sense something isn't quite right, even D'naia. The decorations from the wedding reception are still here. There is an unusual eeriness in the air. Even the ocean breeze as it blows seems to whisper the word sorrow. The very air itself feels so intense, it could be sliced by a knife. Something is definitely wrong. Not being able to shake their feeling of doom, the four hesitantly head toward the house.
Upon reaching the front door the couples notice not a wreath of flowers on the door, but a gigantic big black bow, this was used in Atlantis to signify a death in the family. D'naia and Cee Cee know what this means from the days of old.
D'anaia  looks at Cee Cee saying," Can this be a member of the family has died?" The two women explain to the men the significance of the black bow. After that being said, Phillip said," Are we ready for this? It has to be Delyse, she was with child."
The couples hesitantly open the front door, seeing Percius in the sitting room, they join him and then he says," Good, I see you got my message. Cee Cee sits down beside him and says," Poppy, I feel the doom, something bad has happened, we saw the bow on the door, please tell us." Cee Cee then puts her arm around the shoulders of Percius.
Trying to gather his composure and with tears in his eyes Percius says," Yes, my children something very serious has happened. Delyse has died. After you left, my children, the reception on the beach went on for some time, everyone was dancing and having a wonderful time. Well Shay, just disappeared, we figured out Uric finally made a move and kidnapped Shay. Archimedes stopped dancing and started searching for Shay. Then call it a mother's intuition, Delyse figured out what had happened, and she started walking toward him, not noticing  piece of driftwood, she fell, the fall caused her to have internal bleeding. The hospital saved the baby, a little boy, by the way, but they could not save Delyse. There was too much internal bleeding. She is dead!"
" Archimedes and I discussed the Rite of Resurrection, but he wanted her to rest, especially since her twins had died by the hands of Uric, when in Atlantis, he slit their throats, as Delyse watched helplessly and now everyone thinks that Uric kidnapped Shay, and her realization of that caused her fall. She did get a chance to name her son. She called him Lance Aleleon Arion, after her twins, then she died. She could not see her child because he weighed less than two pounds, so he went to the intensive care unit. This is just so terrible. Archimedes is just not his self. He had a son and lost his wife."
" He is just torn apart, I guess being his father, I can just feel things like that within my son and it hurts so bad seeing your only son in such distress and there is really nothing you can do.But I feel and know something of my son, he doesn't know I know. In his grief he is planning revenge against Uric and how to get his daughter back safely. I am so worried about him, I feel so damn helpless!" At this point Percius just collapse in Cee Cee arms crying. The feelings and emotions of Percius so powerful, he just couldn't hold back.
Cee Cee holds her Pee Paw as his emotions flow, you can see his anguish by the tears that stream down his face. Holding him in her arms Cee Cee says," Pee Paw it will be alright, Poppy is not a stupid man. All of us are here for you and him. I know Poppy is hurting, but we must let him grieve in his own way."
Looking up at Cee Cee, Percius says," My child I know you are right! My son is a very strong man, but he has been through so much in his very long life. Now losing his wife a second time, by the antics of Uric, I know besides hurting, he feels anger and rage, I just feel so uneasy about what steps he may take to avenge  the death of his wife. He vowed over Delyse's dead body to avenge her death, and this time he vowed to kill Uric. He told her he would protect Lance and Shay. I feel his pain and his rage. I am very scared about what he may do. And the bad thing, according to Orion law, he has every right to go after Uric."
" He is so upset, I guess I will have to make the arrangements for an Orion burial, I do know Archimedes wants a small private ceremony, just the family present, because others would not understand the Orion way"
" If you would Cee Cee, you know the Orion way, would you help me with the arrangements for the funeral?"
Cee Cee looks at Percius saying," Let Phillip and I handle this, you too seem too emotional. Pee Paw, I know what to do, you taught me well of the Orion way.  Let me take this burden from you." Percius agrees.
Meanwhile in the nursery upstairs, Archimedes just sits staring at the wall. He sits here because in this room he feels closer to his dead wife and kidnapped child. Sitting here he holds a picture of Delyse and Shay, looking at the picture, tears stream down his face. He knows he has lost his wife to oblivion, but the not knowing about his daughter, is just eating away at him.
He thinks of ways how to safely get his daughter back, from the demon in the form of Uric, he caused this.Archamedes knows as well as everyone else the kidnapping of Shay, has set in motion, things setting up for the final battle, where the chosen will battle the evil on this Earth known as Uric. There is one option Archimedes realizes he has, but he must go back to Egypt, to Saqqara, to the Step Pyramid, there is something there he buried long ago when he was Imhotep.
Archimedes needs an escape from his prison of pain, he knows that tomorrow he will say a final good-bye, to the love of his life, again, and then the uncertainty of his daughter. That is enough anguish and pain to drive any person mad. But Archimedes tries to keep his composure, especially among others, he was a king, this gives him the experience, not to show his true feelings, but within his very being a volcano seethes, ready to arrupt any second.
Knowing now the final battle is on the horizon, Cee Cee is going to need all the help she can get. He knows how to summon the legions of Atlantis. He knows the incantation needed to do this. But long ago he buried the incantation in Egypt. Written on papyrus, sage guarded in a air tight box made of steel, he buried the box at the base of the Step Pyramid, which Archimedes created so very long ago.
He hid the incantation here, putting up a protective shield around it, to keep it from the hands of Uric. If Uric was able to control the legions Of Atlantis, he would be unstoppable. So, Archimedes took steps to make sure that Uric ad the true feen the incantation.
Archimedes decides that after the funeral of his wife, he will ask Cee Cee and her husband to accompany him, in his endeavor to retrieve the incantation. His son still in the hospital, he promised Delyse, he would protect their children and he would wipe Uric off the face of the Earth, Archimedes intends to keep his promise, at any cost.
He must keep his composure at all costs, but Archimedes knows his father can read his true feelings that are in his heart. He knows he can't fool his father, no matter how hard he tries. Uric is the one that invited Archimedes to have a hand in his demise, and everything that has happened is his fault.
Archimedes has always had trouble in controlling his rage and anger, but this time is very different. He knows his father feels the seething volcano inside his son. Archimedes also knows, his father knows, his son is at his wits end. Archimedes will do anything to safely get Shay back. So he knows he must be very careful, so he can safely bring his daughter home
Archimedes hears footsteps behind him, he turns around and sees Apollo. Apollo sees Archimedes pain and he says," Archimedes, I apologize for my father's actions. He caused you a lot of pain on this day, and for that I am so sorry, All this hurt, all this pain, it could have easily be avoided. I am so ashamed, to be Uric's son."
Archimedes looks up at Apollo saying," Don't judge yourself so harshly for your father's doings and ways. You are nothing like him, and as for me, on this day, your father too away the most important thing in my life, Delyse. He stills holds my daughter hostage. Apollo, I am afraid the only thing in your father's future from this day forward, is death. Today he started what is fore told in Orion lore. He started the final battle, and I am afraid your father has to die. Be it by my hand or another, his fate is set in stone. The only thing I care about is bringing my little girl home at any cost."
Apollo then says," Archimedes, I totally agree, and I will help in setting the stage for the final battle.But, I can't kill my own blood. Unfortunately Uric is my father, but to set the stage, I will help in anyway I can, and I promise you, I will do everything I can to help you get your daughter back"
" Now that is decided come with me, from this room on only hurtful memories, to your suite." Archimedes says," Apollo, you are a good man. But I don't think, I could sleep, even if I tried, not right now, not in the bed Delyse and I shared."
Apollo says, " Come I will help you go to one of the guest rooms. At least maybe, you can rest for awhile"
Archimedes goes with Apollo to one of the guestrooms. Archimedes lies down on the bed knowing with all the pain he feels he will never sleep. Apollo gives Archimedes a pill and a glass of water, Apollo explaining it is a simple sedative, and should help him get some sleep. Archimedes takes the pill, lying down on the bed he lets out a sigh of despair, soon he is fast asleep. Then Apollo closes the door softly behind himself, going to the family room he tells everyone he gave Archimedes  sedative and is now asleep.
Apollo the tells everyone he figured if Archimedes got a good night's sleep, he could better what lies ahead tomorrow, the final goodbye to his wife, his chosen life time partner, that was cut down so unjustly again by the hands of Uric.
The next morning everyone rises, with dread in their heart, about what will take place later that day, a final farewell to a beloved family member Delyse. Her final farewell will be an Orion farewell, with just the family present to pay their last respects, to a very beloved member of the family, that once was in the role of a queen.
The funeral is scheduled to occur around noon, so the Supreme Being, can plainly see and sanction, the soul of Delyse, welcoming here into his domain, to forever be with him. In a place she will be reunited  with her long dead sons, Aoleon and Arion. To  place she will suffer no more pain. Archimedes so wishes th is for his beloved
Everyone is dreadfully getting dressed and having breakfast on this solemn occasion. Everyone is present but Archimedes, him grieving so. At around 9:30, Percius goes to the guestroom in which Archimedes spent the night. Percius quietly softly taps on the door, and Archimedes replies," Enter". Percius goes into the room saying," Son, it is time to get ready. I know this is so hard for you. Since you were king, I brought forth royal robes for you to wear. Are you ready to do this?" Archimedes says,: I don't ever think I will be ready bit it is my duty, so father please help me get ready, so I can do my duty."
Percius says," I will help you, my son. I can since your pain. Lean on me for strength my son." Percius helps Archimedes into his royal robes, then they solemnly walk to the dock, where they will take a boat ride to the island that hides the palace of Atlantis.
After what seemed like an unending boat ride, they arrive to the optical illusion that was created by Percius to hide the palace. Here Phillip and Micah, set a wooden raft in the water, covered by beautiful flowers. Then they lie the body of Delyse on the raft, her dressed in royal robes, she even wears a crown upon her head.
Cee Cee decided this was a good idea, to give her body back to the place Delyse had loved so much.It only seemed appropriate to do so.
Upon placing Delyse's body on the water, Percius starts to speak, " Today we gather on this solemn occasion, to pay reverence and respect, to our beloved Delyse, wife to my son and mother to my grandchildren. She lived twice and both times, her death was surrounded by tragedy. On this occasion, we choose to let our queen rest. Sending her soul, to the loving arms of the Supreme Being. Us praying, he will grant here peace and serenity. Today we give the daughter of Atlantis, we send her back to the place she loved so."
I know this is very painful, but we should rejoice that this daughter of Atlantis, is going home and she is now at peace. Upon saying this we release her body to the place of her birth, this being Atlantis." The body is then set adrift toward the old palace of Atlantis.
Archimedes steps forth saying," I release you to go home. You were my life, my lover, and my best friend. I took a vow to forever love you, in death, as in life, Everything I have is yours my love, my heart, my mind, my soul. I will always love you. Now I set you free from this life, to be with our God, to be one with God and the universe. I will always love you." Then Archimedes wishes the raft carrying Delyse's to catch fire.
All watching, everyone crying as they pay reverence and respect, saying  final goodbye to the once queen of Atlantis.
Archimedes silently watches, with tears streaming down his face as his beloved, now a floating pyre, slowly drifts, as his Delyse sails into the world of oblivion. Vowing in his mind, her death would be avenged.
Percius stands beside his son, feeling the anguish and torment that is eating away at his son's soul. He puts his arm around Archimedes, trying to console his broken hearted son, then Percius says," Son, I know how much you are hurting, I went through the same thing in Atlantis, with your mother. The pain at times I know can seem so over bearing, but you must remember not to do anything on the spur of the moment fueled by your grief. Take time clear your head, and then do what you must! We will do whatever you decide to do as a family, we will do it together. Just wait a few days my son. You must not let your heart, rule logical judgement. Son, your mother and I love you dearly, we shall stand beside you in whatever you decide. I know this is not really the time to discuss this, but your mother, your sister, and Cee Cee are going to step in and look after your son and daughter. Son, your daughter is safe, I know Uric, he will use Shay as a pawn to get what he wants. So don't worry about your children, they will be well cared!"
Archimedes, looks at his father with a tear stained face saying," Father, I know you and the family are here for me and the children. It's going to take me a while to get over this. I feel as if my heart has been ripped from my chest. I just have to take time to gather my composure, through the eyes of grief. I promise I will make no spur of the moment decants. But you know, this time, I will sit back and do nothing. I have to tread lightly because of Shay. I have to ensure her safety. Damn it, father, I want Shay and Lance to have a future and I will do whatever it takes to ensure this."
By this time, everyone arrives back at the house, everyone solemn and very silent as they walk back to the house. Going inside the house one of the maids go up to Jacques (Archimedes) saying," Mr. Caron, the hospital called about your son and they want you to call them back. Before arriving at the house Archimedes had wished his royal robes for a gray suit. He looks at the maid saying," Thank you Marta, I will do so straight away.
Archimedes goes to the the phone calls the hospital saying," This is Mr. Caron, I had a message to call you back about my son, Lance Caron. The voice on the other end transfers his call to the intensive care nursery, then a voice says," Mr Caron, this is Dr. Howard, chief pediatrician, I just thought you should know your son now weighs four pounds, one more pound and he has the green light to come home."
Archimedes says," That is very good news. I would love to have my son home. Now if you excuse me, I don't mean to be rude I just laid my wife to rest and this is just really not  a good time." The doctor says he understands, then the call ends. Archimedes tells the others, he would like to be alone, to try to get his head together, but in reality Archimedes is going to plan his next move.
Archimedes with a heavy laden heart leaves the others, returning to his suite, in order to be alone. He needs the solitude to think out his plan. Entering into his suite, he walks through the sitting room, to the bedroom, where the first thing he observes is the bed, which he shared with his beloved, Delyse. That ungodly feeling of  helplessness and solitude, starts to creep into his soul.
Archimedes tries to ignore this by keeping busy by changing from his suite into a pair of pajamas. But thus doesn't help much as the silence of solitude starts ringing in his ears. He tries very very hard, but the solitude is just so over bearing, he unwantingly starts to give in, by no choice of his own.
In his suite just as in his fathers, in one of the corners of his bedroom, is an alter, one made of gold, this alter is where they worship and talk with their Gods, Cheyenne and the Supreme Being. Looking at this, Archimedes walks over to the alter and bends down, bowing hide head in reverence and humility. Then his emotions take over his logical thinking.
He totally collapses before the alter, tears streaming down his face, his emotions getting the best of him. Looking at the image he created to represent his Gods, he just can't help himself, being totally engulfed by his emotions of hurt and rage. Looking up at the effigies, he begs for strength and guidance.
Being alone, just in the presence of his Gods, he hides his feelings no more. A very hurtful Archimedes says," I know I am letting my heart rule my mind. I stand before you, stripped, being naked just like on the day I was born. You can see into my heart and my soul. You can see the solitude and rage I feel and I need not tell you why. You already know. I bespeak your forgiveness in the rage, I feel"
" The stage has been set to bring forth the final battle. I ask you blessings and protection for my children, both, so need your protection right now. If you deem me worthy, this I humbly ask of you. My father silently knows the situation for the start of the final battle has began."
" This being said, I know what I have to do to ensure a victory for the chosen. You know as I, I have to go back to Egypt, one last time, to the step pyramid, where I buried the incantation, that will raise the legions of Atlantis, where they will always be at my disposal. I plan for my legions to back the chosen, making her invincible. I need you now more than ever before, I humbly ask you to be my side, in this endeavor. And when the time comes to stand before the cancer that plagues this Earth, make the chosen strong, so she shall be victorious. Protect my children and follow me bestowing upon me you counties and wisdom, be beside me as I go back to Egypt, one last time.



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