Just Like Me

From my  five volume fantasy series Of Atlantis, volume five, Labrinth into Oblivion

In my heart, soul, and very being, I feel so much pain, hurt, hate, and rage
I pray my Gods forgive me for having these silly human emotion
I really feel like the man holding my daughter, has me suppressed in some kind of rage
Uric also holds me hostage, by holding my daughter, this fact makes me feel like on my shoulders I carry a ton.
This man, if you can call him that, has plagued my family ad I, since the ancient days when I was a king
Him, always making my hands tied, in one way or another
My thoughts about destroying him, if I do this I feel my very old sad heart will finally sing
I am only a man, but being half Orion, I thought all Orion were brothers.
And I know of Uric's true identity, long ago his name was Aris, he was my father's best friend
But over the years, his quest for power, has made his appetite, unquenchable, making him a devil among all men
So now, he is holding my daughter as a bargaining chip, to make sure he gets what he exactly wants in the end
Stooping at nothing, even killing a child, a monster, directly from the devil's den.
Wanting my powers, thinking the more power, he has, he can become ruler of the entire universe
So now the condition and life of my little girl is at stake, and once again my hands are tied
So my Gods, please forgive me, this man has caused me so much strife, I can't help myself as his existence I can only curse
My family, always standing behind me, so in them I could always confide.
I beg of you the Supreme Being, creator of everything and all, forgive me for displaying these human feelings
And Cheyenne, Orion Goddess of all Orion, I bow before you in total humility and reverence
Forgive these feelings of sheer hatred and rage, but this man holds my little diamond, the sparkle of my eye, I'm am not ashamed of what I feel
I will retrieve my daughter, with the help of the Gods, and once again I will be proud walking tall, walking like a king, that regal stance.
One more time, I will face Uric, in the final battle fore told of, so very long ago, so long it seems like another life time, a different person, it is just so hard to believe from Atlantis, it  was me
I want to kill him, crush him, wipe him off the very face of the Earth, but making him feel all the hurt and anguish that he caused me
So I ask the Gods to forgive me, because within my being, I know they can see
I'm not ashamed of how I feel, just ashamed of the fact, some way, some how, I want him to feel just like me

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/23/2008 11:35:40 PM
Moqui is so right. You have a true gift Lanaia. Or as they say in tha' hood, you got crazy mad skillz!

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 6/22/2008 12:23:57 PM
I have not viewed your novel ... this is darned interesting ... this a prayer of a protagonist, yes? ... it is prayer of battle .... i think. I enjoyed it. The revenge aspect versus the guilt aspect ... nice, very fun to read also :)

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