History, accounts of things that have happened across time and space
Do you ever wonder if what we are taught, is the exact truth, or maybe there is more?
Could some of the truth have been intentionally with held, maybe scholars thought maybe we couldn't handle the real truth's face?
Just maybe the real truth hides behind some hidden door.
What we are told if you really think about it just doesn't seem to add up
The Egyptian pyramids, the Crystal Skulls of Belize, the Nazca Lines, just to name a few
A lot of people, just as I, are hungry for the truth, we have an appetite likes a dog or a pup
Where to look for the real answers, to this we haven't got a clue.
The question of how these things were achieved, well it is always on my mind
If you think about it, I can't conceive how the ancients were able to achieve such things
If there are hidden records, in them I wonder what we may find
But what we are told and taught, most people to this, no questions asked, to this, they will always cling.
We believe our teachers that taught us, we had no reason to doubt them
But maybe they just taught us what they were told
Living history buffs, like me, dangling in the wind, hanging out on a limb
But I believe those that know the truth, they will never let mankind know, they would never be so bold.
Think about the Knight's Templar, who seven hundred years ago, were so unjustly punished and died
But in the Vatican Library, recently a seven hundred year old document was found, pardoning all of them
I would love to get in there to see what I could find, wondering what lies there, what in there could I find, how much history may be there, answering who, what, and why
There are many other places, other than this exist, but what is so tightly hidden, like a skirt, sewed together within a hem.
So we are all left to wonder, if our history is a facade, an untruth, an absolute lie
Are we really only told a part of what actually occurred. is there more, to be learned about the history of all men?
The real truth, maybe all scholars know, but the real truth do they really deny?
So thinking about it, you must admit that maybe part of our history could be hidden.

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 6/13/2008 8:39:38 PM
I like. Thought provoking ... teachers teach what they are taught, and what they are told to teach, no more, no less ... in college they delve into revisionist history, which is usually more intelligent and less happyface making for those who run things, and for those who want to worship a flag instead of a God, and for those who want to worship a God instead of their own humanity ... man does not make truth, therefore, although the specifics remain hidden, the heart knows a lie when the soul trembles with the off-tune notes that are propaganda and smileyface making for those who have something to gain, and nothing to take with them in the end ....

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/12/2008 11:36:08 PM
Got me thinking again, Lanaia. I am finding out now how much of history is a lie and the new facts behind old historical facts. For instance, what was the real reason Benedict Arnold turned traitor to America? What did America do to him that made him turn?

MarjeanTherese   MarjeanTherese wrote
on 6/12/2008 10:56:39 AM
Very thought provoking...unfortunately in too many places, such speculation like this may be all too common....or perhaps not. perhaps fear would stop people. I like the form-- I believe its non-ryhming free style right? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Well done!

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