Forever in My Mind
The night air is very clear, cold, and brisk, enough to give one chills
The stars in the night sky look, a thousand twinkling diamonds sewn into the night sky
The ocean, I look upon, so calm, no movement, what so ever, so calm, so still
So beautiful, like a picture on a post card, but soon the angels, themselves would cry.
I am on the deck of the ship I and a lot others consider our escape
Our escape and transport, from a life of depravation and poverty
Going to a new place, where by starvation and poverty, we won't be raped
A safe way to leave that awful way of life behind, a totally safe way, for us to flee
We, all of us feel as if we have made the right decision, to leave that way of life behind
Going to a place, where most of us have only read about, or heard about
As with Moses from the Bible, the promised land, flowing, with milk and honey, a land, all of us look forward to find
In the hearts of many, there is no place left for any doubt
Me, a third class passenger, eating upon a table with linen on it, a warm bed, we are in high society now
But being in third class, soon that would mean only a sentence of death
Being on deck, in the cold, I a woman, I would be saved, while most of the third class would be thrown a foul
Most would be trapped in the very bottom, of this huge ship, most of them would end up taking their last breath.
When the ship hit the berg, a shudder went through the entire ship
At first, most just thought, a small collision, soon all this ruckus, everything would be alright
Then all of us realized, in her hull, the ice berg, there was a major rip
I was one of the lucky ones, but  fifteen hundred would die, right here, on this very night.
I realize if I hadn't been on deck, just like most in third class, never had a chance and would die
I am not proud, as I watch such an elegant lady and her passengers, slip beneath the icy cold sea
TITANIC, the ship of dreams, the ship of hope, on that night a thousand tears were cried
Those of us saved, like me, I would never forget the horrific scenes, burned forever in my mind, so from it, I can never flee.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/14/2008 11:13:54 PM
Just when are you going to put together a book of your amazing historical poems, and print it? I think the world would appreciate it and it just may make history.

Free Verse
writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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Something one can never forget!