For Jack
Yesterday, my best friend of seven years died, only a dog, to me he was oh so much more, in saying that this is For Jack
My life was filled with sadness, until the day I saw your sweet little face
After losing six children, you and you alone filled such that barren feeling within my heart
A lot of people think the way I feel is silly, but they need to put themselves into my place
You were just a dog, but to me you were like my child, I felt this from the very start.
A disease, known as diabetes took you away from me
I watched you die, but I did have the time to say a final good bye
You are in a better place now, no more pain, for you, that's what I wanted, that's the way it was meant to be
But now I know you are with my children, happy go lucky and playing as I look up at the sky.
I can take solace in knowing, the job of looking after you, I handed over to them
You are probably running and playing, and never again will you have any care
You were just so special to me, for you I would have went out on any limb
I have to believe this, if not my broken heart, into would tear.
Other than my husband, I never had such a loyal friend before
Loyal and true, you still showing me love, no matter what I may have done
The hole in my heart is still full, you filled it with your sweet love, and just made me want more
But that wasn't meant to be, the reaper took you away, now in my throat there is a lump, that fills like a ton.
Now alone again, I will take comfort, in all the happy memories, you so unselfishly gave to me
I will remember all the we played and all the funny things that you would do
There at the last, because of the diabetes, you couldn't even see
But still the love you showed me, will always be with me, no doubting that, the choices would be very few.
Fate decided, I and I alone, were with you at the end, when the reaper ripped you away from me
I could never say you didn't love me, that was one quality you would never lack
Now I know you are like a bird, and from your dreaded disease, I know you are free
Till the end I stood by you, I wanted you to know you were so dearly loved, there is no more I can say except within my heart you will always be, my dear sweet little, Jack.

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My feelings on the loss of my dog, to me he was so much more!
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