Escape from Despair
I feel so lost, I need some one or something to help me walk the right path
I need help to climb out of this dark abyss of unending despair
I feel my God has abandoned me, as I suffer unending loneliness and it's horrific wraith
Then a friend, tells me of a special place and a special man, that will lead me to it's light, it's lair.
I go with my friend to this special place, it's leader has me mesmerized and totally in awe
I need to check out this place more, before I make the decision, to follow this man
I start attending this place on a regular basis, and I only see goodness and light, into the dark abyss, no one seems to fall
This place takes care of it's young, and it's elderly, in a way it seems no one else can.
It seems only light, radiates in this place, it seems they can do no wrong
I have started attending this place, several times a week
In this place of love and hope, I am starting to feel as if I really belong
This place seems to have everything, in which I seek
For the sake of discrimination, we were forced to seek another promised land
With our leader, no questions asked, we made it to San Francisco, hoping here everything will change
For awhile, things go fine, but soon we start to face the very same thing, so our leader starts looking for another land
Our leader finds us another place, our leader takes care of everything, all the plans he will arrange.
Going to this place, we hope to create a Utopia, a place based of peace, love, and hope
Here in this place a new Shan-gra-la, here this will be our main job, of what must be done
Soon in our remote world, things would change, some of us wouldn't be able to cope
A lot of us, were held against our will, soon unspeakable horrors, by our leader would be done.
A senator, from the States, from which we fled, came all the way here to investigate us
He got wind of those of us that wanted to leave, those of us held against our will
At first a good show was put on, a note passed to him, he changed his mind, then he really made quite the fuss
Our leader known, as Jim, ordered his execution, then we were forced to drink poison laced Kool-aid, no one left to welcome someone to Jones town, no one left to feel.

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 7/27/2008 10:04:08 AM
yeah, this is good, i like the way you delve into history as way of learning the present ... there are many cults, some are accepted as truth by many but there are always those who remember that there are savage angels still in heaven and that their most fearsme weapon is ... mimicry of flight, and light that always seems to be somewhere else

penname   penname wrote
on 7/13/2008 7:17:35 AM
i adore history and starP is write/right! I love this and thank you so much for sharing it. it's inspiring to me. Disturbing, but very inspiring.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/12/2008 12:19:03 AM
Wonderfully said. I remember the Jonestown Guyana tragedy quite well. It was truly one of the worst tragedies of mind programming. (The worst was Hitler) I am so amazed at your ability to take events in history and put them into a poem so well crafted. I think you should collect all the events you have wrote on and put them in a book. Maybe title it "The Poetry of History"

Free Verse
writing lanaia74
dark poet, fantasy writer
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This tells how a cult can destroy